Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-11F: Stupid people: Europe and elsewhere

Science – Stupid people tricks
Study: Biggest earthquake ever in Oklahoma linked to oil wastewater injection

(CleanTechnica) “While the emerging link between natural gas fracking and earthquakes has been grabbing a lot of attention, another problem has been bubbling up under our feet: a series of earthquakes in normally calm areas has been traced to conventional oil drilling operations. In particular, Oklahoma has been hit by a string of unusual earthquakes over the past couple of years, including the biggest one ever recorded in the state, a magnitude 5.7 temblor near Prague on November 6, 2011. The quakes are ongoing and in the meantime a study co-authored by researchers from Columbia University and the U.S. Geological Survey has uncovered positive evidence that wastewater from an active oil drilling operation was being pumped into a set of abandoned oil wells, putting increasing pressure on a documented fault nearby that finally ‘jumped’ under the stress.” (03/27/13)

Mama’s Note: If the waste water “put pressure” on the fault, would not the oil originally there have done the same, and more… since the oil has a lot more weight.

Nathan: Ah!  But you forget to take into account the increased density of the wastewater due to its nature as “waste” and especially its “evil” nature.  And everyone “knows” that oil is slicker than water, so that the sides of the fault just slide smoothly past each other: they don’t catch and then “jump.” Good technical term, that: the rock just “jumped” and caused the quake.  The gun jumped up and gunned down the innocent bystanders.  The SUV jumped the curb against the driver’s wishes and mowed down the people on the sidewalk.  Versatile, too!

Mama’s Note: I thought it was something like that. But of course, most people who read that wouldn’t even question it. Any more than they do the idea that the “gun just went off.”

Nathan: More and more “civilized” people are acting like the jungle or small island natives thinking that the world is run by magic.

Home front – Old communists
MLK 50 Years Ago: A Just Law Is a Man-Made Law That Squares With the Law of God


Nathan: MLK’s idea of “squaring with the law of God” was the same as what many people are accused of, today, regarding the idea that God’s laws and principles should be ENFORCED by men’s laws.  It is more than just so-called “Blue Laws” – no business or “pleasure” on Sundays: to enforce the “Sabbath.”  So we have those who want to make pornography a crime or allow the state to regulate divorce or marriage.  What are REAL just laws?  Laws which are commonly accepted by all people that allow us the liberty given to us by God, and do not steal any away – that do not presume to act for God.  Assuming that this communist was also a believer in God, he wanted the state to act for God.

Home front – Theft by government
Medicare/Medicaid Reconsidering Whether to Pay for Sex-Change Surgery


Nathan: What next?  Steal money to pay for boob jobs and nose jobs?  Medicare and Medicaid are a mixture of Ponzi schemes and welfare and slavery: people forced to pay for someone else’s care.  Where “care” is expanding as fast as the Tranzis can force it:  supposedly people have a “right” to medical care, to birth control, to kill their own babies (abortion), to cosmetic surgery, to go to an emergency room at any time day and night for any real or imagined ailment, and on and on and on.  Perhaps (in my fouler moments) I might agree to a “half-“sex change operation for people like this:  neutering so that they don’t reproduce.

Islamic wars: Arab street front
‘Sexual Jihad’ Fatwa Urges ‘Temporary Marriages’ for Syrian Rebels

( Reports about a fatwa urging young girls to travel to Syria to provide sexual services for jihadist rebels are causing a stir in Tunisia, while also drawing attention to the Islamic concept – little-known in the West and controversial among Muslims themselves – of “temporary marriage.”  Girls as young as 14 are counted as eligible for the “sexual jihad,” and around a dozen young Tunisians are believed to have taken up the call, attributed to an influential Saudi scholar, Sheikh Mohamed al-Arifi.

Nathan: This distasteful little custom is gross:  Shi’a Muslims have this quaint little practice of having clerics “marry” women (well, girls, too) to men for anywhere from an hour to a few days or weeks so that they can have “sexual congress” in a “legal” manner.  And so the males have no responsibility for the woman (or children) after the “temp” expires.  Prostitution, of course, is “illegal.”

Mama’s Note: You can be guaranteed that the girls have absolutely nothing to say about it either. Sick, sick… on so many levels. Prostitution is consensual. This is simply slavery.

East Asian Front
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Puts Rocket Forces on ‘Standby to Fire’ at U.S. Targets


Nathan: Mama Liberty and I were trying to figure out why Kim would specifically target Texas.  We can’t figure out exactly why Texas would be singled out.  It just occurred to me that perhaps one of his rockets is located someplace in the Gulf of Mexico or perhaps some place in Nuevo Leon or one of the other nearby states (would New Mexico be so dastardly?).  Having B-52s dropping fake bombs in South Korea seems to be unpopular with Kim and his generals.

Mama’s Note: The stinking little tyrant… obviously the product of a one night stand between a toad and a pig… is merely mouthing nonsense. But if there was some practical way to extract just the innocent folks from Washington D.C. – he could bomb that place to a cinder and be welcome to it.

The “messiah” – Hoplophobes or hoploclasts
Obama: ‘Shame on Us’ for Not Passing Gun Control in Wake of Sandy Hook


Nathan: I don’t need to repeat the obvious, that the “messiah” is dancing on the graves of the victims of a shooting which was encouraged and made possible by exactly the same kind of laws he wants passed nationally.  But my question to those screaming about what he is doing? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?  Of COURSE he is making political hay by waving the bloody rag of Sandy Hook.  You expected him to take the high road and suddenly state the TRUTH:  If you want to keep more Sandy Hooks and Aurora theatres and Columbines from happening, then ARM teachers and staff and get rid of the schools that are nothing more than penal institutions that lock children up, not just as targets for killers but as sitting ducks for drugpushers and pedophiles and all sorts of other predators.

Home front
Shorter Lines, Simpler Ballots: Obama-Appointed Panel Seeks to ‘Improve Voters’ Experience at the Polls’


Nathan: Whoops, did I miss something ELSE in the Constitution?  That the Executive Branch is supposed to manage or regulate or “improve” voting?

Mama’s Note: I “improved” my experience at the polls… a lot of years ago. I quit going.

Europe’s Collapse – Theft by government
Time to abolish the tax havens

El País (A Spanish national newspaper) The Cyprus crisis has shone a spotlight on the special tax status of the island in the eurozone. That status, though, is not very different from that of other European countries, like Luxembourg or the Channel Islands: aberrations that should, pure and simply, be abolished.

Nathan: How like the mainstream media:  just abolish a half-dozen countries.  My solution?  Not just the “Latin League” I suggested a few days ago, but a Latin League in which EVERY member is a “tax haven.”  A Med where taxes are recognized for what they are: THEFT.

Europe’s Collapse – Theft by government
Brussels’ Cyprus slip-up

(Lidové noviny ) The EU’s Cyprus solution reveals how it wants to limit Russian influence in the Mediterranean and crack down on international tax havens. While the rescue plan may be a victory for the EU, Moscow could be the long term winner, warns a Czech journalist.

Nathan: No doubt about it:  for one thing, the Russians steal less in taxes than do all these so-civilized Euro-states, which are apparently too civilized to do things like grub in the dirt for energy, according to the next story.

Europe’s Collapse – Environists (new religions)
Brussels: Shale Oil a No-Go
(Douses Hopes of a Shale Oil Revolution)
(PressEurop)  “The shale gas revolution is not feasible,” headlines Dutch financial daily Het Financieele Dagblad, following the March 27 meeting of European Union environment and climate ministers. According to the newspaper, EU Commissioner for Climate, Connie Hedegaard, and the Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger, sought to dampen the enthusiasm of some member states that aim to exploit shale gas reserves, which are thought to be considerable in Europe.

Nathan: I give European bureaucrats and politicians one bit of applause: they are even MORE stupid than their American counterparts.  Not only that, but the Eurocrats treat the mere national bureaucrats like children who must be told what to do and not do: not by the people they supposedly work for but by the upper-level bureaucrats.  What I see is something similar to a huge flock of crows nesting in a big pine tree, pooping on top of each other.

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