Today I received a forwarded e-mail, via a relative, from a Tea Party movement group entitled “Impeach Obama.”  As I was waiting for a meeting, I had time to hammer out a brief response, which I want to share with readers.  Here is the original e-mail, in part (no need to waste electrons by posting the whole thing – we are running OUT of natural resources, don’t you know?).

Dear Patriot,

America is under attack from within. Over the last 4 ½ years, our nation has been transformed for the worse so much that one would hardly recognize it. We have a corrupt, Chicago politician in the White House who is bleeding our nation to death. Since he won re-election, with the help of low information voters and a compliant media, the details of even further corruption has been revealed. The time has come and we must not relent until we…….. IMPEACH OBAMA and REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE …

We are demanding that Congress move to impeach President Obama. However, we will not be satisfied with simply impeachment. He must be impeached and removed from the Office of the Presidency! If not, then we will not recognize our republic within the next few years. The great experiment of America will be over. Are you willing to have that happen during your lifetime? Are you willing to leave a shell of our great nation for future generations? We’re not! President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history. His actions are against everything this country was founded upon and stands for. Obama is a danger to America. That is why we are calling for his impeachment and removal from office. We urge you to stand with us in this call for impeachment for the good of our nation and to keep the legacy of our Founding Fathers alive.

How can I NOT respond to something as misguided as this?

Dear XXXXX, thank you very much for sharing this.  It is important to see people at least trying to do something.

We must admit and understand that the “Great American Experiment” is over – finished.  The Republic is DEAD.  We ARE that shell they refer to: your grandchildren are being born into a police state, in which there is less and less freedom, less and less liberty of any kind with each passing day.  Some states (like South Dakota and Texas) are LESS-tyrannical and cruel police states than others (like Colorado and New York and California), but the liberty that we… grew up with in the 60s and 70s is GONE.  The Constitution is a dead-letter, used only for procedures and to give a false impression that we are still a republic, still a land of freedom.

The chances of impeaching and convicting the man currently living at 1600 PA are virtually ZERO.  Even if the majority in the House of Representatives that claim to be “Republicans” or “Conservatives” were NOT statist, thieving, corrupt, venal, and power hungry, AND cowardly, no matter how many charges and specifications they put on a Bill of Impeachment (and you can be sure that MOST of his crimes would never show up), the Senate is controlled by “Democrats” (“Liberals” who are really Transnational Progressives or Socialists, TRANZIs instead of NAZIs (National Socialists)) who will in no way convict him of the high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed and ordered his minions to commit, much less his breaking of his oath to preserve and defend the Constitution, or his moral crimes.

Rather than contribute to this effort, use your money to buy supplies and tools to prepare for the worst, even in places like your hometown:  food and first-aid/medical, and weapons and ammunition.  If you think it can’t and won’t happen in West Texas, read this article:
Bosnia preppers survival strategies

What SHOULD we do?

  • First, pray – pray for the State of Texas, and maybe for the  nation as a whole (it probably isn’t totally a waste of prayer time to pray for what once was, that it might be restored).  Pray for your congregation and your family and  your community.
  • Second, prepare:  get what you can to live on (food, water or ways to purify water, rough-wear clothing, tools, things to trade) and to defend yourself and your neighborhood: weapons, tools, ammunition, batteries, etc.
  • Third, reach out to other people in your congregation and your community and your work place, and get them to also pray and prepare.  Even if only 1 in 100 does, there is a better chance of survival.
  • Fourth, reach out to those elsewhere with the Gospel.

The rest of my e-mail is more based on religious arguments than non-religious ones, and I will leave that portion out in deference to our site policies.  But the point is clear:  hoping that some miracle will come because we use the right words and demand things that just are not going to happen is a waste of time and opportunity to be prepared for worse times ahead.  The more people fool themselves into thinking that yet another petition, yet another round of e-mail or snail-mail or phone calls or faxes to the politicians in your state capital or DC, the more people will find themselves unprepared and either enslaved or dead.  There is little time left to prepare, and resources ARE limited:  it is YOUR choice and MINE.  I choose not to waste time and effort to replace one mad tyrant with another.

Mama’s Note: Amen, Nathan. I came to that conclusion many long years ago, and it always makes me sad when otherwise smart and good people insist that this begging and pleading with our tormentors and would be masters is the ONLY way to be “doing something,” and that our quiet preparations and refusal to live in fear is somehow cowardly or even helping the controllers.

Each person must be free, of course, to take the actions he or she feels worthy and necessary, but nothing will be gained unless everyone has the same liberty to choose for themselves.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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