Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-19A: Distractions

The weekend (and much of last week) seems to have had a lot of news that is not THAT important politically or economically, but makes a very fine distraction from more important news and issues.  We have the IRS 2012 thuggery (STILL going on), the Benghazi “revelations” and proof of what we knew WAS actually the case:  the White House and Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon all lied.  We have the jury out on “Doctor” Gosnell, whose name deserves to be up there with Josef Mengele, and supposedly deadlocked.  We have more and more less-public attempts to steal gun rights in various states and the nation, and we have more attacks on real conservatives, christians, and other groups.  So, here is some of the news:

The “messiah’s” minions/corruption – Theft by government
Internal IRS Mandate: ‘Be on the Lookout’ for ‘Organizations Involved In … Educating on Constitution and Bill of Rights’


Nathan: Well, well, more scum floats to the top.  Last week and weekend’s major topic – and latest distraction from the continuing loss of liberty.  Stupid of them to put it in writing, but then… if they weren’t stupid and cruel, they would be making a living some other way.

The “messiah’s” minions/corruption – Theft by government
Ways and Means Committee: When Did WH Know IRS Targeted Groups Based on Political Philosophy?


Nathan: Probably a few minutes before they told the IRS to do so.  I am sure that there is nothing in writing, of course.  But the thugs who float to the top in the IRS enjoy this sort of thing.  It gives them something to do in the winter when flies are hard to find (to pull the wings off of).

The “messiah’s” minions – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Pickering: No Need to Ask Clinton About Benghazi, Because He Questioned People Who ‘Attended Meetings With Her’


Nathan: And a one… and a two…  How much do you love to see these folks tap-dancing like this?  This attitude is disgusting, the dodging is stupid.  But more than just disgusting, what is sick about this is that most Americans will buy it.

The “messiah’s” minions – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Slain Benghazi Officer’s Mom: Obama, Clinton, Rice All Blamed the Video As ‘They Were Hugging Me’


Nathan: Gasp!  You mean – they LIED?  No, your son died for a bunch of lying thugs that we have elected to high office or have been appointed by those who were elected?  Probably because they LIED to us?

The “messiah’s” minions – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Rep. Blackburn: ‘People Are Beginning to Use the Term ‘Cover-Up” Regarding Benghazi


Nathan:  BEGINNING?  What a stupid man: this accusation started about as soon as the Administration claimed the attack was due to a silly YouTube movie.

The “messiah’s” minions – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Gates Suggests Americans Have a ‘Cartoonish Impression’ of U.S. Military Might


Nathan: Any excuse for the failure of the Administration to have come to the rescue of those in Benghazi?  Probably.  He intentionally missed the point:  an attempt – even a failed attempt – would not have resulted in this outcry (however belated).  But of course, this is just one more distraction.

Fox News: Colorado Democrats Face Recall Efforts for New Gun Laws
(Fox News)  Four members of the General Assembly face attempts to recall them from office because of their votes and support of the array of gun laws passed and signed by the governor.

Nathan: This is good – but it is shutting the barn door after the cows get out.  It was the disarray and weakness of the Colorado GOP (mostly the establishment refusing to accept the Tea Party movement and true conservative (and libertarian-leaning) grassroots) that LET these idiots get into the Assembly in the first place – that and gerrymandering which knocked out some of the best that the GOP had (somehow) gotten into the Assembly three years ago.  But I don’t think that they will be able to recall them – or even bring the recall to an election:  you have to have TWENTY-FIVE percent of the people who voted in the last election in the district sign the recall petition, and they only have until the 20th of May to do so.  That means that the people doing this could be wasting time and money that could have been spent to get the laws they passed to the ballot on a referendum, or saved their money to challenge them in court or try at the polls in 2014.  So: too little, too late, and not counting the cost.  Colorado remains a growing police state.  Frankly, massive civil disobedience (as the sheriffs are already doing) seems to be the best option for now, followed by armed resistance when Hickenlooper, his thuggish comrades in the Assembly, and the FedGov decide to take action.

New religions: global warming/environists
Gore: ‘Our Very Way of Life’ Is at Stake


Nathan: Yeah, Massa Gore, it IS, but from you and your ilk, NOT from your ghost stories.

Stupid government tricks – Crash of 2009
1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t — $2 Billion in 2012


Nathan: Not nearly as bad as Indian Country, of course.  but what do we expect?  Is it any wonder that the Administration encourages admitting PR as a state?

The “messiah” – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Obama Hails Health Care Law, Contraception Mandate in Women’s Health Proclamation


Nathan: Good grief, can’t he understand how this ticks off even many of his supporters, like the majority of the black voters and the majority of the Hispanic voters?  He believes that his charisma can overcome this – sickeningly.  The real reason this might not matter is because he has no real opponents who are willing to spell out the truth about this and so much else.

Islamic wars: South Asian front
Sharif’s Election Victory in Pakistan May Further Strain Relationship With U.S.


Nathan: This, of course, is a GOOD thing.  The US should have as little to do with Pakistan as we do with Switzerland: no alliance, no foreign aid, no carrot-and-stick routine.  We don’t need a “strained relationship,” we need NO relationship.  Just a tacit understanding that any threat – any DIRECT threat – to Americans or American interests will result in fire and thunder, but that otherwise, they do whatever they want to whomever they want.  AND anyone else can do whatever they want to Pakistan… especially India, Iran, and Britain and Israel.

Islamic wars: Southwest Asian front
Syria Denies Role in Turkey Bombings, As Turkey Seeks ‘Joint’ World Response


Nathan: Okay, Turkey is an American ally, which is NOT in general a good thing.  Seems the best thing would be to let Turkey and Israel do whatever they want to Syrians (on whichever side) until the Syrians stop attacking Turkey and Israel.  Let US (and NATO) stay out of it.

Stupid people – Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
NRA Teams up With Beau Biden on Delaware’s Mental Illness Reporting Bill


Nathan: Oh, dear, and here a few of us thought that the NRA was cleaning up its act.  You are known by the company you keep, and Beau is pretty scummy company.

Islamic wars: Home front
Lieberman: Boston Bombing Suspects: ‘Motivated by Violent Islamic Extremism’


Nathan: Duh.  You think?  Of course, the usual Chechen bloodthirstiness is a major factor too – kind of like Khymer Rouge murder rage versus the more “typical” Communist rages and killing.

Theft by government – Environists
Unproven U.S. Oil Reserves Far Greater than Originally Thought

(National Journal) The United States Geological Survey estimates that the Bakken and Three Forks shale formations hold more than 7.4 billion barrels of oil and gas that is undiscovered, but could theoretically be extracted in the future…

Nathan: But NOT, of course, if this administration and its Tranzi backers and controllers get their way.  This oil will NEVER be touched, but saved for the “future” and the “elite.”

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