Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-22D: Minor Matters in the Mush

Given the revelations that the United States Government, including its top officials, with the obvious acceptance of Congress, has vacated what was left of the Constitution, anything else politically is a minor matter.

  • Why worry about how many people got killed because of Fast and Furious gunrunning?
  • Why be concerned about whether the IRS targeted “just” Tea Party and “Patriot” and “Liberty” groups or Jewish and Christian and Rastafarian groups?
  • Why be angry about the DOJ demanding that the press turn over phone records (when they are getting the records of millions of Americans from their phone companies)?
  • Why be upset about how the White House and State Department created the situation in which Americans were captured, tortured and killed in Libya?
  • Why get bent out of shape when a serving US Senator has photo ops with Muslim terrorists in a foreign land?
  • Why care that the Espionage Act has been used six times – more than ANY other president – against journalists: in essence criminalizing reporting?

For years, many of us have been lamenting the termination of the US Constitution.  Flawed though it was, it was better than what 99% of the world has had for the last 6,000 years of human history.  But it is a DEAD letter: a fact that this latest arrogant act of tyranny reinforces.  What is left is just details: minor matters.  My phone records, your phone records, can be used to build bogus cases against us for any number of matters of conspiracy in violation of the tens of thousands of pages of laws and regulations:  a suggestion that we “conspired” to help someone pay a little less tax, or avoid triggering environmental regulations, or transport an “illegal” ammo magazine, or give a family member a shotgun, or deposit too much money – or take too much against some imaginary line in the dirt.  “You spoke to a known con-artist on such and such a date,” never mind that the con artist was trying to steal from a family member: you are now linked to a criminal and therefore a criminal yourself.

But it is not the consequences – it is the mere act of DOING this that makes this government in DC a tyranny. I pray and hope strongly that this act will finally get enough of my fellow Americans to see what has happened.  It is time, and I pray that more and more of us will STOP trying to comply with laws promulgated and enforced by an illegitimate government, and when the thugs that work for this criminal organization try to force us to do so, defend ourselves by any and every means.

However, for now, on to some of those minor matters:

Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
Experts lay out plan for comprehensive gun research

(NBC News)  “There is no question that this is a public health issue,” says Dr. Alan Leshner, who chaired the Institute of Medicine panel that issued the report. “We have no political agenda.” … Any funding for the research has to come from Congress. Obama asked lawmakers to allocate $10 million for studies by the CDC and other agencies, and $20 million to expand the National Violent Death Reporting System to all 50 states. Former Arkansas Rep. Jay Dickey, who sponsored the 1996 legislation cutting CDC’s firearms research budget, has since said he regrets having done so.

Mama’s Note: Of COURSE they have no political agenda….

Nathan: Yeah.  Of course they don’t.  Political scientists, indeed.  ALL they have is a political agenda: they are hirelings, nothing more.

Claire Wolf’s more succinct comments on the Verizon “Scandal”:
We’re all suspects: not just a angry civil libertarian’s claim any more

“…and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Somehow, “everybody who uses Verizon” just doesn’t seem all that “particularly described,” does it? Especially when you have to assume every other phone company is obeying similar secret orders.

Nathan: Read the comments, comment yourself.  I vented for hundreds of words: she is short and sweet in her comments.  Weird, huh, that we both agree (at least somewhat) with the New York Times?

Europe’s fall – Theft by government
Denmark’s Fat Tax Harms Economy

(Institute of Economic Affairs) Denmark’s fat tax had a very limited impact on the consumption of “unhealthy” foods — only 7 percent of the population reduced the amount of butter, cream and cheese they bought…

Nathan: Anyone who has enjoyed Danish butter or cheese understands what a crime this is.  And how stupid it is – it is amazing that anyone has reduced their consumption even a bit.  Not that Danes are particularly fat, anyway!  But this isn’t about food and it isn’t about health, it is about power and money – theft excused by exercise of power for the “good” of Danes.  Enough is enough.

Politics – The “messiah’s” minions
National security team shuffle may signal more activist stance at White House

(Washington Post) President Obama announced a major shuffle of his national security team on Wednesday, ushering out a cautious Washington insider and elevating two long-time proponents of a larger American role in preventing humanitarian crises and protecting human rights.

Nathan: HOW MUCH MORE activist can they get?  They are spying on at least 1 in 3 and probably 99% of Americans (I assume that there are a few Hopi or some Rainbow Nation folks that are avoiding it).  They are engaged in virtually every country in the world including those who are avowed enemies or trying to be neutral (What, you don’t think we have undercover operatives in North Korea and Iran and Switzerland?).  This is just shuffling the chairs in the Politburo and trying to make us think that things are changing:  now, with the FOURTH “scandal” (Verizon+) there are some people who can be used as scapegoats and sent off (like Rahm Emmanuel was) to do their dirty deeds on behalf of the “messiah” and his controllers elsewhere.

Tranzis and Home front
Al Gore calls Obama administration’s collection of phone records ‘obscenely outrageous’

(Washington Post) Former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore on Wednesday night leveled some rare and harsh criticism at the Obama administration, attacking its reported collection of phone records for millions of Americans.

Nathan: If you ever wondered about the status of this hasbeen, now you know:  he has been dumped by anyone with power in DC, or he wouldn’t be saying things like this.

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