Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-23C: Tyranny, Tranzis and Free Markets

The “messiah” – War on free markets
Obama: ‘We Don’t Want to Tax All Businesses Out of Business’


Nathan: For once, we know that he is speaking the truth: not ALL, just SOME businesses.  All is not the way Transnational Progressivism/Socialism works:  many of the businesses are owned by multinational corporations, and so stay in business.  The government doesn’t OWN the businesses or take them over DIRECTLY:  instead, the multinationals get to absorb or run the others out of business: mom-and-pop small business, especially, but any business that is a threat to controlled markets or the powers that be.  Independents are fair game to the “messiah” and his group.  Keep in mind that they have redefined “free market” just as they have redefined “republic” and “security.”

Islamic wars
Karzai: US Must ‘Explain’ to Muslims Why Radicalism Is Growing Amid Its War on Terror


Nathan: The short answer, Mr. Karzai, is because the “messiah” and his supporters and backers and bosses WANT radicalism to grow.  It is the best excuse for them holding the power they have and taking more.  It also ultimately gives them excuses for dealing with the Islamic world, once North America joins Europe in their power.

There is more, of course: I believe that at least a part of it is that the powers that be are often very stupid and refuse to understand how people think – especially people with strong religious beliefs/faith.

Tyranny – Tranzi
Opinion: Did you really think Google was on your side?

(CBS MoneyWatch)  When Zuckerberg calls for transparency, we should all be very clear that what he wants is transparency for Facebook, not for its users. When Schmidt talks about the power of individuals, we all need to remember that his company is in the business of aggregating that power and selling it. Who ever imagined otherwise?

Nathan: Keep in mind this is coming from a leftist -Tranzi type writer and publication.  They have a (concealed) agenda of painting ALL business as evil “capitalists” whose only moral compass is the almighty dollar.  This may be true of Google and Microsoft and the rest – although sometimes their calculation of profits is hard to figure out.  But the truth is, in a fascist (or transnational socialist) system, too many companies (regardless of size) are little more than shills or fronts for government, either because they in turn think that they control government or because they have decided to go along to get along.  We can all think of companies like that – or which are little more than governments in form and function: like utilities granted monopolies by government or which had (at one time, at least) “natural monopolies” which result in power and revenue (and usually, losses rather than profits in the long run).

World wars against liberty?
U.S. and China Among 15 Countries Agreeing That the U.N. Charter Applies in Cyberspace


Nathan: Indeed?  If the UN Charter were worth anything at all, this might be important.  But it is so badly weasel-worded that it means little or nothing.  However, I have always assumed that the US Constitution (when it was in force) also applied in Cyberspace.  Are they deciding this does NOT apply?  No Bill of Rights in Cyberspace?  That is garbage.

Home front – War on some religions
Catholic Archbishop: Wake Up! Religious Liberty at Risk in USA


Nathan: Folks, Mr. Archbishop, you got it wrong: religious liberty in the USA has been so worn away that there is really little TRUE liberty left.  Like every other liberty, it HAS slid away, replaced by the police state and tolerance.  Ultimately, we will find that the freedom of religion is a shell, just as we have recently found that other parts of the 1st and 4th Amendments are no longer in force, not just de jure but de facto.

Home front: Resisting Tyranny
Florida Sheriff Arrested for Doing His Job

(Guardian Express)  State agencies have arrested the Liberty County Sheriff. Finch is being charged with official misconduct. He was released from jail on his own recognizance shortly after being booked in. The charge is related to an incident in March, in which a deputy sheriff arrested a resident of the county for carrying a concealed weapon. Finch made the decision to release the individual shortly afterwards. It is alleged that he then altered or destroyed paperwork relating to the arrest.

Nathan: The name of the county is quite telling, no?  It seems that Florida is joining Colorado in confrontations between local and state government, over essential liberties of the people.

Mama’s Note: IF… and I emphasize the if… this sheriff is truly interested in justice and refuting the power of the state to violate the rights of his constituents, it would be much better if he educated his deputies so that such arrests are not made in the first place. Altering or destroying the paperwork after such an arrest puts him on very shaky ground legally, however morally justified he may be.

Unfortunately, this might actually turn out to be nothing more than an attempt to “fix a ticket” for a friend or someone owed political favors. We’ll probably never know.

Additional Note:
Exclusive Interview With Liberty Co. Sheriff Nick Finch: “I Will Never Back Down!”
(New American) It should be noted at this point, that the man arrested by the deputy — Floyd Eugene Parrish — was never booked. He was merely being detained in a holding cell while the booking documents were being worked up by the jail administrative staff. A sheriff — any sheriff — may choose not to formally charge a detainee. Then, any documents related to that case may be destroyed as they are no longer legally required to be filed. Nothing Sheriff Finch did in this case is corrupt, illegal, unethical, or unheard of. Every single act falls well within the normal course of business for a county sheriff and a county jail.

Home front – Tyranny – Congress in action
Author of USA PATRIOT ACT Suddenly Shocked by Powers He “Created”

(American Vision) Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) is blasting the administration for “excessive and un-American” abuses of the PATRIOT Act. In the meantime, establishment proponents from both parties, including Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) have noted that the practice began under Bush and has been employed for the past seven years…. But it gets better. The now-outspoken critic Sensenbrenner was the original author of the PATRIOT Act, according to Fox News. He’s complaining (in defense of himself, no doubt) that Obama’s “abuse” is a “really big deal” and was “never the intent” of his law.

Nathan: Shocked, I tell you, Shocked!!  We must remember, that this current exposure of the vastly expanded POLICE STATE was and is not JUST the work of the “messiah” and his minions:  it has been done WITH the full agreement of Congress – including BOTH old parties, and the Judicial System, right up to SCOTUS, has GONE ALONG with it.  And Congress can’t use the excuse for betraying their oaths that the Reichstag did: the “messiah” didn’t blackmail any of them, or beat any of them up, or even get them addicted to drugs.  Nope, they did this to US for sake of their own power and wealth, using the excuse of security to do so.  Remember that MANY people warned the likes of Sensenbrenner that it didn’t matter whether they trusted Bush to use these unconstitutional powers wisely or not: sooner or later, some thug would be elected that would use them UNwisely.  It was sooner, you stupid git.

Mama’s Note: All very true, but the various “acts” in response to “terrorism” were never in any way legitimate. And they never had anything to do with either safety or liberty. They have been used for the purposes intended from the beginning, as you said – increasing the power and perks of the politicians and their cronies. The fact that the details can and do get progressively worse doesn’t change that. So, rather than be upset about the current “abuses,” the focus should be on eliminating both the tyranny and the tyrants. There is NO “wise use” of this vicious evil.

Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to want to even talk about that. Do dogs ever actually come to love their fleas and ticks?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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