Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-26C: Arab street revolt and US stupidity

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – American interference and stupidity (2 stories)
Egypt: Chief justice sworn in as interim president

(AP) “The youth had the initiative and the noblest thing about this glorious event is that it was an expression of the nation’s conscience and an embodiment of its hopes and ambitions.” The revolution must continue, …”

Nathan: It is my way of thinking that there is little to desire between the Egyptian military and the new Supreme-Court-Justice-turned-temporary-President and the Morsi cabal, for the people of Egypt or the world.  The one exception to that (although contested by the likes of Stephen Lendman, who thinks that ANYthing the US is involved in is automatically evil, and that the US is involved in everything, including the overthrow of Morsi) is that deposing the Pharaoh Morsi is a slap in the “messiah’s” face and the opposite of what DC wants; as the next story relates.

Arab journalist reports US Ambassador pressuring Egypt
( via Freedom Outpost) …Anne Patterson is turning up the heat and vowing to apply pressure: Evidence that the Obama administration is unhappy with the Egyptian people’s liberation from Muslim Brotherhood rule continues to emerge.  As reported today by Youm 7, according to Muhammad Heikal — “the Arab world’s most respected political commentator” and for some 50 years a political insider — soon after the overthrow of Morsi, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson assured Hisham Qandil, who hours ago was Egypt’s Prime Minister, that “there are many forms of pressure, and America holds the keys to the Gulf.”

Such blatantly pro-Muslim Brotherhood assurances by Patterson are consistent with many of her other actions in Egypt, which have led most Egyptians, including politicians and activists, to refer to her as a Brotherhood stooge.  Among other things, in the days leading to June 30, she called on Egyptians not to protest — including by meeting with the Coptic Pope and asking him to urge the nation’s Christian minority not to oppose the Brotherhood, even though Christians have naturally been the most to suffer under Morsi, especially in the context of “blasphemy” accusations. Thus, and once again, the Obama administration makes indubitably clear that its primary interest in Egypt is to see the Muslim Brotherhood stay in power, the Egyptian people’s will — the will of tens of millions of secularists, liberals, moderates, and Christians — be damned.

Nathan: Of course, the “messiah” and his minions have no problem with ignoring the will of millions of Egyptian voters and citizens: they have had lots of practice ignoring the will of the American people on issues across the board.  Supposedly, Ms. Patterson is hated by Egyptians third only to Morsi and the “messiah” himself.  There are rumors floating that she is not a “stooge” of the MB, but that she is herself a member of MB and part of a sleeper cell.

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Home front – Hoplophiles
Toy Gun March On Washington Draws 2nd Amendment Supporters

(Personal Liberty) While there’s no sign that remnant supporters of the dubious, now-cancelled July 4th armed march on Washington, D.C. are coalescing near the capitol with loaded weapons, 2nd Amendment supporters did turn out Wednesday to stage a legal demonstration – using toy guns.

Nathan: Actually, according to some reports, Adam Kokesh DID show up in DC and commit a number of felonies by loading and unloading a shotgun, but without being arrested.  The toy gun protest drew virtually NO media, of course.  I hope that they had fun, because otherwise they wasted the day.  As did the people who tried to “Restore the Fourth” and other political actions.  Guy Fawkes Day seems to mean more today than Independence Day does.

Home front – Tyranny and spying
The Feds Are Spying On Your Snail Mail Too

(Personal Liberty) Amid reports of the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance efforts centered on collecting electronic communications data, many Americans have expressed concern about their privacy on the technological front. A new report indicates that the government is spying on snail mail too. Read More…

Nathan: I don’t know how long it will take for this to sink into the public consciousness, but this is definitely 1984 and Brave New World level police state actions.  Every piece of mail (don’t know if it specifically includes the junk mail – photos of every bogus “this key may fit the car you can win” promotion flyer  or just the bills and birthday cards and the like) every day?  Even in small local post offices?  The sheer volume of data is insanely high, which makes me wonder if this is a fake claim.  But I don’t know enough about the modern workings inside post offices to support or deny it.  But even if it is only 10% of the mail, is it not one more proof that the Constitution is dead and the FedGov is a police state tyranny to be ranked with the Third Reich and Soviet Russia?

Home front – Media madness
Analyst: Paula Deen Should Apologize Until Media Approves

(Personal Liberty) Food Network star Paula Deen has been attacked for a racial slur that she admitted to using 30 years ago. She has been rebuked by the media and lost $12.5 million in sponsorship deals. But still, MSNBC pundits believe that she should suffer further. Watch…

Nathan: This Deen controversy is seemingly another dog-days-of-summer type story, but it is obvious that the viciousness of the mainstream media is growing as their overall power wanes.  Like the dying snake that strikes out and poisons its attacker – or whatever is closest, the media cannot help but do so: it is its nature.

Home front – Local tyranny/stupid cop tricks
Police Chief Tries To Shoot Dog; Shoots Owner Instead; Ignores Victim; Gets Sworn In

(Personal Liberty) A North Carolina woman was hit by a ricocheting bullet meant for her dog, after Winston-Salem police chief in-waiting Barry Rountree got scared of the dog last week and tried to shoot it.

Nathan: I haven’t had a chance to talk with any trained or retired law enforcement professionals about this, but suspect that they would NOT agree with hiring this idiot as police chief: even a chief requires a bit of courage, some common sense, and some pretense of gun skills.  The problem here is NOT with the police department or even Rountree himself as much as with the city fathers of Winston-Salem who collectively are brain dead, and the idea that government at any level can be trusted with anything more deadly than a peashooter or a wrist-rocket with a really CHEAP rubber band.

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