Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-45B: Europe and Africa – hope?

Europe’s Hope – Wise People
Switzerland: Three Resounding Nos!!

(Le Temps via PressEurop) Swiss voters rejected three ballot initiatives when they went to the polls on November 24. Some 60.5 per cent voted against a plan to increase the annual motorway fee to CHF100 (€81.30) from its current level of CHF40.

A proposal, submitted by the UDC (Democratic Union of the Centre) to allow parents who care for children at home to benefit from the same tax deductions as those who pay for childcare was rejected by 58.5 per cent.

Last but not least, 65 per cent of the electorate voted against a plan to cap salaries at a ratio of 1:12; which had been proposed by the Young Socialists.

For Swiss daily Le Temps— … the Swiss did not want to introduce illusory government controls that are incompatible with the spirit of a free and democratic State.

Nathan: Outstanding!  Sometimes a strong majority of voters DO stand up for at least a little bit of liberty.  Imagine, they didn’t go along with the Socialists to demand that the government permanently cap salaries of officers and owners and board members.  Amazingly, most European observers were SURE that the Swiss would do this, and thus prove themselves NOT to be the savage barbarians in the middle of the continent (and set an “example” for the rest of the world).  Of course, by the standards of true liberty, the Swiss are well into the statist and liberal (but not Tranzi) mode.  Still, they are better off than Americans today in many, many ways.

African collapse – hope? – Islamic wars
Angola bans mosques

Xibaaru (French) (translation): In early October 2013 the Muslims especially the majority of Guineans living in Luanda in the municipality of Viana Zango were shocked to see the minaret of their mosque dismantled into pieces on the ground that it was done wrong and mounted without permission. On Thursday 03 October in the morning, the Angolan authorities decided to destroy the mosque Zango located in the urban district of Viana 17 km. The governor of Luanda Bento announced in a radio spot that radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques in Angola.

And before yesterday, Tuesday, November 19, is the minister of culture of the country that shows the radicalization of the country in the face of Islam. Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said: “As regards Islam, the legalization process has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.” It should be noted as the Angolan government has promised to drop all mosques a priority. The only two mosques are located in Luanda have already received a warning document administration Viana signed by the mayor of the municipality of Viana José Moreno.

Nathan: Thanks to Freedom Outpost for this.  Angola, a former Portuguese colony, is 95% “christian” and 5% all other, including about 2.5% Muslim.  To American eyes, this is shocking, but Angola (or at least a large majority of Angolans) consider Islam in ANY form, but especially in the Wahhabi version) to be nothing but a death cult.  (And is there not ample evidence of that, in 1400 years and around the world, especially in modern times?)  So they see every reason to ban it.  Or at least to ban its outward evidences.  Apparently, they also believe that it is right to retaliate for the way majority Muslim nations generally treat their christian and jewish minorities, much less other religions:  the tenets of dhimmitude are well known:  among others, christian church buildings may not exhibit any outward symbols such as crosses or bells, and pre-existing meetinghouses may not be repaired, at least on the exterior.  Apparently, the law can be interpreted to require that singing of hymns and prayers may not be audible outside the meetinghouses, either.  So Angolans are treating the Muslims as the Muslims treat others.  Compared to much of Africa, Angola seems peaceful these days: no Mugabe dictatorship and starvation, no weekly killing of other religious groups as in Nigeria, etc.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the “banning” of anything merely drives it underground where it can fester and erupt to cause greater damage later. Far better would be a vigorous self defense by the people, with ALL acts of aggression fair game. The radical muslim agenda can’t survive in that environment, especially without support and accommodation for their evil by government.

The “messiah’s” minions – World wars
Kerry Misleads in Saying There’s No Comparison Between Iran and N. Korea Nuke Deals


Nathan: This isn’t really news: Kerry misleads when he isn’t outright lying. Politicians are like storm sewers: there is no bottom to them, and no treatment plant:  the sludge just keeps going down, down, down – and gets recirculated for the next generation of gullible voters.  There is nothing to show that the US didn’t get taken by this deal, and much to point out that the US (and Western Europeans) DID get hornswoggled.

Congress in action
‘Do-nothing’ Congress on track for one of the least productive years ever

(NBC News)  With only a handful of legislative days remaining, the current Congress has passed a total of just 52 public laws – setting it up for one of the least productive sessions in modern history.

Mama’s Note: Wonderful! Maybe they can do even more nothing next year!!

Nathan: Of course, the MSM insists that the mark of a “good” Congress be determined by how many laws they pass.  Although it is still too many, I think that many state legislatures that limit the number of bills introduced by each member (and insist that the bills be single-subject) are better for it.  It might also be good to point out that this is NOT the end of “the current Congress” but just the end of the 2013 session: this Congress (worthless for a lot, but NOT for so few laws) goes on into 2014 with the same make up (barring a few special elections) and same leadership (disgusting as that is).  Like Mama Liberty, I pray they do even less next year: especially NO APPROPRIATIONS.  Fond dreams but no chance.

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