Computer Privacy – Warning: Danger (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-01A)

Nathan: We have long accepted that NSA, like TSA, DEA, FBI, ATF, and other alphabet Federal agencies have gone rogue, not just ignoring but denying the Constitution and (long before Congress explicitly stated it in the latest NDAA) treating virtually ALL Americans (individuals, organizations, and countries) as hostile (“enemies”) to the United States government.  It seems that every week, we have more revelations of EXACTLY how deep their claws are into us.  We have much to thank people like Snowden and Assange and their organizations, and allies, for this.  Events like the Chaos Computer Congress this week in Hamburg allow communications and coordination (mostly in the form of sharing data) between those and tens of thousands of unknown people who are waging a deep and secret war against the tyranny which is growing ever stronger, and the powers that be who think that victory is near, thanks to the very technologies and tactics we are discovering.

Free speech/Privacy – Tyranny and NSA Thuggery
Snowden disclosure: NSA uses Windows error messages to spy

(Daily Mail [UK]) “Error messages that pop up on Windows computers could enable the National Security Agency to spy on PC users, according to a report. The error messages appear when a Windows programme stops working or ‘freezes’ and a computer user can choose to send an error report to Microsoft to highlight the problem, which is designed to help Microsoft engineers improve their products and fix bugs. However, conscientious computer users might be sending reports to the NSA as well as the tech giant, a report by German magazine Der Spiegel suggests. News that the reports are being sent to the controversial organisation’s top hacking unit, the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) division, come from the latest leaked documents from Edward Snowden …” (12/31/13)

Nathan: Fun, huh?  Just read on!

Free speech/Privacy – Tyranny and NSA Thuggery
New malware roosting place: Inside your SD Card?

(CNet News)  “Security researchers have found a way to hack SD Cards, the most common form of flash-memory cards used to store data mobile phones and digital cameras, and run software that intercepts data. Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang and Sean ‘xobs’ Cross disclosed the approach Sunday in a blog post and talk at the Chaos Computer Congress (30C3). With the attack, a person could run malicious software on the memory card itself. That’s because the cards have tiny built-in computers called microcontrollers that are used to oversee the details of data storage.” (12/30/13)

Nathan: These two stories MUST warn hundreds of millions of us that the communications we depend on DAILY, and the equipment that we use DAILY, is perverted to the use of evil men and women who consider us nothing but dirt, who treat us as slaves and animals, and who believe that we exist only to serve them and their kind.  They, of course, do not depend on themselves to gather and use this knowledge, but instead have trusted people, still dirt and slaves, but elevated to trustee status to interface and rule over us and punish or kill us, whether for the reason that the elite have or because they have been told otherwise and have bought into fairy tales and myths.  Data, knowledge, is power:  the more they know about us, the easier it is to control us.  But the same is true in the opposite directly.  The more this hidden war is revealed, the more we can fight it, the deeper we must dig.  And the more we must protect ourselves.

Of course, this is critical because of stupidity like this:

Nazgul – NSA Thuggery
Federal judge: Constitution irrelevant, NSA spying legal because TERRORISTS!

(USA Today)”A federal judge ruled on Friday that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of millions of Americans’ telephone and Internet records is legal and a critical component of the country’s effort to combat the threat of terrorism. The decision by U.S. District Judge William Pauley contrasts with a ruling earlier this month by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon and increases the likelihood that the issue will go before the U.S. Supreme Court.” (12/27/13)

Nathan: This is “old news” but we need to look at it in the light of what else has been revealed this week.  “War is the health of the state,” is clearly something this judge agrees with. Another may not, and so two unelected Nazgul (why two, and not eight? because it is likely to be a 5-4 decision, or maybe a 6-3 decision in the Supreme Court) will get to decided whether to again ignore the dead letter called the Constitution in exchange for accepting a false-front hologram that people pretend to be “in force.”  NSA spying on 99.9% of the world (including the US) is NOT a matter of “survival” of the Union (if it were still alive) or of the nation.  The nation will survive without that – and frankly, is unlikely to survive WITH it.  None of these things, if forbidden, will turn the Constitution into a ‘suicide pact,’ because of the power of the state – and even if we rolled it back all the way to the Articles of Confederation, with only the State Constitutions identifying and protecting our God-given freedoms and liberties as free people, the wisdom of cooperation and “mind your own business” would allow us to live free and prosper.  Americans – Americans who are really free – do NOT need the nanny state or an all-powerful Federal government to live well, to enjoy the freedoms we once did enjoy, or to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Mama’s Note: The myth that any “state,” at any level, however formed, can ever actually protect free people is the first problem. Such a state might choose to “protect” the subjects, as a shepherd protects his sheep… but it will always be for the benefit of the shepherd, not necessarily the sheep. The wool and meat will continue to be gathered into his barns.

Until individuals accept the truth that no “state” has, nor can be given, any legitimate power to protect them… that they must govern and protect themselves in all things, they will continue to have overlords and masters of one kind or another. No person, nor group of persons, for ANY reason, has legitimate authority to govern or control the life or property of another person.

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2 Responses to Computer Privacy – Warning: Danger (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-01A)

  1. LiberTarHeel says:

    No person, nor group of persons, for ANY reason, has legitimate authority to govern or control the life or property of another person.

    Unless, of course, the person of the second part willingly cedes such authority to “government”

    See also this somewhat related screed from the local fish-wrapper, on which I commented “loud and long”: Editorial


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Well, of course one can become the slave of someone else if they wish. They have to own themselves first, however, since one can’t give what they don’t own. Which leads us to the more important point… Nobody can agree to slavery for someone else. The “will of the majority” is bullshit. No person can “consent” to anything for another, with the possible exception of young children and incapacitated elders, but even that must be done in the context of the family and/or with a conservators selected by the elder.

      I’m sorry that I was not able to open the comment section of that article. Even “allowing” all the scripts is no help sometimes. A lot of web sites just hate linux. 🙂


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