Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-02B: Theft by government and killer cops

Theft by government
Census: D.C. Suburbs, With All Those Gov’t Workers, Have Highest Median Income


Nathan: This is not new news, just a reminder.  My family, back when I was getting off active duty, could have been some of those government workers, but chose more freedom and less temptation. We must remember that government workers enjoy very high levels of security, and while they once, as a result, had lower incomes, that has changed.  Today, government workers still do not attain the rarified levels of the very successful entrepreneurs with their high-risk, high-income jobs and businesses, or of the top-of-the-pyramid corporate executives and managers, but are far and above the average American white-or blue-collar worker, and the total of the rest of the service sector (which is theoretically what “government” is supposed to be, right?).  Part of this is the Praetorian system:  keeping the people who keep the leaders/elite in power happy, as dating from Tiberius on.  Part of this is corruption and spoils.  And part of it is purely “we can get away with it, and we will,” like the thugs in Bell, California and Detroit and Chicago.

Stupid government – National Defense
Marines Delay Female Fitness Plan After Half of Women Fail


Nathan: Shucks, sounds like high school and college: if the students don’t pass the class, lower the standards.  How many Marines, male and female, will die because standards are lower?  And please do not tell me that machines and equipment can substitute for upper body strength.  That is garbage.  Now, tell me, if the government hires (recruits) people who are unable to do the jobs for which they hired them, and instead reduces the standards, is that not yet ANOTHER form of theft by government?  As well as fraud and corruption on the part of the officials?

Home front – Nazgul and their minions
Illegal Immigrant Hopes His New Law License Will Help Others Like Him


Nathan: An illegal lawyer, how fun! This kid in California is obviously more foreign than he claims (that he was brought illegally to the US as an infant, and didn’t know better, but became a poster child for letting illegal immigrants practice law in California).  Why do I say more foreign?  Even illegals know that becoming a lawyer isn’t going to make you more liked – indeed, it is normally the opposite.  Later stories say that even though the California Assembly passing this law gives him a license, he may still not be able to be hired to work as an attorney, due to OTHER federal and state laws.  Apparently he either refuses to apply for legal status or citizenship (can he be his own client?) or has been denied that.  I can picture him standing outside a Home Depot or Lowes in a three-piece suit with a sign “Looking for Legal Work” together with those looking for day jobs for other things, like digging ditches or cleaning out basements.

Stupid political commentators
Buchanan trashes potsmokers and AR-15 buyers/owners

(Political Outcast)

Nathan: Pat Buchanan (as always) exhibits a wide streak of insane paranoia and a hypocrisy that is astonishing.  The comments by the reporter are very interesting to read, and make a lot of sense.  For one thing, Buchanan is just plain wrong:  It was not some mythical majority of “potheads” in Colorado that voted to legalize recreational cannabis, but a LOT of people who are sick and tired of government trying to control their lives and those of everyone around them.  And who did not have a chance to vote on General Assembly gun laws and about 90 other stupid things.  To try to equate libertarians with all this garbage means that after all these years, he does not understand either minarchists OR anarchists.

Mama’s Note: It seems to me that many people are starting to accept the fact that if the “rulers” can dictate the use of a plant or any food, relationships with their doctors, steal whatever part of their productivity they please, threaten them with jail or death for defending themselves, or for owning inanimate objects of their choice… they’re starting to get the idea that these dictators will stop at nothing to control everything and everyone eventually. About darn time.

Stupid Political Tricks
Retired officers call for peaceful revolt against DC

(Freedom Outpost)

Nathan: I am of very mixed thoughts (and emotions) about this.  On the one hand, this is really disturbing:  they are trying to create a “Street Senate” – a mob that will attempt to force tyranny against ALL of us, starting with Congress.  Of course, I don’t think that they will get a million, much less multiple millions.  What they ARE likely to get is a bullet in the head, and an excuse for more cancellation of liberty and rights.  But on the other hand, I have to ask, what are the reasonable alternatives?  What alternatives will make sense?  Armed revolt is a very-low-probability success strategy.  I believe that a broad (say, 3-5 million participants) armed revolt against federal and state (and most local) governments COULD succeed with the right propaganda and reasonably moderate planning and coordination.  But only “succeed” in collapsing the current system.  I do NOT think that success would lead to more liberty, but rather could open the door for French/Russian/Iranian style successor dictatorships.  And waiting, for things to get worse, is nothing more than the boiling frog strategy:  we will slide into deeper and deeper tyranny.  Voting, letter and petition writing, and moaning to each other on the Internet is folly. Will efforts like this be the trigger for massive and brutal response that will require resistance and self-defense?

Mama’s Note: I suspect that the collapse of the economy and the final devaluation of the dollar to zero will accomplish the revolution, with no one group or entity either the victim or the villain, and no planned armed insurrection for the most part. The only mass action I can foresee is that of the suddenly bereft entitlement class, from the welfare/unemployment people to the “public servants” at all levels, who will suddenly find themselves without an income. Most will not have made any rational provisions for this eventuality, as proven by many natural disasters, and without a “bailout” of stolen money and bogus “credit,” the war will be on.  I suspect that once the paychecks and perks are gone, the government won’t have all that many actually working for it. Unfortunately, those parts of that parasite class who are now armed and deadly will simply become more so. The arms will be in the hands of the predators, and those who are prepared and willing to defend themselves from them.

Now, what will be built on the ashes of this collapse, nobody knows. I suspect that the key will be how many survive who actually accept self ownership and non-aggression. No guarantees, of course, and utopia is not an option. Going to be a long, long century, I fear.

Home front: killer cop
North Carolina: Cop executes disturbed teen in front of parents

(WECT via Political Outcast) WECT: Wilsey said his family called the police to help with his schizophrenic son Keith Vidal who had a small screwdriver in his hand. Officers used at Taser on Vidal and then shot him, according to Wilsey. Wilsey said officers came into their home after they called for backup help when Vidal was having a schizophrenic incident. Wilsey said officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was tased a few times and an officer said, “we don’t have time for this.” That’s when Wilsey says the officer shot in between the officers holding the teen down, killing his son.

Nathan: This is what North Carolina cops must refer to as “cleaning up the streets.”  Murder, pure and simple: 95-pound, 5’3″ kid: certainly no Trevon Martin.  Murder because this cop couldn’t be bothered after HE intervened illegally and unnecessarily.  Of course, the parents must take some of the blame because they so STUPIDLY called for law enforcement intervention in a situation that SHOULD have been handled among family and friends.  With all the news we have about cops killing and beating and maiming more and more people for virtually ANY reason, why would ANY parent do this?

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