Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-03F: Pollution and Government

Pollution and Stupid Government (2 stories)
Ready to Blow? Explosive Natural Gas Found Leaking From Thousands of D.C. Pipes
(The Blaze)  What’s even more stunning is that the researchers informed city officials about these more dangerous methane leaks and followed up only to find that three were fixed.

Mama’s Note: Boston too? Didn’t mention any others, but I’ll bet the leaks in places like Chicago or other major cities would be similar. Will make the eventual fate of those cities a bit more exciting…  Very rapid slum clearance.
Debby: May solve a lot of problems?

Nathan: We could only hope.  I wonder if the constant exposure to low levels of CH4 (and contaminants) has affects on their mental and emotional condition?  It could very well explain a lot.  But look at that map – and then notice the real problem:  VIRTUALLY NOTHING was done by the city or other government. Almost NOTHING.  They have the manpower to hound someone incessantly because they found a bullet in his pocket, they have the manpower to raid a guy growing a single marijuana plant, they have the manpower to gun down a poor frightened woman in her car in front of her baby, but no, not this…

Meanwhile in England, in Yorkshire, a 15,000-tonne tyre fire is visible from space (Waste Management News) and they are having a hard time putting it out.  My wife and I have both fought tire (British “tyre”) fires and landfill fires.  One in Kansas burned for more than a DECADE.  Most fire departments have not the foggiest idea how to do it, and most governments pretend it won’t happen in THEIR neck of the woods.  This is particularly ironic because this was supposedly a recycling center.  See, most environists do not think that burning tires as fuel (for power plants and making Portland cement and the like) is real recycling: they call it “sham recycling” and claim it is environmentally harmful and dangerous.  But these 15,000 tons (probably about 30,000 cubic yards: a pile 100 yards by 100 yards by about 10 feet tall) are being wasted – all the energy and potentially reusable materials in them is going to waste – and contaminating ground water and the air the way a controlled burn as fuel would never do.

Government-run, Theft-funded (higher education) schools
Fla. Unveils Rating System for Its Universities Based on Cost, Number of Pell Grants, Graduates’ Earnings


Nathan: IF these were in actual competition in a real market place, this might make sense.  But when there is a near monopoly on higher education, this is nonsense.  It is just an excuse for the fat cat academic bureaucrats to play games.

Congress in action (3 stories) – Theft and Waste by Government
Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: ‘Nobody Did’

Did Rep. Connolly Read 1,582-Pg. $1.1T Bill: ‘I’m Not Going to Dignify That Question With an Answer’

Meadows: Didn’t ‘Personally’ Read All 1,582 Pg. Spending Bill — Voted No

Nathan: Have you seen one of these things?  It is mind numbing, which is why the budget system HAS to be reformed.  Micromanagement never works, even in surgery.  Congress micromanages things it should NOT, while failing to supervise what is constitutionally supposed to be done.  Although the overall federal budgeting system (programming, etc.) is a work of art and (for its kind) very efficient, where it breaks down is in Congress.  It is like the owner/manager of a 50-employee  business dictating each year the number of paperclips and sheets of paper to be bought, except on an insanely grand scale.  The solution? (Besides getting rid of the FedGov?)  First, cut the size about 80-90%.  Then establish guidelines and deadlines that require a 90% majority to override, with PENALTIES (paying fines or even being forced to resign) for failure to meet those.  Slice the pie based on LAST YEAR’s revenues, into big chunks.  Pass that.  Then slice the big chunks  up into smaller bites, leave the intimate details to the executive branch departments, and cut off their feet if they are stupid.

Mama’s Note: The only problem with that is still the theft. None of that could be funded without theft and violence… since the threat of violence and death is the only way they can steal it.  Set it up with truly voluntary funding from the public, and see how long the whole house of cards stands.

Nathan: Here are a couple of old-style stories and comments.  Please let me know which format you prefer as a reader!

Stupid government tricks – Economic disaster
De Blasio to Expand Paid Sick Days Law in NYC


Nathan: We speak of Chinese “water torture” -a drop and another and another… That is what government is doing to business and employees/workers, and owners these days:  One drop at a time, productivity is driven downward and costs are driven upward.  Expanded sick leave, parental leave, family care leave, increased minimum wages, the 30-hour ObummerCare week, and on and on and on.

The “messiah’s” consort – Government-ruined, tax-funded (higher) schools)
Michelle Obama Says Colleges Must Serve the Under-Served: ‘Just Look at Me’


Nathan: Yeah, look at her: an America-hater, a Tranzi, a member of the 1% who had her education given to her on a golden spoon by other Tranzis.  Who is the ultimate nanny in the nanny state.  As for being “under-served,” well, it wasn’t in the lunch line or the fitting room, that is for sure.

Mama’s Note: I couldn’t care less about the size of her body. It’s the evil in her mind that is the problem. Still wonder just why both she and the Obummer lost their law licenses. You’d think that would count for something, even in the environment of toxic privilege they live in now.

Technology and independence
Micro-windmills can recharge cell phones

(Computer World) “Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have designed a miniscule windmill with a micro-generator that can be used to recharge mobile devices. Smitha Rao, a university research associate, and J.-C. Chiao, an electrical engineering professor, designed the micro-windmills. The two have filed for a patent for the devices, which are about 1.8 mm at their widest point. A single grain of rice could hold about 10 of the tiny devices, and the researchers believe hundreds of them could be embedded in a cell phone sleeve for recharging purposes.” (01/15/14)

Nathan: Now, if they could power the cellular phone towers the same way!  Seriously, I could live with this, or even with a nice little desk or porch ornament like an old-fashioned windmill, with that USB connector in the bottom to recharge our devices.  More and more ideas to do things better, cheaper, and easier – if government would let us.

Mama’s Note: Indeed! One of the things that has hampered quite a bit of useful technology is the lack of really effective batteries. If these little windmills were used with some of the new mini solar cells, and they kept a small battery charged, just imagine the things we could have and do.  I get really sad when I read about people who are frightened or disdainful of technology, but I think most of that is due to the threat of government snooping. Get rid of that, and we could see some really exciting new and useful products very quickly.

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