Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-04C: Killer cops and the home front

Good morning.  This week and last I’ve seen an amazing number of new and old stories about police across the nation behaving like the police did in Dritte Reich Germany, so many Mediterranean, and Latin American countries.  I’d bid everyone to have a great day, but fear those things will sour you as much on the day as they did me.  I think this is related to some of the other stories.

Garry Reed, the National Libertarian News Examiner has posted a frightening RT video that indeed makes a strong case that the Police State is HERE.  Right now, and for years, in the United States.  That the epidemic of violence in the streets of many cities, and even towns and rural areas, is a direct result of police officers gunning down, beating, and even torturing people with little or no reason, or taking the law into their own hands.  Seriously consider showing friends who still think “cops are our friends” this video.

Did you read this?  Reuters tells us that Trust in governments plummets according to a survey.  It is, they say, DC that is “suffering” the most, while pointing out the Snowden revelations and of course the glorious debacle of ObummerCare, which is blamed for causing a 16-point drop.  Nobody seems to think that the fact that trust in the governments of Spain, France, and Italy was even lower is at all related to the fact that those governments have been behaving for decades the way the FedGov is behaving today: socialist, nanny, surveillance states that treat their own citizens like dirt. Lovely, eh?

Of course, one of those reasons for the drop is the total waste of treasure and blood in Afghanistan, despite the fact that the White House has said that they aren’t even going to try to win the war.  Not only that, but there are several wars the US is losing in Afghanistan.  Supposedly, the US wants to win the war on some drugs by eradicating poppy growing and opium manufacture and sales.  But apparently that isn’t happening, so some “goals” aren’t being realized.  Several people have pointed out that the official goals of the FedGov might not be the REAL goals: price support for selling opiates in the US is strong.  Actually, if they wanted real peace and prosperity in Afghanistan, they would support legalization of this very valuable agricultural product.

I really REALLY hope this is true: that certain really great foods like dark chocolate and many berries which contain flavanoids can help protect us from type 2 diabetes (because they help the body regulate blood sugar levels).  Sadly, I don’t think that this would justify a 100-gram/day addiction to dark chocolate.  But it is nice to dream.  And of course, if these really did work well enough to cut demand for allopurinol and other drugs which “protect against high glucose levels,” I am sure that Congress would try to outlaw them, or require prescriptions for chocolate bars and malts.

It is a commentary not news, but I found it interesting to learn just how one of the big cheeses in the DEA gave testimony to Congress on legalizing cannabis: “It scares us.” Timothy J Taylor wrote about how the guy might be scared because he might lose his job and the chance to suck blood etc. from Americans.  I notice that (as expected in a Tranzi or Liberal state) emotion and hysteria overrule facts and solid reasoning in making so-called “public policy.”  Over and over, for fifty years now, we have seen hard data and incident after incident showing that the war on some drugs simply creates MORE problems in society and for individuals, while aggravating the problems it supposedly is trying to solve.  We refuse to learn – or rather, the politicos and their hired thugs refuse to change their evil ways.  Yes, I KNOW that “drugs are bad” but that doesn’t mean that there should be a law against them when enforcing that law leads to direct crimes of violence against many more people than are harmed by taking the drugs in the first place.

Mama’s Note: Nobody on earth has the legitimate authority to dictate what any individual eats, drinks or takes into their body any other way – and it doesn’t matter in the least if those things are “good” or deadly poison. This is the bottom line that much be accepted before the “war on drugs” can be ended.

While some “sources” condemn the Syrian government (Bashir and company) for killing 10,00 or more of their own people and wasting the bodies by putting them in mass graves, the UN condemns the Islamist rebels for killing 20,000 either through “direct actions” or starvation and disease in various refugee camps and towns. A pox on both their houses: they are not content with killing each other, they have to kill people who  are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and claim it is to the glory of Allah or for the glory of the “race.”  None of us are old enough to remember it first hand, but I am reminded very much of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, where the two sides were the “Republicans” supported by the Communists and the “Fascists” supported by the Nazis.  And murder, rape, torture, reprisals and the like were all the rage.  Certainly none of them were fighting for liberty or just to be left alone, either then or now.

Just yesterday, I was reading how most Americans seem to prefer security over liberty, but today, the front page of USA Today announced that a poll found Most Americans (70%) now oppose the NSA program and don’t think there are enough limits on the NSA.  While nice if true, I have to take ANYthing that Pew and USA Today state with a big grain of salt.  And as always, remind myself that MOST people are wrong about MOST things, and that truth and liberty are NOT subject to majority rule (or polls): they are God-given and not “democratic” in nature.

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