Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-15A: You gotta be kidding me!

By Nathan Barton

An extra commentary this week: good morning on a weekend.  Sunday is here.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its fiscal year (FY) 2014 to 2018 Strategic Plan today, which provides a blueprint for advancing EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment across the country.  For “advancing… mission” read “expanding… power and control.”  The EPA is perhaps the most feral of all federal agencies (except maybe the IRS): running wild not just over states and local and tribal governments and private businesses, but over other federal agencies!  Its “Five-Year-Plan” is more of the same: more moralizing, more demonizing, more political science, more lies, more control, more power.

Heartland Institute has released a very comprehensive report prepared by 27 scientists from 12 countries that really is not needed except for political purposes, that draws on hundreds of studies (and literally thousands of years of research) to show that CO2 is NOT a pollutant but a beneficial and necessary part of the planet and its atmosphere.  This is not news to most of us, but seems to have been abandoned by the Tranzis and the environists who seek to control us more and more each day.

The Fuehrer tells us that Kathleen Sebelius has “earned” the right to retire, and you may be surprised to find that I agree.  She has the right to retire in a nice comfortable west-facing cell in Leavenworth Federal Correctional Facility in Kansas, where she is relatively centrally located so that we can see that she is getting the appropriate retirement for her misdeeds, and where it will be easy to find her and put her up against a brick wall (Leavenworth has many) when the time comes.

Sebelius’s retirement, just a week after she said she was “sticking around” comes as a surprise, and many suspect that she was ordered to resign (the Fuehrer and his toadies are no longer politely “asking” anything: it is all Fuehrerbefehl now).  She clearly is an embarrassment to the powers that be because of the spectacular and growing failure of ObummerCare’s health insurance scam.  And perhaps there are more scandals just days away from popping out.  We must not forgot that she is the scion of a political dynasty in Kansas and her “retirement” might not even be for that long: look at Hillary, who is the founder of a political dynasty (well, she hopes to be).

When I was a child, I actually admired Hank Aaron just a little bit.  But now, it is clear that he is just one more feet-shuffling, mumbling field hand on the Tranzi plantation, calling anyone who doesn’t bow down and worship the Fuehrer a racist.  Just like Reid, just like Biden, just like the Clintons, just like Powell (a much bigger disappointment to me than Aaron, I admit).  Lie and exaggerate and trash people are the way to power and wealth for them.  It wasn’t that way when Aaron was a young man, of course: he gained fame and wealth through sheer guts and skill.  Imagine if his career was today.  Assuming he’d even made it out of high school (I think fewer black males graduate today than did back in the bad old days of segregation, and that is not counting those who are killed or lamed in gang violence), he might have gotten a college baseball gig based not on skill but on affirmative action, and never been challenged enough to hone his skills to the level he achieved by going out into the pro baseball world at age 19 or 20.  Of course, it might be tacky to point out that the desegregation of MLB which began near the start of his career in 1954 was done withOUT a massive series of laws and court decisions and under what was (supposedly) a Republican, conservative Administration (Ike).

Congress in action: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says he’s tired of extreme Democratic rhetoric because it is slowing down the political process.  If he is right, I have to look at this extreme rhetoric differently.  We need to drag the “political process” to a halt because for 80 years, all it has led to is LESS liberty and MORE government and MORE tyranny.

And speaking of that, a video from Bunkerville shows the BLM types heavily armed, with K-9 dogs, specially marked vehicles (to identify them from the air?), and moving in fire teams. But they DID seem to be a whole lot more self-controlled than the men and women whom they were confronting.  On the whole, the protesters (many of whom were NOT armed) were a foul-mouthed bunch who represent their cause poorly.  People, this is the way to LOSE.  These people may be the enemy, but they don’t have to be:  the idea is to make THEM lose their temper and lash out, not for the people pushing for liberty to do so.  Not ALL cops are thugs, even though they all act like thugs at least some of the time (I’m sure that there are exceptions); but they CAN and SHOULD be won over.  Be sure to read my separate article on the Bunkerville Follies.

Mama’s Note: This is a fair statement of the real story behind the Nevada standoff. I agree that the protesters should and could have behaved better while stating their case, but we need to remember that everyone has a right to express themselves, and it isn’t only the “nice” people who have a right to defend themselves and their neighbors. We have to even accept the fact that free speech and action of any kind belong to everyone, not just those who practice non-aggression. Let each person choose for themselves, and bear the consequences of their actions.

My greatest fear is that this will be another flash point, that someone – whether a true protester or some agent provocateur – will start the shooting and people will die. It could still happen, of course. I suspect the BLM is just going to wait until everyone goes home and the media spotlight moves on. Mr. Bundy or his whole family might then suffer some sort of “accident,” and that would be that. I hope I’m wrong.

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