Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-16E: Weekend thoughts

By Nathan Barton

Caution: The weekend is here and people are getting testy. So here is a short set of commentaries to frustrate and annoy you still more!

In Scotland, it appears that a vote FOR independence may be the result of the upcoming polls.  This, of course, could totally change world politics, spinning the no-longer-United Kingdom into a final spiral into decline.  Unfortunately both the pro- and anti-independence factions have LONG AGO forgotten basics of liberty – whether English or Scots.  Scotland is so strongly Labor (Socialist) that it may accelerate its national fall.

In Colorado, a peaceful and fun 420 holiday was celebrated last weekend between the Capitol and the City & County Building in the heart of Denver, the first of legal pot, and one of many celebrations across the nation.  It appears to me that people didn’t go really freaky or flakey, that the vendors made money, and people had fun.  Even the cops, who got overtime for their massive presence on Sunday. Meanwhile, a lot of us are having to put up with a newly legalized product in what is very clearly NOT, I say again, NOT, a free market, but instead an incredibly taxed product and intensely regulated market that leaves the big winner as (you guessed it) government.  A fourth-grader was caught “dealing” legal pot at a grade school in the Greeley area which is attended by several of my aunt’s tenant’s children.  Legal pot appears to be much more expensive than black market (unless you grow your own), tourism is up (but not necessarily with a good demographic), and anyone with a Colorado license plate operating out of state is now a suspect.  People are freaking out over cannabis “edibles” and their dangers. And Colorado continues to deteriorate, while people blame pot for it happening.  Which (I might add) is nuts: Colorado has been going down hill for a very long time.  That school?  Like too much of the school system in Greeley and elsewhere, it wasn’t able to educate people of MY generation, or keep drugs out then, much less the current crop of children.

As part of the previously decided “military cuts” and with the drawdown of forces in Central Asia, the Pentagon is cutting as many as 3,800 officers from active duty, culling them together (presumably) with a reduction of accessions of lieutenants and cutbacks in recruiting enlisted personnel.  (It may only be as few as 2,000, though – based on normal processes.)  As this RIF (Reduction in Force) proceeds (I’ve been through a few), expect screams again of “defenseless America” and worries about absorbing these in the civilian economy.

What next in Bunkerville, Nevada and the Bundy Ranch?  Some folks have some ideas, and they are NOT pleasant. The confrontation and the aftermath/lull in action has caused folks to think about what is going on and what SHOULD be going on. I don’t think it is over, and I am sure that the BLM and DOJ and NPS lawyers are busy conspiring with Reid and various other powers-that-be to see what can be done about this refusal to submit, withOUT triggering an all-out confrontation.  It isn’t that they have any problem with gunning down or disappearing a few dozen or even a few hundred people, but it would have some significant impact on the November 2014 elections, the stock markets, and the various crises being nurtured around the world.

Things have changed a LOT since Waco and Ruby Ridge – especially non-governmental/non-MSM communications.  And the Bundys are NOT wild-eyed religious fanatic cultists.  But they are NOT experienced in dealing with the filth that work in the MSM, and are not careful enough about what they say that can be taken and used to blacken not just them but their position and their supporters.

Mama’s Note: Yet, if we can only support the perfect, the all wise and those without a hint of skeletons in their closets… whom can we support? The right to life, liberty and property are not limited to any of those, and so it is the principle that we must support and fight for, not just the person. It works the same – is the same – as the right to keep and carry arms… the only thing that really matters in the end is if the person who carries that gun commits aggression, not if he “might.” And then, IF he does, he must bear the consequences.

A New, More Sinister IRS Scandal? Larry Noble, a law professor now with the Soros-funded Campaign Legal Center, is agitating to jail conservatives who “falsely” report on IRS forms that they are not engaged in political speech. Lerner talked about setting up meetings with Justice Department election lawyers who wanted to talk about making Noble’s dreams a reality — this after Senator Sheldon Whitehouse raised the idea of criminal charges for conservatives who are not sufficiently quiet, charges that they falsely completed an IRS tax exemption form.

Mama’s Note: Seems pretty simple to me… don’t even consider filling out the forms. Don’t even attempt to be a “501-c” or play their silly game in the least. Sure it’s harder to find supporters, but that’s just one more difficulty to be overcome. And, just maybe, you don’t really need a million dollar budget or a large paid staff. More than one way to skin this cat.

For political groups, this makes sense, just as it does for churches (religious organizations) who do not need 501(c)3 status even under the ludicrous IRS regulations.  It is a sad situation, but large charities – and even fairly small ones – will be totally eviscerated by the IRS and other government goons if they do not have the “non-profit” status fully documented.  But perhaps such organizations should go and operate underground.  As other organizations need to consider.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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