Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-21A: Killings and Memories

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and welcome to Memorial Day.  Please remember all the dead of war, not just American dead, and not just American war; especially those wars still going on.

If we really want to honor our American war dead: pioneer, soldier, sailor, tribal warrior, civilians, CSA, Union, airmen, victims of killer cops, yes, and good peace officers who gave their lives for others… If we really want to honor them, we will ignore the politicians and their self-seeking cries about freedom and sacrifice patriotism. We will reject that and rather work directly to restore the freedom and liberty for which so many Americans, from Roanoke Colony and First Mesa, to Waco and Bloody Tuesday, to the latest dead at Fort Hood and the patrolman gunned down last week when he stopped to help a broken-down motorist, have shed their blood and given their lives.  To start with, by getting rid of the political offices and bureaucracies which have made this a land of evil and pain and misery and terror.  We will stop allowing our present serving troops to perform the sadistic and wicked commands of the powermongers who ignore morality and ethics and constitution and law.  We will pray for, and take action to allow, cleansing of the Fifty States of the perversions of government from DC down to the tiniest township and village, and we will do it now.  Let us resume responsibility for our own lives and actions. Let us remember those who were direct victims of madmen and criminals and amoral psychopaths and INDIRECT victims of nannies, and power-mad politicians and abusive bureaucrats and occupying cop-armies and hoploclasts and hoplophobes.

Last Friday’s series of killings and suicide were in the news a lot, but there are really very few questions: the madman explained his motives clearly and careful, as well as his plan – which he did not follow very well.  Had ANY one in the original places he started (his own apartment, and at least two of his own roommates, killed with a knife!), been armed and willing to defend themselves and others, it seems pretty obvious that he would have killed himself more quickly.  The Sheriff’s Office is being blamed (together, as usual, with the NRA and politicians) but it seems to me that for once, they did make a reasonable assessment based on fairly complete information.  However, this will – this WILL give a LOT of police forces ever more excuse to play jackbooted-thug:  “it’s for your own good” and “it’s for the community’s good.”  There is no NICE answer to drive-by shootings: the ONLY defense or response to such is to RETURN fire.  Accurate, sustained, and effective fire.  That is NOT possible with any affordable police force but only with an armed and trained populace: an unorganized militia made up of men and women who are responsible and prepared and supported.

This is not happening: I touched on this last week but want to say again: a police state is NOT the solution.  By the time an MRAP or a SWAT team – or even a drone – can be deployed, the death toll is far beyond what would happen when one or two armed civilians respond.

In Central Indiana, the media is all excited about how their local police forces are “ready for war” by getting surplus equipment like MRAP and other armored vehicles and heavy weapons to arm their SWAT teams.  The TV news shows this upweaponing as a logical (and mild) progression from the first SWAT teams in the 1970s, and the chief of police in one town identifies the threat: Iraqi and Afghani war veterans (and from other conflicts) returning home to Indiana.

Meanwhile, the Fuehrer is responding to the VA health scandal with his usual kind of response: let’s do the liberal compassionate thing and waste 72 hour flitting off to Afghanistan to tell the troops how much he loves them.  Don’t know if he distributed a donative to them but his staff DID blow the cover of the CIA chief in Afghanistan.  This is one of many recent “fails” that this guy has produced.

Even the New York Post is pointing that the Fuehrer and his liberal minions are breaking the spirit of the American people. The paper asks, can we recover from his disastrous Presidency?

Mama’s Note: Oh, it would be just SO much easier if we could blame everything on Obummer and fix it all by taking him out. He needs to be impeached, arrested, tried and convicted for a great many crimes, but that wouldn’t even be a band-aid. Our society is rapidly bleeding out from massive, very deep wounds that have been inflicted by the politicians and bureaucrats of the last hundred years. Until people recognize that the “authority” they wield is bogus, a lie told for centuries on end, nothing will change for the better.

In yet another Fuehrer failure, street by street, Bashar Assad, is strengthening his control of Syria again.  The fact that Al Qaida forces are now in parts of the Golan Heights close to Israel is not a sign of their growing strength fighting Bashar’s regime, but of their desperation, risking attack by Israeli forces.

Just how bad can America’s government-run, tax-funded schools get?  I suspect that we have not yet reached the depths that are possible:  A ten-year-old girl was raped in a school bathroom. The shocking part was her rapists: another ten-year-old girl and her eight-year-old brother did it.  That is right, a sister-brother duo of pre-adolescent, pre-puberty predators attacked this young girl.  The story reports of other similar situations, including a girl gang-raped on the floor of a classroom under her desk with the teacher in the room.  What other evil is ahead?  We know what causes this: and we know that the schools will not and cannot change to help start to prevent these things.

The US was not the only nation with a “mass killing” this weekend: relatively “gunfree” Belgium was “treated” to a carefully planned execution of four people in a Jewish Art Museum, where of course no one was armed to defend what should obviously have been a target for such violence.  Presumably this was religiously motivated, and we can expect Belgian authorities to respond with the usual panic and froth.  The killer is so far unidentified.  Gun laws do NOT work.

Mama’s Note: We can’t say gun laws don’t “work.” Depends on what their creators and enforcers want to do, of course. Gun laws “work” just fine at disarming ordinary people, creating disarmed victim zones, and empowering those who wish to control/own others. They “work” perfectly to provide opportunity for those who actually want to harm people. What they don’t do is guarantee safety, not even close. Gun laws are not about safety, or even “keeping guns out of the wrong hands” – they are about control, and that’s all they are.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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