Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-25A: Mesopotamian Tragedy

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, unless you are one of the people suffering from the mess in “Iraq” (Mespotamia), and you are NOT having good mornings, especially if you were the judge who convicted Saddam Hussein and sentenced him to hang.  That guy is looking for his head right now, courtesy of ISIS.  Gee, the folks in DC seem to be taking this to heart, and yet…

The American Fuehrer fears ISIS…but says Locals in Mesopotamia, not Americans, must fight back. Mama Liberty notes, ” Right… after the “locals” have been disarmed and totally impoverished by endless invasion and occupation. If they are even interested, of course… see the second story.”

Once more, regardless of the constitutional and moral issues involved, we see that the Fuehrer exhibits a moral cowardice that is despicable.  Mama goes on to say, “The “real” motivation is a lust for power and control over other people, just as it is for politicians and bureaucrats everywhere. I think it is also tied to their worldview, lack of value for life in general, the savage nature of their brand of tyranny. The religion certainly has a big part in that, but I suspect that the religion grew out of that nature, not the other way around.

I think this applies both to the Fuehrer and his ilk as well as to the Islamists of ISIS and all the other groups “fighting for Allah.”  (Anyone who can be bothered to really, objectively, study the founder of Islam and his actions can see what his motives were, and those of his successors, right down to 2014.)  Which is something that should be kept in mind when reading the other story Mama cites: Professor describes the real motivation behind terrorism — he says it’s not poverty.  Of course, it is NOT, and again, anyone with any objective view of religion and Islam in general, as well as understanding the history of humanity, understands this.  It is the “humanists” and the “secularists” who refuse to attribute any influence of religious faith (however misguided) to human action.  It is the leadership of the Islamist that has power and control of these martyrs as their motivation, just as their religion’s founder did, and just as the caliphs and successors and imams and political leaders had this motivation: it fuels and enflames the religious faith of those who go out to kill (others and themselves).

Meanwhile, people are asking how did the Fuehrer get authority to bomb Syria? If I understand it, the story is that the Fuehrer gained the authority to bomb or send ground troops to Iraq because of a vote in Congress giving W that authority back in 2001 or 2002. Now, it seems that Nancy Pelosi (the reprobate Catholic herself) insists this gave the Fuehrer (and presumably Hillary Clinton, and whomever) “forever power” to attack any way they want. A “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” with NO expiration date.  And since (I think) that once upon a time Syria was part of the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires (both with their capitals in what is now “Iraq’ (at least we pretend that there is a county called Iraq in Mesopotamia), then this authority extends to Syria.  (And if Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia ever stop being US allies, then will it extend to them, as well?  At least to the Day of Judgment (and maybe beyond, depending on whether they can overthrow God…)

Of course, this weekend, things got MUCH worse in “Iraq.”  First, the Iraq military is facing ‘psychological collapse’ after losses. U.S. advisers will find a besieged Iraqi army suffering from low morale and lack of equipment and training.  Gee, who trained and equipped them (and ISIS)?  Second (and this would cause a catastrophic mental breakdown if my unit got this privilege), Kerry arrives in Baghdad for crisis talks with Iraqi leader Maliki, holding talks as militants continue a rapid offensive that threatens the “government” which continues to be a joke – a killing joke, but still a joke.

The White House claims that the Mexican “Border Crisis” is driven by ‘Criminals.’ This is why, supposedly, the Fuehrer is “surging” resources to the southern border to deal with the tidal wave of mysterious, illegal immigrant children (including toddlers!), even as it tries to ship plane and truckloads of kids to various states (most of which seem to be “red states”. Officials say they are alarmed by the number of children, many unescorted by any adults.  I suspect that the “criminals” are all in suits and are minions of the Fuehrer.

People are also claiming (with good justification) that the IRS Is deliberately structured to stop scrutiny by anyone. Let me see.  We are now in the middle of an evidence-destruction scandal (Scandal #2), following Scandal #1 (IRS harassment of certain political groups).  But the foundation of BOTH these is maybe Scandal #3, which one person calls a “Federal-bureaucracy-that-makes-itself-unaccountable” scandal.  Anyone who has ever tangled with the IRS or known a family member or friend who got ensnared, knows that the IRS is a cesspool-network of hidden powers and permissions and officials that was obviously designed to be that way.  It has been obvious for half-a-century or more that the IRS is a key agency for tyranny in America.  Now with the FATCA Act, its mandate is worldwide, in the entire Empire.

Bloomberg’s “Everytown a stupid town” hoploclastic organization has spread a whopper of a lie in the past several weeks, claiming that there have been 74 school shootings since the bloody (and suspicious) Sandy Hook School shootings.  To our great surprise, CNN has joined many pro-RKBA people and organizations in debunking this, and lists only FIFTEEN school-related gun incidents, by their own count. That is only 1/5 of what Bloomie claims.  BUT go through the list: only SEVEN of the fifteen actually involved killing someone, and only fifteen people were killed: only TWO (the ones at Santa Monica College and UC-Santa Barbara) were “mass murders,” and accounted for TEN of the total of fifteen dead (I do NOT count the killers in the deathtoll, whether they were shot by the police or killed themselves): the other five dead were “onsies.”  I do not want to trivialize ANY deaths, but during that same period DOZENS of people were killed by cops, many of whom were innocent, and many of whom were cases of mistaken identity OR wrong addresses. What “epidemic” of gun violence is schools is this?  These fifteen incidents, CNN admits, were over a 75-week period: one every five weeks.  the actual shootings where someone DIED were every TEN+ weeks.  Compare that to the number of pre-19-year-old “children” who die in Chicago or DC or Greater LA during a similar period.  And ask why OTHER media (including don’t seem to be able to do a professional job of reporting the truth.

Pope Francis denounces Mafia, says mobsters are excommunicated, but as Mama Liberty pointed out, Pelosi is not mentioned. She adds: “ And of course Francis would be horrified at the idea that elimination of the “war on drugs” and all other prohibitions and government meddling in the market would be the best way to stop the carnage.”  I think she is right: he is a Tranzi in everything but a few specific doctrines.  I’ve been talking to more and more people (both Catholic and non-Catholic) who believe that the Roman Catholic Church is getting more and more flaky, fragmented, and fearful.  It seems that both doctrine AND practice are crumbling.  I see (as do they) that the hierarchy is relying on government more and more.  Some people are defending the RC Church regarding Pelosi based on an interview on 5 SEP 2013 given by a Cardinal Burke, the Vatican Chief Justice, who flat out stated (according to the article I could partially read at, from a Catholic newspaper, the Wanderer) that Pelosi must be denied communion: put under the Interdict.  I assume either that has not happened or is being kept out of the news.  And of course, there is a BIG difference between Francis and some cardinal stating this.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-25A: Mesopotamian Tragedy

  1. ParaLarry says:

    Re: “74 school shootings ”
    An interesting study would be a week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year comparison of “school shootings” and LEO-related wrongful deaths.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yes, interesting… but probably apples and oranges. I’d much rather see both of those numbers shrink fast and never be compared.

      While I very much agree that teachers, like anyone else, must be free to carry arms for self defense, maybe a better alternative to armed teachers and “guards” in “public schools” is to stop gathering hundreds or thousands of helpless potential victims into these tactical nightmare environments.

      There are many much better alternatives to government indoctrination camps. The risk of an actual shooter is a much smaller problem than the unavoidable fact that government “education” is dedicated to the irradication of critical thinking and individual liberty.


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