Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30D: Crying-out-loud Funny.

by Nathan Barton

Good afternoon.  Some funny (sad-funny) things being said this week.  Here are a few!

An Ohio Sheriff having to deal with border jumpers sucking his budget dry due to petty and not so petty crimes has had the gall to send a bill for their incarceration to the president of Mexico.  And what happened?  He got a  A letter from the FedGov saying he had violated an 1790 treaty.  Right.  How funny can you get?

Mama’s Note: The border and immigration problems in this country go far, far beyond this. It affects us all, and endangers us all.

Todd Miller, Bill of Rights Rollback in the U.S. Borderlands

The concept that the Constitution does not apply at America’s borders is not new, particularly in relation to Fourth Amendment protections against search and seizure. (In this context, “seizure” often takes the form of detention, as well as the more traditional concept of taking physical possessions away.) Once upon a time, the idea was that the United States should be able to protect itself by examining people entering the country. Thus, routine border seizures and searches without warrants are constitutionally “reasonable.” Fair enough. The basic rules, in fact, go back to 1789.

But the fairness of the old rules no longer applies, particularly in the face of a constantly metastasizing CBP, anxious to expand its place in the already expansive Homeland Security ecosystem. On its website, CBP boasts of making 1,100 arrests a day as, in its own words, the “guardians” of America. Do the math: that’s 401,500 a year, and those arrests are not limited to dangerous foreigners. (See the rest at the link)

The Boston Police Chief has come right out and said that residents of Boston do not need to own shotguns or rifles: a clear intent to disarm the people he is supposed to be protecting.  Any failure to censure or just plain fire the idiot will be proof that the city fathers of Boston agree.  But perhaps we should just take it as a  joke.

More Evidence that Natural News Founder Mike Adams Advocated Killing Biotech Crop Supporters?

Mama’s Note: more evidence that this “Natural News” web site is not a reliable source for anything.

Nathan: I think I have seen this website several times, and once confused this “Mike Adams” with the UNCCH criminology professor, author and speaker. I visited it again: it seems to have “useful information” on some subjects, but so mixed with garbage as to be worthless. As the Wikipedia article points out, the website is dedicated to “alternative medicine” and “conspiracy theories.”  Another source of misinformation that blackens the name of too many serious websites, bloggers, and lovers of liberty because it mimics them.  Funny (AND sad) how many people who claim to be lovers of liberty are so tyrannical in their dealings and daily lives.

Many of the leading causes of death are, no surprise, unintentional! Amazing, but we all know that the CDC is always right.

Mama’s Note: An awful lot of this is “undetermined,” but it is clear that unintentional poison, traffic and falls should all be outlawed. Also suicide and suffocation. Eliminate those and almost nobody would die. Prohibit old age and pneumonia, and almost everyone would live forever. The gun control people are pikers.

Nathan:  Sadly, there are far too many people who believe that somehow, someone (usually “government”) can eliminate ALL risks of injury and death, if we just work hard enough at it.  For years, Rush Limbaugh had a joke “commercial” advertising subscriptions for “Bad Living Magazine” that supposedly would help people eliminate all risk in their lives.  I don’t know how to deal with people so blind and willing to ignore reality.  Except maybe to laugh at their antics (as Limbaugh was).

Liberia closed most of its borders on Monday in an attempt to control the spread of the Ebola virus, which has killed 660 people in West Africa since February.  Many communities face quarantines to limit spread.  Yet the major ways that this disease (and others) spread, through air travel, are NOT being closed, in part I think so that the elite can flee.  Which just increases the risk.  As usual, government cannot do what it claims to do.  Supposedly the morality rate is 60% in this outbreak, and two American “aid” workers have the disease.  I still find it funny that Liberia and everyone else seems to turn to the CDC despite the recent revelations of how governmentally-incompetent that organization is.

When you see this article about government stealing ground water, and I am SURE that it will pop up in lots of “conservative” and “libertarian” news sources and blogs, don’t panic.  Again, DO NOT PANIC.  Yes, it is a problem – but right now, and probably only for a long time, in a SINGLE county in far northern California.  It is local and state government that is “taking” control of ground water in a specific, special case.  It is NOT the fedgov, and it is NOT something that can apply to a lot of other states.  HOWEVER, we must note that MOST state governments already control ground water – it is as much “waters of the State” as surface water, just in a different way.  Water IS life, and the West in particular has to deal with not enough 99% of the time, and WAY too much 1% of the time.  The way it is handled usually minimizes death and mayhem, but not by much, and introduces frustration and misery instead.  And costs: judges, lawyers, and more.  California’s law is (as usual), poor and stupid and causes a lot of trouble.  But people like need to be a bit more careful about how they report things like this.  Seriously.

But back to more funny.  That “DC delegate” Eleanor Holmes Norton, poster child of black Tranzis (one of many, I admit) angrily tells people that we do NOT have a right to know what is going on in “private” in government, apparently because we are NOT a parliamentary form of government.  There is no “private” in government, not in a moral or ethical sense.  She confuses separation of powers between legislative, judicial and executive branches with the right of the people (remember that “We, the People” stuff?) to know what the people who supposedly WORK for us – or at least for our states – are doing.  Thug of the Month award for Ms. Norton, please!  If she only realized what a clown she comes across as.

A couple more serious items to end with:

A federal review has exposed two decades of FBI forensic errors, errors that have resulted in needless deaths and innocents punished. A review of a lab unit involved in 45 death-row cases stalled after errors in pre-DNA convictions came to light.  It will be whitewashed and all the bad stuff hidden from the public as quickly as possible, of course.

Israelis back Gaza war, despite rising deaths on both sides, according to the WaPo.  Polls show almost unprecedented public support for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the military offensive.  I’ve noticed that the rhetoric on BOTH sides (and their supporters) is rising to a crescendo, far more than recent wars in the area.

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