Rustling, revolvers, and rational thinking

By Nathan Barton

In the UK, Sheep and cattle rustling soars as rural thieves target livestock over
, (as reported in Freedom News Daily from our friends at ISIL) while meat prices hit all time highs (at least in living memory) in the UK and US.

Mama’s Note: And, of course, no mention at all of the owners doing anything rational to defend their property – like being armed and ready to shoot if necessary. I’m not hearing a lot about either rustling or hay theft here (in Northeastern Wyoming) these days, but I’m sure it is still a problem.

Nathan: Remember, her majesty’s subjects are no long expected (or allowed) to behave like adults unless they take the queen’s shilling and wear a shiny badge, and even then, only when “on duty.” No longer may they do ANYTHING to protect themselves, their property, their families, or anything else as supposedly “free Englishmen” (or Scots, Irish, Welsh, or Manxmen).

Indeed, they are being rational by NOT being armed and ready to shoot defend their property, because they know that (unless they are Muslim or Travelers (or a few other specially protected minorities) the consequences of daring to do such will result in far worse consequences at the hands of Queen’s Counsel and Nazgul and warders, than the theft of their property or even their own lives.

Remember, to resist tyranny and fight back is often IRRATIONAL:  It is the sort of thing that leads to the Alamo and Masada and Culloden and Wounded Knee.  It is sickening to see the descendants of free men and women behave like slaves, but that is what they are.  They shipped all the good genes off-shore, or left them in those cemeteries in France and Germany and Belgium, 1914-1918 and 1940-1945.

Here in the States, the heavy loss of cattle in the Dakotas in the October 2013 storm has created an increased problem.  I found a single story from June in the Casper Tribune: Jimmy Dean Siler, a Wyoming Livestock Board investigator, estimates that five cases of missing cattle have been reported this year, compared with one or two in an average year. “That may not sound like a lot, but to us that’s significant,” he said. A 50- to 100-pound calf can sell for up to $375, compared with $100 in 2000….Ranchers near Wyoming’s borders are most vulnerable to rustlers because stolen cattle can be quickly moved into another state, Siler said. Because most stolen cattle ends up being someone’s meal, it can be difficult to track down individual thefts once the trail is cold.”

I guess that some MUST be going to Colorado to sell in order to buy pot, and no doubt some got eaten at Sturgis last week.  In South Dakota, the most recent news story I could find was from March 2013.  About 450 cows per year are presumed stolen in South Dakota, out of 3.6 million head.  (Wyoming only has about 1.3 million head of cattle.) Why the big difference in SD, WY, versus Northumberland and Kent?  Guns, I suspect.  People, including rustlers, know that virtually ALL American ranchers and farmers are armed.  AND WILL SHOOT.  A second reason is brands and ear tags (both considered cruel and unusual treatment by the humane thugs), which apparently are not used in the UK (and oddly enough, not even required in East River, South Dakota).  One more reason to count our blessings: bad as things are in the Fifty States, we are better off than most.

PS:  Ranchers are much more likely to use a rifle than a revolver these days: probably a good semi-auto .30-30 or .308, possibly an AR-15 or something similar (though the effective range of an AR-15 isn’t too hot).  And a lot go ahead and carry a Glock or Hi-Point or some such 9mm or .40-cal.  But revolvers are traditional, and farmers and ranchers are traditional people. (And the title looks better with “revolver” rather than “gun.”)  A good single-action or double-action Colt, S&W, or Ruger looks pretty and does the job.  They might still carry a lever-action (Hi, Neil!) chambered in .45-70, or a good steady M1 carbine or even a Springfield 1903.  But guess what?  They ALL deter bad guys and kill coyotes and rattlers.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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