Crony government (Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-32D)

by Nathan Barton

Good afternoon!  We all agree that politicians and bureaucrats are a VERY bad mix.  So, for that matter, is a situation where we mix politicians and educators.  Of course, educators are often just a sub-species (emphasis on “sub”) of bureaucrats – especially the educrats (can’t get much lower, subterranean, than that).  All of this points (as do many other things) to the evil concept of “crony government.”

Environmental regulation through litigation is common and getting MORE common. Through “sue and settle” litigation, special interest groups (environists) have “forced” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue new regulations, often bypassing proper procedures… National Center for Policy Analysis has a good article.  The EPA is “forced” to do all this, but it isn’t like they are not happy to be forced to be petty and grand tyrants.  This scam is getting bigger and bolder all the time.  Crony government is worse than crony capitalism.  The next story shows this even better.

New Executive Order: Will it apply to Unions? President Obama signed a new order, the “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order,” which requires federal contractors to disclose any labor law violations.  But knowledgeable observers expect the big unions (SEIC and the like) to be carefully overlooked in the enforcement of this imperial decree, which isn’t supposed to be about them.  Real Clear Markets notes the crony politics involved.

In another case similar to the EPA “sue and settle,” we see Atheists “forcing” the IRS to silence churches, using the Johnson Amendment, a relatively early violation of the Constitution in the last half of the 20th Century, which says that churches cannot support or oppose political candidates for office, or they will lose their tax-exempt status.  Bold and nasty as the IRS has been in the past, this is one area the evil agency has really failed to work hard to tyrannize with, but the various atheist and groups who want to drive religion (or at least “christian” religion) out of the public sphere pushing this, many are worried that the situation is now changing.  I think it is only the systemic blindness of Tranzi and progressives/humanists in general to the power of religion that has let things go on so long, given the way conservative and tea party movement groups have been traumatized by the IRS in recent years.

Corporate “Living Will” process gives massive power to Regulators.  Under the Dodd-Frank Act, large “systemically important” financial institutions are required to submit a “living will” each year.  As if the Feds didn’t already hold the power of life and death over banks and other organizations (usually with the glad and willing cooperation of these institutions: the reverse of the EPA “sue and settle” business), we learn more of the evil of the Dodd-Frank Act.  Despite calls for its repeal, I don’t expect that to happen.

But bad as things are here Stateside in the Fifty State, barriers to economic growth in Africa are even worse than California or New Jersey. Africa is the least economically free region in the world, and it imposes high tariffs, which block trade, and make its people incredibly poor in a land filled with natural wealth.  As Mama Liberty pointed out to me recently, the vast wealth of the Dark Continent has made it a lucrative target for rape by government in many guises.  Cato Institute points out the process and the consequences: the solution is simple: LIBERTY.

More “crony government,” as we see that Missouri continues to enhance teaching and other “public service” pensions.  Those who stay in the teaching profession for many years receive a disproportionate amount of benefits relative to their contributions compared to teachers who leave early.  And it is usually the GOOD teachers that leave early: unable to deal with the frustrations of the ankle and wrist bracelets and the educrats and the institutional barriers to really teaching children.  It is NOT just the children that are damaged by our sick government-ruined, theft-funded school system: the UNeducation system.  This is a perfect example of the cronyism I refer to in the opening paragraph.

In OTHER Missouri news, for an entire week now, we have seen the dregs of humanity on display in Ferguson, Missouri, starting with the killer cop and continuing with the people BEHIND the riots as well as the rioters and the “police” (military) units deployed to deal with them.  More on this later, except to note that we see a steady change in society in the big urban areas, of which this is a prime example.  The corruption of crony government infects ALL society.

Martha’s Vineyard Golfers Frisked Without Warning So Obama Can Play Through Rich guys hanging out on the golf course at the Vineyard Golf Club were surprised this week when they were suddenly approached by law enforcement – members of President Barack Obama’s security detail – and frisked without warning. The Fuehrer or the emperor?  Freedom any one?

Speaking of vacationing emperors: Police chief rips Fuehrer’s ‘Unhelpful’ remarks: The executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police criticized the Fuehrer Thursday for his remarks about law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo. “I would contend that discussing police tactics from Martha’s Vineyard is not helpful to ultimately calming the situation,” and THIS is coming from a Tranzi: the FOP is NOT your friend if you believe in liberty.  At the same time, it seems that the Missouri highway patrol is to take over security in Ferguson, but both the Fuehrer and his chief minion, that gutless murdering thug named Holder, are escalating federal response to killing of unarmed black teen and ensuing chaos.  Military veterans see a deeply flawed police response in Ferguson. For some, tactics appear to be not only heavy-handed but out of step with the most effective ways for both law enforcement and military personnel to counter demonstrations.

We see now in Mesopotamia that Maliki steps down, ending ONE political crisis in “Iraq.”  The move comes after days of tension in Baghdad, where security forces were on a state of alert.  Perhaps the Fuehrer could see this as a good example to follow?  Of course, the Caiphate (ISIS) continues to expand its power and murder more and more people.  It is hard for the Western powers to condemn the Caliphate, however, as THEIR power as “governments” rests of the same basis: a monopoly of combat power overwhelming anyone opposed. What is the real difference between the growing armies invading Syria, “Iraq” and even parts of Syria and Lebanon (and perhaps Jordan), and Sherman’s march to the sea, taking place 150 years ago?

A federal judge in Maryland has ruled that AK and AR style rifles, as well as magazines of greater than 10 rounds capacity are NOT, say again NOT protected by the Second Amendment. Her ruling is actually quite sound and well-written for a gutless, irrational, Tranzi, power-mad,  tyrannical, progressive, arrogant Nazgul.  Articles of impeachment should have been filed in Congress within hours.  But in our age of crony government, this is more evidence of the corruption of judges paid for their “services” with stolen money, and conspiring with instead of limiting the executive and legislative branches at the federal and state level.

Enough is enough. The only way to deal with this current insanely high level of corruption and crony government is to do away with the corrupt and evil government itself; to recognize that the individual, as a FREE person, is to be their own self-governor, responsible for their actions and consequences, and NOT to be mollycoddled by bureaucrats or politicians.  We must end crony government now.

Mama’s Note: Someone asked me today if I planned to open carry to vote next Tuesday… Where to begin? I’ll be carrying all right, but I won’t be “voting.”

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