Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-01A: New Year same as the Old

By Nathan Barton

Welcome to 2015!  Good morning and good day!

Denmark: Muslims beat random couple with bottle and iron chains in the face (graphic photos) This was one of many reports of Muslim violence during the Christmas season in Europe, in a land where fewer and fewer people really believe in the reason they claim for celebrating Christmas.

Mama’s Note: Of course they were unarmed and helpless. And not a word in the article even wondering if they might somehow have defended themselves, of course. Doesn’t matter if the attackers are Muslim or anyone else.

Nathan: Denmark was once a land of a proud, capable, and quite warlike people: it was ruled by a dynasty older than any other remaining on the planet, which made one massively-fatal mistake: for centuries they drove their most capable and independent people into fleeing to other lands, leaving them with a continually more docile population which is willing to submit to the state in every way. Today, the nation is sliding towards being a people of dhimmis who are willing slaves of Muslim fanatics.  Although similar attacks have taken place and been reported across Europe, which the Caliphate says will soon fall into their hands, and will include many of the 500 million people the Caliphate claims must die to ensure the dominance of Islam.

CU Boulder researchers say that they have found a “Star-Trek-like” invisible shields 7,200 miles above the earth that shields the planet from high-energy electrons and makes life possible here on earth.  No indications on whether or not it could be adapted to protect us from government or Islamist fanatics; we can always hope.

Have you heard of this? “The Elf on the Shelf” fad, growing for several years now, is being viewed by some people as making children more willing to accept the massive surveillance state in which the NSA supplements or replaces Santa Claus not just for adults but for children, as well.  “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake… He knows when you’ve been bad or good…”

Most of the news over New Year’s that caught my eye was again concerning occupation forces here in the Fifty States. And their abuse, whether Santa (and his elves) are watching or not.

While the story is mostly about the New York Post’s published concern that tickets are down 94% and arrests by NYPD officers are down 75%, the real point of interest is that (a) in essence the NYPD is on strike against the De Blasio administration and is hitting the city’s pocketbook by not issuing tickets to generate fines (a major source of income), (b) crime and illegal acts of traffic have NOT turned NYC into a modern version of “Escape from New York”, (c) other cities in which police have been diverted to deal with protests or natural disasters have NOT turned into chaos, and (d)the cops’ fear (or that of their unions) is NOT justified, as shown by a really tiny spate of “copy-cat” shootings and attempts.

Thanks to Andre for this story.  In the closing hours of 2014, “Ferguson” (“Hands up! Don’t Shoot!”) protestors actually took over and occupied the headquarters of the St. Louis Police Department.  This is separate from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, which was involved in fighting the protests over the shooting of the Ferguson black teenager, which has triggered months of protests and riots.

It actually happened back in September, but a warrant for the women’s arrest was not issued until this week.  After a fender-bender, a man in shorts attacked a teenage girl, slamming her against her car and grappling with her until her sister came to her rescue, and they escaped from the man who THEN flashed his badge to claim he was a cop.  Now they are being sought for “hit-and-run” and assaulting a San Jose cop.  No doubt the cop “fears for his life” like his brethren in blue in NYPD, and like his fellow SJPD officer who said he would kill anyone who threatened his family or him.

A malicious Tweet? A teen in Scotland makes a pretty pathetic joke in a Tweet, regarding a trash truck (“bin lorry” in Scotland) getting out of control and hitting people, and he is arrested for making a “malicious Tweet” by the Police.  What?  As a result, Scots police are going to monitor ALL social media for such postings, lest they find it turning into America, no doubt.

Once in a while, a cop does something that even his own comrades and the courts find totally disgusting and evil, and actually “punish” him for it.  Consider the cop who was upset with the young man at the McDonalds drive-up window because the order was taking too long, and drew and pointed his pistol at him and another teen. He has been convicted, cannot work in law enforcement, cannot have a weapon, and got 120 hours of useful public service, but NO jail time. Oh, and he has to take his meds all the time: what kind of idiots do we have on police forces.

Also in the last hours of 2014, police officers gunned down and killed a 52-year-old man, apparently white, after he posted vague and rambling threats against them on the internet, when they went to arrest him for making threats.  He was in his car, and after they stopped and tried to arrest him, he backed into one cop car and five of them killed him because they were afraid he was going to kill them.  Or so the story says.  Hmm.  Maybe we need some kind of security force to protect the police from people who are upset and threaten them?  Or maybe the police need more training and practice in exercising restraint.  There is no report that he was armed, nor any report that he was actually trying to run them down, and not just get away.  So we have one more man, not convicted of any crime, gunned down in a hail of bullets seemingly fired in panic by a gang in blue (or black).  No wonder civilian-police relations continue to deteriorate.

What gives?  USA Today is chiding the Fuehrer for damaging the Constitution!  Most of us would say “too little, too late” but it raises some interesting questions, and my eyebrows:  why is USA Today seemingly turning against the media’s beloved darling of a dictator?  AND his dictatorial actions.

On New Year’s Day, the infamous New York politician Mario Cuomo died of heart failure, the same day his son was inaugurated as governor of New York, so the political dynasty continues.

Mama’s Note: Ah, New York. Welcome to new boss… same as old boss. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I think of ALL the current and potential candidates for “president” in the coming political circus called national elections. What a colossal waste of time and money. Here’s a thought… let each individual be his or her own boss.

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