Book Review: Summer of the Eagles

By MamaLiberty

What a great story! My father was born in 1886, worked on the family ranch in the Dakota Territory, then was a hunter bringing in game to feed the crews who built much of the railroad lines across northern America. He loved Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour, so I grew up reading “westerns.”

Summer of the Eagles is a tale set in the early days of Wyoming, about people who have honor and integrity amid strife and injustice, stitched together with friendship and love thought impossible. There are parts that had me shaking the pages shouting “NO,” and sections that brought me to tears of joy.

We read about bigotry and racism in our modern world, but I don’t think most people have much idea what it really means, or the incredible damage it can do to everyone involved. Probably no person alive in America today has ever experienced even a little of the prejudice and injustice suffered by the hero of this story – and so many others throughout history. It would be good to read this story if you took nothing more away from it than understanding your own good fortune, whatever your situation, and perhaps a clearer understanding of your own prejudices.

This is no passive story for those who want cheap entertainment. There is challenge here, and – strangely enough – encouragement.

You can buy the book at, in either kindle or paperback. If you’d like to have a bit of your purchase price help support Claire Wolfe, please use this link to her blog.

Want to order a signed copy or have your previously-purchased copy signed by the author?
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