Libertarian Commentary on the News, 08 October 2015, #15-40C: How gullible are we?

By Nathan Barton

“Interesting tidbit,” said Debby in forwarding this story from 9News in Denver that the Rocky Mountains wildfire history shows that temperatures were much warmer, and that wildfires were much more major and frequent a thousand years ago, so that modern “global warming” would also be expected to cause (or allow) more forest fires. This claim, of course, is based on something almost NEVER taught in high school or college history classes: that brief industrial and high-tech era in which the AmerInd tribes achieved incredible heights of sophistication and production, dominated the planet, and reached out to the planets. This was, of course, before their hubris and the massive flooding and horrific weather triggered by the AmerInd-caused global warming completely wiped out their massive industrial civilization so completely that two centuries later the remnants of their population were living in cliffs and tipis and worse. And then quickly slid into the nature-loving and preserving, environmentally-sensitive “noble savages” that modern environists love so much. [Actually, maybe they DID make it to the planets: any idea about why they call Mars the “Red Planet” or how it got that way?]

Of course the reason it isn’t taught, even in government-ruined, theft-funded schools and prisons, is because it isn’t true. “Lo, the poor Indian” isn’t the result of a fallen civilization: indeed, it was that warm period about AD 900- AD 1000 that allowed the civilized communities like the Anasazi and the great southeastern Mound Builders to get established and flourish. (And allowed Greenland to be colonized and Britain to endure decades of tyrannical government and civil war under William the B****d without TOTALLY starving to death.  It was the “global cooling” 200-400 years later, coupled with a whole bunch of government, that saw the concentration camps at Mesa Verde, the flight of the Greenlanders to the Pacific Northwest (of North America), and let the British crown come closer to totalitarian rule than any time before the 1960s.

Oh, dear, his feelings were hurt, and he’ll prove it on your head with his billy stick.  The Blaze tells about a cop upset when the server at a Dunkin Donuts wrote “#BlackLivesMatter” on the outside of his coffee cup.  The police department and city are still pondering just what their “response” would be. I dunno, is most of the SWAT team on leave or something?  Seems to me that these “valiant defenders” of the public weal, those who supposedly “serve and protect” need to get some thicker skin.  Look, I don’t care if it is just 1/10 of 1% of cops that are thugs who beat people for complaining or kill people who have trouble getting their hands out of their pockets.  It reflects badly on the rest of the cops, especially when they form up around the scum and defend them, and when they are trained so poorly and evaluated so badly that they can’t deal with criticism except by violence.

Homeowners associations (HOA) are probably the same way. I am sure that there are some that provide valuable services to their members/residents and respect people’s liberties.  But too many are like the one the Blaze reports on, that decided that flags are “holiday decorations” and have to be taken down within 10 days of the “holiday” they celebrate. And then fine a woman $75 for not cowtowing and taking down her US flag.  Humorously, I bet we could find enough “patriotic” holidays to keep a flag up 24-7-366.  Let’s see: Lincoln’s birthday (for others, NOT for me), Washington’s birthday, Patriot’s day (Lexington and Concord), VE day, VJ day, 2nd of July, 4th of July, Flag day (Army’s birthday), Armed Forces day, Navy’s birthday, Air Force’s birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Lunar Landing day, Jefferson’s birthday, Pearl Harbor Day, Bloody Tuesday (my name for 9-11), Lee’s birthday, Founder’s Day (at least in Utah and other LDS states), San Jacinto Day, each individual State’s birthday (my grandfather was from Arkansas, so I can fly a flag for that one, right?), Columbus (“Native American”) Day, Greasy Grass (LIttle Big Horn) victory day, and more. (Send me your holidays!)

I always enjoy and learn from Tom DiLorenzo’s articles, and he has a good one at Lew Rockwell writing about Roman Catholicism’s holy socialist central planning, showing that religious hierarchies are just different forms of statism and government thuggery, using “its for God” instead of “its for the children” as its justification. (Please, don’t get me wrong, I believe in God and His Son, just not in 99% of those who claim to follow Him.)

Home School Legal Defense Association, “Federal Student Tracking Defeated” explains how the FedGov – Congress, specifically – recently tried to track the students of every military family to learn whether they are private-schooled, public-schooled, or homeschooled. Home School Legal Defense Association formed a coalition to thwart this plan. It is interesting, because it shows just how corrupt and complex and “not what you know but who you know” government – especially the FedGov – has become.  And why it is increasingly difficult to keep government from saying whatever it wants (Keeping it from DOING anything it wants is in essence a matter of firepower and preparation.)

There is LOTS of “foreign affairs” in the news this week. Apparently that squatter in DC has “apologized” for the “accidental” attack on Doctors Without Borders, per ABC News. Of course, he blames the Afghans and is trying to figure out how to blame the Russians, who are busy attacking targets in Syria in alliance with Assad’s forces, according to CNN News. Meanwhile, the FedGov DoD pooh-poohs all this, saying that Russia is “doomed to fail” in Syria, according to CNS News. The squatter’s minions in the White House contradict the Pentagon, saying there are a “couple places of common ground.” Lots of 3×6 foot plots of ground, no doubt. Russia Today reports that the Caliphate is using Mosques and civilians as shields, and that Russian forces are concerned that terrorists will actual blow up mosques themselves so that they can blame Russians and have more excuse to get Muslims to again attack Russian targets. (Wow, why didn’t the squatter think of blaming the Taleban for the attack on the hospital in Afghanistan, rather than blaming the Afghani “allied” government?) Meanwhile, Kerry (you know, that ne’er-do-well who is the FedGov Secretary of State) is more worried about “climate refugees” than the 60 million political refugees that supposedly float around the world, according to CNS News. All of this shows that government is demonstrating its usual incompetence in foreign affairs.

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