Government’s war on everything else (Part 1)

Libertarian Commentary #17-18B, by Nathan Barton

Headline: “Judge refuses to allow GM to liquidate company: must be able to be sued” The story explains that the court system has made it clear; even though the reason that General Motors is going out of business (just as Chrysler and Ford already have) is because of the massive number of lawsuits by survivors of people being killed by large trucks and SUVs in vicious “suicide driver” and suicide bomber attacks, that the company must be able to pay damages after juries award hundreds of millions in compensation and punitive damages.

No, this isn’t in TODAY’s news: there is no URL to cite.

But it is what we can expect to happen if the so-called Sandy Hook lawsuit is allowed to proceed against Remington, the firearms company, for selling an AR-15 to a woman, which was then stolen by her son (who also killed her) before being used to (according to most story-tellers) attack and kill children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The argument is that Remington should have never sold this “military-style” weapon to a private person, and therefore is liable for its illegal use in murdering people.

And no, don’t get me started: there are so many things that are wrong and false about the Sandy Hook narrative. (For example, I recall definitely hearing on the news that day that all of the killing was done with handguns and NOT with rifle (“assault weapon” or not) or shotgun. But that rifles had been found in the trunk of the killer’s car – excuse me, “suspected shooter’s car.”) This is NOT about Sandy Hook or any other partiular incident of violence committed by someone who happened to use a gun instead of a knife, a club, a war-ax, or their bare fists.

No, this commentary is about the way that the Nazgul – those men and women in black robes – are murdering justice, society, and the economy in the formerly united States of America. How they are spearheading the government’s war on everything and everyone.

For Remington is not alone. Every day, companies and individuals are taken to court with the most nonsensical of accusations – usually civil but sometimes criminal – by someone who has too much money and time on their hands, to make them stop doing or start doing something. Whether the money used to fuel these lawsuits is because it belongs to “trust babies” (who inherited their money from ancestors who actually did something to earn it, or at least got their money by hard (if often immoral or illegal) work) or because millions of “little people” have donated their dimes to the big foundations and “stakeholder” groups, or because the groups filing the suits expect to win big and get the government or their enemies to pay.

What IS in the news today is that Hillary Clinton has made it very clear that one of her major priorities is to continue big government’s war on small business as well as any big-business that doesn’t play ball with her regime. And, tied closely to that priority, is her attack on our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones from criminals inside and outside government, and inside and outside the Fifty States. Just like Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Third Reich, who after they helped sell everyone else down the river, finally were targets of the SS men themselves, so even big business will soon enough be the next target of this abomination called the Federal Government.

Mama’s Note: I don’t look for the Sandy Hook lawsuit to go anywhere, since there is a “law” protecting manufacturers from suits not involving actual harmful defects in the product itself… for whatever that’s worth. Remington had nothing to do with the sale of the guns, whatever was actually used, and that won’t be hard to prove.

“Gun control” is actually dead as a doornail, even though it continues to twitch now and then to annoy us. With between 300 and 500 million guns already in the hands of Americans all over the country, more being purchased each day, and the ever increasing ability of those so inclined to manufacture their own… Even if only 3% of present gun owners resist, there are not enough enforcers of any kind to change that significantly. Yes, the controllers want to eliminate your guns, but there is no way on earth they can manage to do that unless we all give in. Resist… do not comply.

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