Oozing Sleaze — Secretary Clinton Surges Onward and Upward

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

The left-of-center main stream media — which believes that it is entitled to foist the next president of the United States on a gullible public — has been bullying Senator Sanders and his supporters to get out of the race and let Secretary Clinton’s “barrier” coalition of African-Americans, other non-whites, and radical feminists take the Democratic Party nomination.

Even though yet another of Secretary Clinton’s Big Lies was exposed on the morning of the most recent primaries — “Women’s Soccer Plays a Phony Pay Game” (4/26/16) — it had no impact.  Despite the best efforts of The Wall Street Journal, that evening Secretary Clinton prevailed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware losing only Rhode Island to The Old White Man from Vermont.

In the old days, voters used to weigh heavily their judgment of a candidate’s character before casting their ballot.  By this yardstick, Secretary Clinton’s life-long history of lies, scandals, corruption and sleaze would garner her zero votes.

Sadly, in the new days, instead we have CNN (Clinton News Network) air-brushing her blemishes and forbidding all on camera from uttering words like Whitewater, Benghazi-gate, Wall-Street-gate, Email-gate and The Clinton Family Foundation.

As for the Old White Man from Vermont — this is a lesson that all male and white voters must take to heart immediately. This morning and just two days after the most recent primaries, 4/28/16, Senator Sanders announced that they were cutting back staff.

So, for the well-being of the country, our only remaining hope is that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — James Comey — does his job.

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Florida International University in Miami.

Mama’s Note: The sooner all politicians are recognized for the liars and thieves they always have been, the better. They all have a wonderful plan for our lives and property, and the last thing any of them want is for us to be free to follow our own plans and enjoy our own property and productivity.

Resist. Do not comply. Don’t be fooled by any of their promises.

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