“Uninstall the system”

Or, Confessions of a Disillusioned (Former) Libertarian (by the Brunette)

A Mother’s day call to family back east involved several handsets, 9 family members, and lots of background noise. Hard to tell who I was talking with at times, and who was listening, amidst the hubbub. It was Mom, I think, who asked me what I thought of the current political circus. The lack of enthusiasm at their end felt palpable . . . possibly a few Bernie supporters there; the hushed silence among an often vocal group of left liberals seemed almost eerie, even a bit sad (hey, they’re family . . . what can I say. I love them, despite their politics, and I hope they’d say the same of me.)

I’ve not willingly paid much attention to politics for years. For a time, I was active with the LP (as Vin has been, also.) The people involved were great, but — well, politics is nasty business. Since I “dropped out” of the LP, I’ve considered myself an anarchist and still do, of the peace loving kind. But since I was asked point blank, I mentioned that I like what John McAfee has to say (“Who? Who’s he?”) and rather than letting our divergent views derail the friendly conversation, I offered to send them some links. Later.

Read the rest at Vin Suprynowicz blog here.

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1 Response to “Uninstall the system”

  1. Darkwing says:

    I dropped out of the LP over two years ago. I was a member only so I could run for elected office. The LP has just become another party, they have gone 180 on many issues. I am now, maybe, not going to vote for the first time in 50 years. This once great country has gone down the crapper for the past 30 years and there is no hope left.


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