Guns and media: Who do we believe?

by Nathan Barton

(Or, “Guns and the Power of the Media”)

According to Newsweek and a blogger from the London School of Economics, the reason that gun sales have soared in the past decade or so is because of – get this – Fox News! Them and the rest of the television networks – the media. Americans are so propagandized that every time Fox News (or NBC or ABC or whatever) runs a news story about a White House initiative to “control gun violence” or “limit guns on the streets;” about some new Congresscrittur or wannabe Congresscrittur with gun control on their agenda, about some mayors or moms or monks against guns protest, more and more people rush out and buy guns, therefore doing exactly the opposite of what all those people are against: further arming Americans.

Now, I admit that the LSE blog has some fascinating data, but is it really pointing out cause and effect? Would gun sales plunge if the news ignored the latest ranting from the halls of Congress, city hall in NYC (or the Bloomberg mansion), or the Oval Office? Are the NEWS STORIES really the cause of this, or the clearly sincere but diabolical efforts on the part of so many people not just to keep people from buying more weapons, but to take weapons away from more and more people?

It would seem that if the hoplophobes and hoploclasts (gun-fearers and gun-haters) want to get peaceful and honest people to stop buying as many guns, the best thing they could do is to stop making all these big announcements and proclamations about such topics.

1. Demanding that so-called “loopholes” be eliminated to prevent more people from buying guns – after all, supposedly violent criminals and accused doers of domestic violence already are not supposed to be able to buy guns, so maybe (despite your loud protests) you ARE coming after us.
2. Announcing big initiatives that will “get guns off the streets” – after all, we almost all live on streets, and often take our guns with us on the streets.
3. How they have to put up with all those yahoos who cling to their guns.

At the same time, perhaps they should also stop doing things that news media pick up on and broadcast. Things like:

1. Denying veterans that have someone else take care of their financial affairs the right to buy (or even own) guns
2. Denying recipients of Social Security and SSI the right to buy (or even own) guns
3. Issuing Imperial Decrees (excuse me, Executive Orders) that are requiring more and more hoops jumped through to buy guns, prohibiting soldiers from having them on base, and all the rest.
4. Making campaign pledges to “deal with the gun problem.”

And just maybe the blogger and all the news outlets spouting off about how influential they are and how evil their competitors (equally influential, if not more so) are, can get it into their minds that one BIG reason people in America buy more and more guns is the same reason that we buy more and more books and more music and more and more movies – and even more and more cars – is because we LIKE them! Many Americans are hoplophiles (people who like guns). Not because we want to go out in the street (or even stay in our houses) and gun someone down, and not even because we value liberty and really don’t like people trying to rob us. But because we LIKE things that make loud noises and put holes (little or big) in things, and have a special feel to them.

As that may be, it seems very much as though (as usual) the media and the hoploclastic community are always finding someone to blame for their failure to get us hoplophiles to give up our guns. And coming up with new ways to win people over to their side, usually through fear and intimidation. Nothing like Fox News to put fear into people’s hearts.

To answer the question I pose in the headline, I don’t think we can believe or trust any of the media, much less the advocates. They have constantly demonstrated they will lie, twisting the truth and inventing nonsense while ignoring facts that suits their agenda. Ignore their claims, but do not ignore their hate and actions, at peril to our liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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