The election for Massa: Mixed results

By Nathan Barton

Is it over? Maybe. As with Brexit, the 2016 election for Massa came in very much different than the vast majority of the mainstream media and the pundits and “elite” said it would. And according to the columnists in the New York Times (which amazingly succumbed to an attack of honesty early in the evening and stated that Trump might win), these elites are not just in a panic but frightened. One even intimated that “under Trump” he and his wife may no longer be able to write the things that they have – that the Trump-stapo (my term not this NYT guy) would come and take them away. Several even admitted that they did not understand the nation – but their dismay was matched by a continued disdain for the horrible, evil, primitive, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, uneducated, and feared denizens of 98% of the landmass of the Fifty States.

There are some interesting things about this vote that we need to pay attention to. First, Johnson and Weld have set new records in both numbers and reach for the Libertarian Party, apparently getting about four million votes across the Fifty States, and almost hitting 10% in New Mexico, and more votes than any libertarian has ever gotten in the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. This is despite the disgusting way in which both Johnson and Weld (especially Weld) have betrayed the principles of the Libertarian Party (or rather those it claims). Their votes are being condemned (as my sons predicted) by both the GOP and Dems in multiple states for denying Clinton those states and denying Trump an actual popular vote majority.

That is a second point: last results I’ve seen has Trump down 200,000 votes below Clinton, although he will likely come out with 300+ electoral college votes (and Clinton is still likely to lose at least 2 of her 230 or so votes thanks to an AmerInd supporter of Sanders in Washington state. We can expect the Democratic Party and all its ilk: Tranzis and Greens and Socialists and more; to increase their attacks on one of the few remaining columns of the dead republic. With 2 out of the last 5 elections for Massa giving the loser more popular votes, the push will be even harder to go to a “direct democracy,” which is a sure way to speed the decay of the dead body of the republic.

They are already making a push for converting to a parliamentary democracy, in which (as in the UK, Germany, etc.) the head of government is elected by the legislature. (They have not woken up to the fact that IF we had such a thing now, with the results of the elections for the House of Representatives, it would STILL have been a GOP candidate taking office in 2016 or 2017.) I actually expect that Johnson’s large vote was more a protest vote than a vote FOR either libertarian principles or Johnson, except for the nearly 10% he got in his home state of New Mexico. I am no partisan of Johnson, but he would certainly be preferable to Horrible Hillary or The Donald. But if 3% is a magic number for political movements, the LP has now reached it – even as it seems to be more of a centrist party than ever.

A second point is the (to me, at least) surprising success that neo-Con/ex-CIA/LDS Evan McMullan had, especially in his home base of Utah where he nearly beat out Clinton to come in #2 to Trump, with more than 20% of the vote and nationally came in 4th, better than the Greens. As with the vote for Johnson, it shows the unrest that is NOT going to go away with Trump and the New Congress, and which will rear its head sooner than later. McMullan may be the lead element of a growing movement trying to replace the GOP.

Which is another thing about the Massa election mess: there are many who think that the RINO-GOP Establishment-Trump falling out and mess is going to become a feud, and that this election might be the last hurrah of the GOP. Many want Trump to finish destroying the GOP, and there is something to be said for that. But even the Democratic Party may be on its last legs, as Hillary’s failure (and that of Reid and Pelosi) while supposedly the current squatter in 1600 is “so popular” indicates. To say nothing of the votes of Hispanic and black – and even AmerInd. The Democrats may no longer be able to ride the demographic wave that they have exploited for so long.

The response of the mainstream media during election night was probably to be expected, but still disgusting. Outlets such as CNN and ABC (and no doubt many others) delayed declaring that various States had gone to Trump, in some cases for an hour or more after it was obvious. Perhaps they were hoping that the vote totals would still be close enough that vote-rigging would work, or that legal challenges could be made, and that they would not have to eat crow on their polling and predictions right up through Election Day afternoon reports. Part of this is their own arrogance and snobbish elitism. So one of the other losers in the 2016 Massa election was the mainstream media.

It was not just the race for Massa that turned out to be something that the Coasts and the elite are incredibly disappointed and depressed over. The GOP – for whatever good it does – retain both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. There MAY (but I’m not holding my breath) be enough change that we WON’T go to war with Russia or Singapore or Pitcairn Island. MAY be able to get rid of ObummerCare and NOT replace it with universal single-payer fully-socialist health care, and may not have a Supreme Court that makes it “legal” for the uniformed thugs to come and pry our guns out of our dead hands. State-level races also seem to have gone against the Democratic Wing of the Statist Party, for the most part.

For me, though, the important election results – given the nature of the duopoly which still exists – are the ballot issues in the states.

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