Never mind the results, it is the intent that counts

By Nathan Barton

I am sure you’ve heard that before. “Oh, it doesn’t matter if you really don’t do whatever it is that you wanted to do, your heart was in the right place. You had good intentions. You tried.”

“We tried to have a peaceful demonstration.” As reported by the Oregonian, initial reports of the people arrested during Saturday (day 5 of the protests) were intentionally low-balled: instead of 13, 71 people were arrested after closing streets and light-rail routes, attacking people (including a KOIN new filming crew), and throwing lit flares at cops. In many other cities, more protests and some violence flared: a high school girl was beaten up in California for posting a pro-Trump graphic on her Facebook account. More signs and posters and social media posts urging that Trump be killed and Melania be raped are showing up (Breitbart).

Mama’s Note: Isn’t it sad that so many people simply can’t see (or won’t admit to) the stunning hypocrisy of those who want to control our lives? They want to have all of our guns confiscated because someone “might” use them to cause harm (only an excuse, of course), yet they can call for the murder of someone they don’t like without a qualm. “If it saves one life” is clearly only applied to the lives of those they care about.

“We tried to make our snow plowing more woman-friendly.” Breitbart reports that Stockholm’s new “gender equal” snow removal policy has failed in the first major snowfall of the year, creating delays and no-go zones for ambulances and delaying buses by hours. Apparently, since more women walk or bike, and more men drive motorized vehicles, they reversed the priority for clearing snow off streets and sidewalks and bike paths. It didn’t work.

Mama’s Note: Now that is just plain funny! At least this “gender” nonsense is occasionally entertaining.

“We try to have values.” According to an e-mail from the South Dakota Democratic Party today, “we” can fight back by writing to legislators, the Congressional delegation, and local papers, “advocating for Democratic values like economic fairness, healthcare, education, and human rights.”

Let me count the ways: Clinton’s idea of “economic fairness” is giving crony deals to Wall Street bankers, union bosses, and the Communist officals in China and Cuba. “Healthcare” includes both the ObummerCare 25% increase next year and of course driving more and more medical practitioners out of their careers and trying to make us all dependent on government for our health care. “Education” features the continued dumbing down and propaganda of government-run tax-funded schools and the coddling of the snowflakes on college campuses. And “human rights” means taking away our free speech when it is objectionable, taking away our right to keep and bear arms because criminals use guns and people are afraid of the guns, and ensuring that people are denied due process and considered guilty until proven innocent if they happen to be men or unborn babies or non progressives. Such values!

Chicago, of course, which is nearing 4,000 killed or wounded by guns in 2016, is a great example of supposed “good intentions,” as they demonstrate that gun control far beyond anything which is legal or moral, much less constitutional, does NOT keep criminals from keeping, bearing, and using guns a dozen times a day. The progressives have no concept of how people think and react – even their fellow criminals.

Not that conservatives are any better, as the supposedly-conservative-dominated Congress has demonstrated, not just for the past two years but for decades. Their stated intentions to “protect freedom” and “limit government” have failed time and time again. Of course, that is their “stated” intentions: am I paranoid to think that maybe their real intentions were different?

The point is, that statists really do belong to that part of humanity (or nearly-human) that thinks it’s great when a parent or a teacher or a peer tells a child, “the important thing is that you tried, even if you didn’t succeed.” Success in life demands… success. Good intentions do little to deal with life’s problems if they are not carried through, and it is far too easy – especially for statists – to do the WRONG thing for the RIGHT reason. Put bluntly, the mother who screams in horror after finding out she’s just backed her car up over her toddler, screaming, “But I didn’t mean to do it!” has learned that lesson. All the intentions in the world do not make up for an action, right or wrong.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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