The arrogance (and the fear) just won’t stop

By Nathan Barton

Now more than a week after the latest election for Massa, and the stunning announcement that Trump defeated Clinton, Johnson, McMullin, and Stein, the news continues to pour in. The elites’ arrogance and the irrational fear continue to ramp up. They just don’t get it; history was made and life will go on. Even with Trump.

Debra Saunders, over at Town Hall, reports on the “education” being provided to students in the San Francisco Public Schools, and makes an appeal (which she knows is useless and a waste of electrons) to anti-Trumpers to “leave the kids alone.” But that is PRECISELY the strategy of the Tranzis, of which the ant-Trumpers are the current most prominent element around the world. They can and HAVE created a climate of fear in classrooms and on the streets for their own children and those of both “independents” (moderates) and Republicans about this evil monster who has risen from the sewers and is now stealing their future; sexist and racist and homophobic and warmongering and greedy.

To Tranzis like the SF Superintendent, this “teaching moment” is priceless: he is preparing the students in his schools for the 2018 and 2020 elections in which they will be voting, and which can resume the interruption created by the “uprising” of 2016. He arrogantly “knows” that history is on his side. After all, that is what Marx and Lenin and Mao and all the rest believed and taught. (Speaking of teaching moments, Fox News reports that some public school students in NYC have been allowed to skip class to join in anti-Trump protests now in their eighth day.)

It is not just the liberal wing of the Tranzis that demonstrates that arrogance and promotes that fear. McCain, the archdruid of neo-con Tranzi arrogance, has already made it clear that “give-and-take” between Congress and the White House will (if he has his way) be all give by Trump and all take by the entrenched Congressional string-pullers (I hesitate to use the term “leadership” for them). He has (according to the WaPo) told Trump that peace with Russia is NOT an option as far as McCain and his ilk are concerned. If you ever had any doubts about just how stupid McCain is (and the GOP was for once nominating him for ANYTHING), the fact that he went through a few months of the war in Vietnam and years (his own fault) in a POW cage and still doesn’t understand the price of war and what war with Russia would mean should resolve that doubt. The man is arrogant AND stupid. As stupid and arrogant as the educrats in SF and elsewhere.

Both arrogance and fear-mongering are fully on display in the Slate where their chief political commentator (who also works for CBS) tells us “there is no such thing as a good Trump voter,” and goes on to condemn anyone who did not support, vote for, and bow down to the Clintons and their kind. He even uses attacks by anti-Trumpers on Trump supporters as “proof” that the Trump supporters are evil. And deluded. They may well be, but Slate and the rest of the mainstream media are no better. The writer parades lie after lie, many of the same sort that hoploclasts use to justify him labeling 25% of eligible American voters as racist and sexist and xenophobic, even those who happened to be black, Hispanic, Amer-Ind, women, or immigrants. He goes so far as to claim those people in the past who lynched people were “good, upright citizens.” (At least in the eyes of the people he now condemns for not voting for Clinton.) Twisted? Absolutely. Why does he do this, and think he can get away with it? Because of his arrogance and assurance that this teaching movement will bring forth the fruits, rotten and poisonous that they are, that he and his fellow progressives want and need.

The regular radio news is filled with news reports about the transition from the current to the new Massa, and it seems that about four out of five stories denigrate Trump, his staffers, his potential nominees, and his supporters. Again these are from the “news sources” that arrogantly dismissed any idea that Clinton would lose, and that whipped up fear of Trump and the GOP (and even libertarians) before the election. So it is no surprise. Just distasteful, and a warning of what will happen in the future.

Rolling Stone tells us that these protests are essential for “American democracy” (thereby proving the Founding Fathers’ fear of democracy to be accurate), and telling us that this “spontaneous” protest is rising much faster than the Tea Party Movement after the 2008 election, and therefore more genuine. And it spreads the meme of fear, while hitting on a few others: high school students and illegal immigrants were “prohibited” from participating in the voting (message: the age 18 limit for voting is too high; it is xenophobic and elitist to only allow citizens to vote in a country’s elections). The arrogance is obvious.

Which all goes to point out the simple if hard-to-accept truth that government is inherently evil, because it promotes and instigates this arrogance and fear-mongering. Without the mechanisms of government, these Tranzis would have no real power to force others to accept their line.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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