Sand in the gas tank?

By Nathan Barton

Bad as sand in the gears is, traditionally sand in the gas tank – the fuel supply – is a lot worse. Although there are those who debunk this claim, together with the idea of sugar in the fuel and water in the fuel, I’ve seen the results in years past, of sand poured into a gasoline tank. At a minimum, the engine stops working and requires major work to take it apart enough to clean out the fine particles – that are still too large for the tight tolerances in even older engines, to say nothing of modern ones.

And this seems to be what the Tranzis are working towards, as far as society and liberty and the economy are concerned. No longer content to just create problems and enjoy the results of messing with us, so that we will turn to them for bogus solutions, they up the ante. Or perhaps that has been their plan all along: at a certain point going beyond just making things like the free market and self-governing difficult and inefficient, instead causing the entire system and systems to break down, to come to a grinding halt.

The hypocritical response to the defeat of Clinton in November certainly seems to fit in that idea. Not content with just calling for the abolition of the Electoral College, they now seek to corrupt and discredit it, and therefore the entire system. They base their claim on two clearly-false statements: 1, that Trump is less competent or qualified to be Massa than Clinton or any random other GOP big-man-in-politics. And 2, that Hillary won the popular vote [I’ve seen claims as high as 3 million, which interestingly enough, is the estimate of how many fraudulent votes were cast by dead people, non-naturalized immigrants, and other means] over Trump.

So we started with protests and petitions and proceeded to riots and to threats of killing and – the ultimate weapon – Hollywood celebs calling on Electors to break their pledges. This has been followed by all the claims that Russia either (or all three) hacked the election, hacked the Democratic e-mails, and/or illegally influenced the voters. Or at least the voters in the 2016 Red States – all commies everyone of them, no doubt. Apparently, to read some of them, Putin was sending out instructions of what to publish and what to say by his own personal e-mail account to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and all the NYT-list fake news story sources.

Of course, the fake news story business itself fits right in with this. Many Americans (even a majority, perhaps?) long ago gave up trusting the mainstream media: NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, Time, US News, CNN, the WaPo, the NYTimes, etc. More have given up on the semi-alternative media (Fox, etc.) and are depending on such places as CNSNews, The Blaze, Drudge, and others. And some have been drawn to the likes of PrisonPlanet and Beforeitsnews. So the Attack on Fake News ™ is an attempt to finish destroying any trust in ANY source of news.

This lack of trust: in news sources of any kind, in politicians, in public institutions, in more and more foreign countries, all seems to have a single theme, and all can be seen as causing society and economy to grind to a halt. It is no doubt a synergistic effect, as well: something already not working too well is bound to be more likely to break down more quickly and more completely. And especially when joined with the growing lack of trust in agencies and organizations which should NEVER have been trusted, like the FBI, CIA, EPA, and, of course, the military. Wrong as it may have been for millions of people to have confidence in them for the last 50-60 years, this still is an important factor contributing to a coming collapse.

And certainly the last few decades, we’ve seen the cumulative effects of attacks on virtually everything. Look at families (not just this current fad for so-called “gay marriage” but decades of welfare dependency and easy divorce and breaking down of traditional bonds in the family between spouses and between parents and children. Look at schools: although government-run, tax-funded schools are a bad idea period, their decay has accelerated in the past fifty years both in output and process. We could look at many other things, but I think the reader gets the point.

It appears that we are well past the point of overcoming not just the sand in the gears but the sand in the fuel tank as well, and there is reason to believe that the attempts by Trump and his cronies, especially with the interference already coming from both sides of the House and Senate, will fail. Worse, not just fail but make matters worse, like taking that ballpeen hammer to the fuel injector and the circuit board and processor in the engine compartment to “fix it.”

So once again, we come to the conclusion that we, as lovers of liberty, need to be prepared for some really bad times. yes, even “Final Collapse” of the present systems of governance in the Fifty States. And collapse of, at least, the worldwide economy.

Are you?

Mama’s Note: I don’t see any way to actually “prepare” for this total collapse. Location and a like minded community will be important, but everyone will ultimately suffer. Even the current fat cats and even in their high tech bunkers (but I don’t think they understand this). I suspect that luck and pluck will have more to do with survival than any material “preps.” But I’ve got lots of beans and bullets too.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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