Holiday Greetings

By MamaLiberty

I seriously hesitate to add “happy” to any greeting these days. With all of the hate, anger, attacks, deadly envy and hypocrisy in every “news” item these days, except for the silly, sentimental and denial of reality in some of them, there doesn’t seem to be much room for true peace, joy and happiness in a great many hearts around the country.

Do you pursue happiness by spending too much, eating too much, drinking too much? Is there any peace or joy in arguments over which overlord will swing the whip the next four years? Is there any contentment in being told that Al Gore (or anyone else) knows what’s best for you, and if the powers that be have to kill you to enforce that, it’s just too bad?

Are you tired of the precious snowflake PC insanity YET? I sure am…

How do you pursue happiness? Do you think that other people can and must “make you happy?” What brings you peace? Joy? Is that your responsibility, or do you expect others to provide that?

Are you content with who you are, what you have? If not, why not?

Those of us in NE Wyoming are having a blizzard for the holiday. I’ll be snowed in for several days. With a little planning and some effort, I’m all set with a nice fire, plenty to eat, and a beautiful corgi to be my companion. As long as the electric flows and the phone works, I’ll be content indeed. And I’ll get along if they fail, at least for a while.

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5 Responses to Holiday Greetings

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  2. terry grizzelle says:

    yes, great picture of you and the pup… and thankyou for your continual inspiration


  3. Darkwing says:

    Stay warm, stay safe, have good days, my your G-D watch over you, protect you and guide you. I hope for better years ahead but no bets. BTW: great picture; you and the puppy


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