And Life Goes On…

By MamaLiberty

First light today in Newcastle, Wyoming, January 21, 2017 – 6:14 AM Mountain standard time. I always watch the sky for first light, and then wait for the sun to rise. The fact that first light came at 6:22 AM about a week ago is encouraging. I don’t write the time down, so don’t remember exactly, but I rejoice each day as it comes a little sooner.

Yesterday I took out my big tub of garden seeds and laid them out on the dining room table. The various kinds are in plastic zip lock bags, but always seem to get mixed up over the summer. So, each spring I sort them out. One pile to be started inside the house first, then another for a second round. One pile to be planted immediately after the ground thaws, but before the last frost. And so forth. I make a list of any seed I’ll need to buy, and toss out old seed that probably wouldn’t germinate anyway. Repackage and, regretfully, put the tub back in the closet.

And now I can go back to looking at a little of the “news” again, since the electoral political circus no longer presents endless photos of the open mouthed queen hag. Or none I saw this morning at any rate. Do I care about what Trump might do as “president.” Sure, but I’d wonder that no matter who had grabbed the brass ring. Can’t do anything about it, so I’ll continue living my life as much as possible as a non-aggressive, self governing individual.

Yeah, I’m a little ahead of myself as far as the garden is concerned, since it will be another month and a half before I can start the first of the seeds. But, so what? It is good to dream.

Not a “new years resolution,” since I’ve always believed this way, but here is a statement that will be on every email I send, and is the “signature” line on all the forums I visit.

I will not knowingly initiate force. I am a self owner.

Let the record show that I did not consent to be governed. I did not consent to any constitution. I did not consent to any president. I did not consent to any law. I did not consent to the police. Nor any tax. Nor any prohibition of anything. Nor any regulation or licensing of any kind.

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3 Responses to And Life Goes On…

  1. rayrbrooks46 says:

    I really like your signature line, and with your permission, I would like to use it as my facebook ending. I will not do that unless I have your permission. Keep up the writing, I really appreciate you and Nathan.


  2. Darkwing says:

    Beautiful and well said. You brighten my life, Sweetie


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