Government as religion – clergy and laity

By Nathan Barton

Recently, one of my sons and I were discussing the current situation  in the Imperial Capital, where the struggle between the Donald and the Democratic Party – and a number of others – in Congress is growing wilder all the time.

As several commenters have pointed out in recent days, the opposition in Congress and other venues (including many parts of the Executive Branch and the Judiciary – and much of the GOP) is far beyond just spoiling his agenda, just thwarting his plans.  It is obvious that the effort is directed to making his administration, his regime, completely illegitimate.  To go far beyond what any politically powerful opponents of the Wizaard O’bummer, for example, did in more than eight years.  Not just to counter him, but to destroy him.

My son suggested that one of the reasons for the continued (and growing) antipathy is because, even if the man now at 1600 Pennsylvania is (de facto) a politician, he is not really a “politician.”  It is as if the College of Cardinals elected a layman, who never even served as an altar boy, to be Pope.

Or, as I state in the title, it is like 95% of the religions in so-called “Christendom” today:  Trump is a trumped-up (pun intended) layman horning in on the clergy’s turf – and prerogatives.

He MUST be put down, and in such a way as to shock everyone or anyone who dares think about it, into never trying it again.  He threatens their very foundation of power, privilege, wealth, and ambition.  In that he is far worse than the Pauls, Cruz, Sanders, or any others, who at least pay lip-service to their ordination.

The clergy, that is the priests and pastors and ministers and all the rest, even (today) the music ministers and worship coordinators and canons and such, must be clearly distinct from, and superior to (and in control of) the laity: the unordained and (by implication) unwashed, uneducated, and unholy.  That is the way it has worked since Nimrod and Semiramis set up the first religion way back in Mesopotamia (if not still further back, before the flood).  There are the elites, including the priests and the rulers (who are either gods, the sons of gods, or the beloved of gods) and everyone else: the hoi polloi. The trash, the sheep to be herded and sheered, and butchered.

Except, that is not the way it is supposed to be – whether you are a follower of God or an unbeliever.  For followers of God (and not those who follow the traditions of men), Christ came to fulfill the Old Law and break down the barriers between God and men, and between humans.  There is no need for a separate priesthood or clergy because ALL of the followers of God (yes, men and women) are priests, part of a holy priesthood.  Not only is there no need for a professional clergy (however they parasitically suck their sustenance from the laity), having such is very bad in and of itself.  But it is not that all followers of God are laity. No, we are all “clergy:” all priests, able to go directly to God, able to deal with each other with love and kindness, voluntarily.

Politics – even mandatory government – should be no different.

What we have today is a political over-class; a political clergy that are ordained (by a self-sustaining process) to lead, to rule, even to challenge those of their number who are currently in power.  Everyone else is considered the rabble, the sheep given to the elite to do with as they see fit (and, in true Darwinian style, of course able to actually do it; the survival of the strongest).  The priests of politics and government must be ordained by a series of elections, starting with alderman and working on up, by serving as political altar boy or cantor or usher, leavened with “public service” in political appointments on boards and in bureaus and departments. (There is a provision, I admit, for the rare direct appointment from military service, as long as the duties are political enough, as in the case of Grant and Eisenhower.)

For a layperson who has not punched all those tickets to reach the highest office of the land (as it is styled), no matter how wealthy, how competent, how prepared, is an insult and a threat to the system.  Trump is that threat, that insult.  He is a layman who obviously cheated to get his office, and must be treated as the interloper and danger that he is.

Which is exactly how the Democrats, and many Republicans, in Congress and government, and in the media and academia, and “non-profit” sector, are treating him.

Not because they don’t necessarily want him to do something different, but for the simple reason that if he cracks this particular glass ceiling it will give you and me bad ideas, and we might be even more likely to revolt.

Which brings me to what I intend to be the main point:  if we have to have government, at any level, mandatory or voluntary, the only way it CAN work to the benefit of everyone (not just the elite) is to eliminate this politician-voter divide and class system.  To reject the idea of political clergy as we should reject the idea of religious clergy, except in the sense that ALL members of a society, of a city or county or state or union, should be “politicians” – in the sense of “self-governors” and not governors of others. Politics is not a system reserved for the few, but something that everyone who wishes (voluntary, remember? Just like religion) to participate in can, at any level, in any way.

Even then, I don’t think that mandatory and human government will work.  But it would certainly be better than what we suffer under today.

Mama’s Note: Self governor, indeed. Any sort of “politician?No thanks. The ONLY actual purpose and goal of politics is control of other people. Politicians and self governors will always be opposites.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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