On track for 1,000 dead in 2017

By Nathan Barton

According to the WaPo, once more in 2017, about a thousand people will be killed by cops shooting them. About the same as in 2016 and 2015, in fact. Assuming the WaPo data is accurate:

  • RI, WY, NE, and Vermont were all cop-killing-free.
  • NH (and maybe Alabama and Iowa) just one.
  • Each of the Dakotas and Montana had only two, and
  • (surprise to me) MN just 3 and NM just four.

No so much a surprise, in the big states, the killings are heavily localized: big nasty urban areas. Notice that Upstate New York and eastern Oregon had none, and neither did most of West Texas (the two in the Panhandle are on the I-40 corridor).

The Texas incidents are in the “Golden Triangle” of Houston, Dalworthington, and San-Antonio-Austin.  But like “regular homicides,” these are in the big urban areas, and especially the so-civilized West Coast urban complexes, the Northeastern Seaboard, and the big industrial metropolises of the Rust Belt.  But there are a few states that really stand out and have widely spread patterns: Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida.

But patterns, while interesting, are just a small part of the picture.  Each one of these represents a human being killed by those people in blue (or black, increasingly) who are supposed to be PROTECTING the people of the community.  I have no doubt that many of these were indeed fully justified, and in defense of self and others.  But we know that many were NOT. They were due to panic and undue fear, anger, and sometimes were deliberate acts of murder done by men (or women) in uniforms; acts of aggression and of uncontrolled emotional responses, often due to poor training, poor leadership, and other controllable factors.

The WaPo writers claim that the FBI is under-reporting killings by cops by about 50% for the last two years alone, and this year as well.  Once more, we see that the Feebes are part of the problem, NOT part of the solution.  The data did not breakout how many people FBI agents themselves killed this year or in the past.

The common theme of the “authorities” that they quote in the story is, “it’s all society’s fault” that cops have to kill so many people.  Scapegoating is a common pastime, of course.

Again, home front deaths far outstrip US forces’ deaths in the various wars overseas (not counting the civilian or military deaths in those countries, of course).  And no reporting of how many are wounded and maimed by cops in other ways.  As with battle casualties anywhere, I suspect that those victims of police shootings far outnumber the 1,000 or so dead expected in 2017.

Despite the presence of many good and honest policemen, sheriff’s officers, and even tribal and federal law enforcement agencies, it is clear that too many cops are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, protecting and assisting the people of their communities.  Just this year we have numerous incidents in the 500 or so killings that indicate that the WRONG person was killed by cops, such as a worried and mentally-ill mom who called the cops because she was being robbed, the homeless guy accosted by the cops for walking where they didn’t think he should be, the angry teen who needed calming and which instead the cops escalated the situation to where he “became a threat” to them.

People in those communities need to stop depending on the police, take responsibility for their own self-defense and prevention of crime – and related matters.  And we all need to recognize that, just like in education, more government and more money (more cops and more teachers) are NOT the solution.

Mama’s Note: The whole idea that these “law enforcement” employees have a mission to “serve and protect” is obviously false on its face. Even their designation as LE exposes the lie. First, none of them have the least obligation – under the law – to actually protect any individual in any way. They cannot be sued for failure to do so, even if they have a clear opportunity. They MAY intervene, if convenient and they feel like it, but have no legal  requirement to do so.  The additional fact that they seldom actually have that opportunity, and never have the means to actually prevent crime from happening, makes the whole idea ridiculous.

In that case, one must ponder what they are actually doing then. Any honest evaluation of the topic must come to the conclusion that the entire “legal” system, and those who represent it, have but one purpose and goal. They “serve and protect” the government, both the system and the individuals who run it. They serve as tax collectors and enforcers of all the prohibitions that keep the population under control – or as much of that as they can manage. We do know, in fact, that the very operations intended to “enforce” the prohibitions are a direct source of their reason for being. A neat self perpetuating mechanism. They make sure that the “war on drugs” and other things continue. Job security.

None of those enforcers seem to have any real interest, nor take any real responsibility for, the actual safety of those they insist on controlling. Instead, they seem to spend a great deal of effort making sure that everyone hates everyone else, and blames everyone but the true instigators for the problems.

We see a growing backlash to this, both by special interest groups and the general public. Sometimes it has resulted in violence directed at the police, and now even at other government employees and elected officials. Unfortunate, but not hard to understand. Someone once said something to the effect that, if peaceful revolution is blocked long enough, violent response is sure to follow. Those who desire to control the lives and property of everyone else are suddenly finding that it’s not as easy as they once thought.

In fact, I suspect the major population centers are one serious incident away from total war, a war with many factions and possibilities. I lived nearby when the south central area of Los Angeles erupted into riots and murder on every hand. Don’t think it can’t happen again, or that it can’t be much worse. It can, and probably will be.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to On track for 1,000 dead in 2017

  1. Darkwing says:

    When it hits the fan and it will. No one will know who is on who’s side. But one thing, the Gestapo will not be there to protect the People, they will be there for the elected elite. We will be on our own.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I wouldn’t doubt that the mindless mobs in the cities will kill each other indiscriminately. There will be just one “side,” for the most part… those willing to riot and kill will not care about much of anything else. Skin color, maybe. The “police” were never intended to protect “the people.” They have always protected the system and their rulers. Job security. In the coming riot wars, they will all be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, and the ill will they have cultivated.

      Anyone with any brains at all will be getting out of those places – even if they have to walk out with only the clothes on their backs- finding a like minded community for mutual support and defense. The time is very short…


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