Ignorance, hypocrisy, and other character defects

By Nathan Barton

While I am concentrating on conservatives and liberals in this article, does it not apply to virtually all of us?  We can all be ignorant, unknowing, hypocrites, inconsistent, and prone to attacking others with hurtful words or words which can be misunderstood.

In the world today, the evidence is all around us.

After the visit of Trump to Poland (on the 6th of July), the progressive blogosphere screamed about an American president telling people that “we want God,” and therefore violating the Constitution. Clearly, Trump AND the people of Poland are too stupid, ignorant, and otherwise deficient of character to be able to do anything. Their mere existence is damaging to the progressives and all “right-minded” people.

Now look at New Hampshire, where the Freedom from Religion Foundation is in a tizzy about a hunting safety class being held in a church meeting house.  The atheists and radical activists are demanding that NH never allow another hunter safety class to be taught in a church house, and that no preacher ever be allowed to be a hunting safety instructor. Obviously such people as this preacher are too stupid, ignorant, and otherwise deficient of character to be able to do anything.  Their mere existence is damaging to the progressives and all “right-minded” people.

It all fits very well with Bernie Sanders’ recent declaration that a person who believes that Judaism and Islam are not true, and that their followers might not be going to heaven (or paradise) are not fit for public service.  The nominee and people like him too stupid, ignorant, and otherwise deficient of character to be able to do anything.  Their mere existence is damaging to the progressives and all “right-minded” people.

Consider a recent tempest in a teapot: a study of DNA (genetics) in Lebanon is suddenly being touted as “disproving the Bible.” The Daily Mail (UK, was one of many, including the Express, which explicitly attacked the accuracy of the Bible.  But all it and the others did was display their ignorance – in particular ignoring several other verses in the Bible (than the one they quoted), stating that the ancient Israelites had disobeyed the divine order to destroy all of the various tribes called Canaanites.  (This is not the first time the Daily Mail has rather stupidly attacked the Bible, apparently believing that big headlines can overcome both scholarly detail and common sense.  Back in 2014, the Mail claimed that camels disproved the Bible.)

Of course, many people and media attacked the Daily Mail, demonstrating what the Bible actually said.  But too many did so in a way that just demonstrated their own ignorance and inability to read a web article and understand exactly what was written. (For those interested, a good rebuttal of the Daily Mail is found at New American.  And some, more honest publications corrected their stories (The Daily Telegraph “corrected” the story – sort of, a long way from an apology for the errors.)

Is it any surprise that more and more people disbelieve government AND the mainstream media?  Even if you are against the Bible and religion yourself, you can scarcely feel good or sympathetic to publications and officials who do such poor jobs and illustrate their own ignorance, stupidity, and hypocrisy.

Mama’s Note: Hmmm, I think there’s a lot of difference between being “against” religion, and simply not believing it. Those who are actually “against” things usually don’t put a lot of effort into rational, honest evaluation of the things they hate. Non believers usually just don’t care, but avoid attacking. And, of course, human reaction to such things is actually all over the map. And those who worship the state are almost without exception dedicated to hate of any other religion – even if they pretend to worship a different god.

Of course, there are many other examples of stupidity, ignorance, and hypocrisy.  Consider the illustrious, murderous and murderer-coddling city of Philadelphia, the so-wrongly named City of Brotherly Love.  As The Blaze reports, soda costs more than beer in that city, with their new anti-sugar, soft-drink tax.  A tax that has already put many people out of work and many businesses skating along the gutter to destruction.  No matter how bad sugary sodas (especially the evil high-fructose corn syrup) may be for individuals and society, surely the case against beer is greater: not just calories but alcohol. (Coke has 140 calories per 12 ounce can or bottle, Coors regular has 149 calories.)  The affect of alcohol, even if “just” from beer is well-known both mentally and on the body (the liver in particular).  So why?

Mama’s Note: The key here is freedom, free market, individual self responsibility. No argument against beer OR sugar makes any difference in that. But whether or not anyone wants to accept it, beer or other alcoholic drink can be a healthy choice. As with anything else, moderation is what makes the difference.  Oh, and personal preference, of course.

Again, we see stupid ignorance, hypocrisy, and arrogance.  They figure that they are too high and mighty to understand and calculate these things themselves: that is what lackeys are for. The little people can do all that donkey work and come up with the nuts-and-bolts way to make their grand, historic ideas work right.  They don’t do the math because they cannot do the math; because they know that taxes will work that way.

Of course, they also understand that all of the little people, all the proles, are prodigies and only understand just a little slice of the real  world.  It takes those people’s natural masters, the elite, to take all the information and put it together.  After all, the lower classes, the common people, are ignorant and stupid and always prejudiced.

I submit that maybe the shoe is on the other foot.  If not on BOTH feet.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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