The daily hate, 2017-style

WARNING: There is a picture about halfway down in this commentary. According to polling, you view this picture at your own risk. This evilll picture could make your eyes bleed and can cause permanent politically-based brain damage. Be warned. Be VERY warned.

By Nathan Barton

What a pitiful nation we have become. Twitter (disclaimer: I do not and have never “Twittered” anything or accepted a Twitter from anyone) has become a tool of intimidation and blackmail. What is worse is the thin-skinned business and other managers and people who seem to think that a negative Twitter will destroy their lives and businesses.

The events around Hurricane Harvey in Houston illustrate this, starting with the way people responded to a report on looting. I’m not defending Llamas or ANY higher-up in a Mainstream Media “news” organization, but the backlash is disgusting. ABC News chief national correspondent Tom Llamas, as reported by Yahoo, told cops (with whom he was deployed) when he spotted someone looting a building. Many on social media accused Llamas of snitching on people in need, arguing that there is a difference between “looting” and grabbing food and supplies to survive a devastating emergency. And ABC caved.

I am sorry, but stealing is stealing. Whether you are stealing televisions or bread or bottles of water or money – it is STEALING. It is wrong. It is aggression against the entity (person or company) who owns whatever it is you are taking. No matter how badly you need it, no matter how bad conditions are. What makes it worse is that these scum (the looters) did NOT have to steal food or water (if that is what they were stealing from the supermarket), because volunteers (and, yes, government) were providing both FOR FREE to those needing it. Immediately after the storm hit, and in some cases before. And people had plenty of opportunity to get some (by buying it or ASKING for it) BEFORE the storm. And the chances are, assuming there was staff in the store, if they had ASKED they’d have been given food and water (or at least something to drink).

But a couple of important points. First, while you need water daily, you (especially not three-quarters of Americans) do NOT need to eat to keep from dying (or even from malnutrition) for 24 or 48 hours. Even if you are strenuously exercising. You certainly do NOT need to worry about dying of starvation in a mere 8 to 12 hours – unless you’ve been without much food for days or weeks. Second, I do NOT believe that people breaking into a store within hours of the storm hitting are after food or water – booze maybe, but otherwise whatever they can steal to have or sell later. Start with the contents of the pharmacy, the dry goods sections, and the luxury foods sections.

Unless you are incredibly wimpy and pitiful denizens of the Fifty States in 2017.

But let us look at more.

In Georgia, a private school (Holdheide Academy) is being castigated by – what else – Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat – because… They had the GALL to take 6-year-olds (1st and 2nd Graders) to a gun range. Even though they didn’t let the kids shoot or even demonstrate shooting. And even with every single child’s parent’s permission. After all, guns are EVILLL. Fox reports the school has been accused of “child abuse” and worse. BUT, (and keep in mind this is a private school, admittedly trying to follow the Georgia-government orders for what children must be taught). In their Facebook page, they posted in part, “This was a lesson on our country’s history- that is in their GA approved curriculum about Annie Oakley, Pecos Bill and Davy Crockett. Our goal was to show the students that it was very difficult for Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett and Pecos bill to be able to accomplish the things that they did.”

Yes, you read that right. Pecos Bill. I wonder just which of the fabulous (and totally mythical) feats that Pecos Bill did, including using a rifle and pistol. Pecos Bill is just as real as Paul Bunyan and maybe less real than kobolds and the wee folk. But apparently the educrats in Georgia are so amazingly stupid and ill-educated themselves that they cannot distinguish myth and fact.

(I probably should also point out that the weapons the children were permanently warped by being shown were a .45-cal “six-shooter” revolver and an 1894 Winchester, probably a lever-action. Davy Crockett had died in glory at the Alamo years before either (or any other similar weapon) were available. He certainly didn’t use it to accomplish anything – but I bet he would have loved either one, there on the wall or deep in the monastic cells as the Mexican Army troops carried out their final assault.)

At the same time, this private school, despite its record of making pre-Kindergarten children 100% literate before moving up, is deserving of criticism because NONE of their teachers and staff apparently have enough knowledge of history and the real world to figure out any of this.

But let us continue. This time, it is a favorite target of mine, both condemned by the Twitterverse AND caving in to it. Fox News reports that the ACLU backed down and removed the following picture from its advertising campaign. THIS IS THE PICTURE I WARNED YOU ABOUT.

Yes! The Twitter posts claim that this indicates that the ACLU is actually racist and nationalistic and in sympathy with white-supremacists and fascists! The shirt advertises “free speech” – which we all know is a code work for hate speech by the Alt-right. If it had been a brunette instead of a blond (based on many Tweets), it might not have been as bad. I don’t know if anyone also pointed out that the stuffed animal (a puppy?) is also indicating that the ACLU supports species-ism and a humanocentric universe in which animals are nothing more than “pets” (a euphemism for “slaves”) and prey.

Mama’s Note: The “Twitter” people are nuts, of course. But the ACLU is no friend of liberty. I don’t know why the photo of a small child with a toy and a flag should be so traumatic to anyone, but we already know that none of these people are the least bit rational.
[Edited to remove mistaken reference to SPLC]

But we aren’t done yet. (This is gonna be a longer than usual commentary. Sorry I didn’t also warn you about that at the top of the page. Assuming Mama Liberty doesn’t try to compensate for the infamously American short attention span and break this into several sections.)

Mama’s Note: Nope, not going to mess with it. There is no word limit at The Price of Liberty. Those who need smaller bites can bookmark this page and come back to it later… or not.

At Howard University, a famously black college in Washington DC, Fox News reports that black students expressed fury that a bunch of white (Anglo) high schools showed up and “invaded” their campus wearing Trump “Make America Great Again” red hats. (Remember that red is a “trigger” color, indicates Republicans (because Republicans love spilling blood, especially when lynching people of color, I think.) The girls were actually on a tour of DC, including a famous black campus, perhaps to orient themselves with people of other races and cultures. But this is being characterized as a racist act of aggression, intended to terrorize and intimidate black college students (and no doubt make them run back to the “real” South or even to Africa). Now, for once, the girls attacked (and their sponsors/chaperones) apparently did NOT back down and hold an impromptu “burning of the hats” to apologize for offending the thin- (if black-) skinned older students, male and female. But apparently the university administration made up for that by chasing them away, apologizing for letting the aggressors on campus, and ensuring that counseling and safe spaces were available to traumatized college students. (I think that is what happened – but maybe I’m exaggerating.)

Sometimes, the connection may be a bit hard to see, at first. Apparently, the FBI is so thin-skinned, even under Trump, that they are basing their decisions on how to do their duty on “lack of interest” on the part of the public. Apparently not enough hits on Twitter and Facebook? Anyway, Fox tells us that the FBI (Friends of Bill International?) is withholding documents on the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation case.

One last one, again from a college. The Free Beacon reports that the University of Mississippi cut short a fraternity retreat this weekend when a participant threw a banana peel into a tree, which was perceived by some students as a racist act. The student which did this later admitted he put the peel there because he couldn’t find a trash can. The fear and panic was apparently at least partly a result of an incident in 2016 at American University (another DC propaganda institution) where a black girl supposedly had a banana thrown at her dorm room window (New York Daily News) and another incident at the same “school” in May of this year where a hate crime was committed by hanging bananas with nooses in various places on campus (according to the College Fix).

Amazing, eh? I mean, I know that some people hate bananas, but really… nooses? No, apparently bananas are a sign of oppression and terrorism for black people. (Certainly not any of the black people that I know – but then most of them are soldiers or airmen or Marines – and the few that are not are christians and work around military and other type nasty folks.)

But, as in the other cases, the fraternities and the University caved into the horrified Twitter and Facebook social justice warriors, begging for their forgiveness, promising to teach everyone the evils of hanging bananas or leaving banana peels on trees, and also appealing for ways that they can demonstrate that they really, really love black and brown people. As if they had to prove that, at least by their views.

Actually, I don’t think that these SJW and other flavors of Tranzis – especially university administrators and the media – love black people or people of any other color. Any more than they love children. After all, if they loved children so much, why would they kill and support killing so many of them (abortion and Obummer’s wars)? People of color are an excuse for them to gain more control of society.

Just as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinderest, and other forms of social media are some of their tools for this gaining control. There is nothing wrong or evil in these various apps and networks, but there IS evil and stupidity and ill-will among too many of their users.

Free speech applies to all of us – and yes, even to organizations and corporations and “evil” businesses and people who are racist and bigoted and religious and … yes, even to lovers of liberty.

But not if we give in to the REAL hatemongers. Not just liberals and not just conservatives, but those who want to tell the rest of us what to do. The statists and all the rest.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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11 Responses to The daily hate, 2017-style

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  2. JdL says:

    I don’t think much of the American flag, because of what it has come to represent. But getting all bent because a little kid is holding one is just absurd.

    Everyone seems to be running around with a huge chip on their shoulders. Just look at them, or just let them THINK you looked at them, and there goes the chip. Calm down, people! Save your outrage for actual instances of harm rather than some twisted notion of blasphemy.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yes, the shoulder chips grow day by day. I ignore them, and refuse to accept any of the false guilt or name calling. I am ready and willing to defend myself against those who would aggress, actually harm me or others. Not much else we can do.


  3. “the ACLU – more wisely known as the Southern Preposterous Lie Center – has done its very best to destroy any legitimate discussion of racism or anything else.”

    You seem to be confusing the ACLU with the SPLC. Either that, or you are just completely wrong.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I did!! How silly of me! Not that I actually trust the ACLU any more than the SPLC, of course. I’ll go fix that. Thanks!


      • Well, the ACLU has in the past been reliable on one, and only one, thing — supporting free speech. Now they’re starting to go wobbly on that (no longer willing to represent people who speak while bearing arms).

        SPLC, on the other hand, went into Hate Group Derangement Syndrome decades ago.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        I’m afraid that the ACLU has been very “wobbly” for a very long time. They want to shape and direct the course of the “rights” they support, just as with most other political organizations.

        The truth is that “free speech” can’t stand alone, any more than the RKBA. Self owners exercise their rights… all of them. Or none of them are of much use in the long run. Case in point… the constant creeping criminalization of everything and, often, nothing at all. If ordinary people are willing to accept the idea that those caught in that mesh are no longer “law abiding” and can be stripped of their “rights” at government whim… well, pretty soon nobody will have any rights at all. Same as with “free speech.” Too many people seem to think that if you “hate” some one or some thing, you no longer have any right to speak. And, of course, everybody wants to decide – for everyone else – what is speech, and what is hate!


      • Mama,

        I’m not sure where you think ACLU has previously been anything less than 100% on free speech. They do not exclude, and never have excluded, “hate speech” from their efforts to protect speech.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        Very good history of the ACLU here.

        The connection to communism and marxism is clear. They did nothing to oppose the internment of the Japanese (or Germans, etc.) until they took a single case in 1944. Then, in 1970, they began promoting some of the first “special group” false rights, drifting far from the original mission. An example is the inclusion of Ginsburg in an attempt to get the court to consider “gender” as needing the same “strict scrutiny” as race. Both are bogus, of course, since all men are created equal (before the law). And then, they began to twist and torture the “establishment” of religion clause to justify all sorts of stupid stuff.

        So, while the blind ACLU squirrels find a nut or two at times, I have no reason to trust them at all. 🙂


  4. Darkwing says:

    The people of the US of A have gone insane.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      At least most of them who make a lot of noise about it. 🙂 I’m thinking there are lots of us who just don’t ever come to the notice of the MSM and all of the statists. If we pay the theft taxes and don’t harm anyone… But we are here…


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