Where’s government? Where Are the liberals?

By Nathan Barton

Welcome to West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.  Most folks who know the area know it as the Permian Basin, named for a geological formation identified as being the same as the original Perm area in Russia.  And “basin” as basically being a huge bowl filled with black gold – petroleum.  West Texas intermediate, specifically, as well as natural gas, ranging from sweet (few contaminants) to sour (filled with nasty stuff you don’t want in people’s houses).

My family has been familiar with, and lived in, the Permian Basin since the late 1920s.  My father was born there, in a city of 30,000+ people, that today has about 300 – on a day when the county fair is going on.  That was back when rotary drills were the latest technology, and a well a couple hundred feet deep was a wonder.  Most people still used impact drills, and the big four-legged drilling rigs that looked like extended fire lookout towers (and sometimes served that purpose, even in the desert).

Now, I know folks don’t read this column (usually) just to get tidbits about the past.  There is a point to this.  Just be patient.

The first time I remember going to the oil field with my grandfather, I was five or six, and he drove out to the “lease” which was part of the Penwell Field, west of Odessa. He had drilled some of the wells in the area, starting in the early 1930s, and everyone said that the wells might keep producing for twenty years or so.  But this was the early 1960s, and they were still pumping oil and collecting natural gas.  My grandfather explained “secondary recovery,” where you pumped water down to collect and bring the oil and gas back up, separating it at the surface, and then pumping it down again.  It had extended the life of the wells and that field, an additional 15 or 20 years.

But that was fifty+ years ago.  Yet at least twice in my lifetime, the Permian Basin (and other major “fossil fuels” areas in Texas and New Mexico have had booms in which both old wells were again producing and new wells being drilled, as more and more oil and gas was brought to the surface.  Sometimes this was because of better technology: secondary and then tertiary recovery techniques followed by enhanced recovery methods.  Others have been discovery of oil and gas in places that petroleum geologists never suspected they could be found.  Places that traditional understanding of historical geology and petroleum geology (rock formations and structures) that were “impossible.”

Why have I just spent 400+ words talking about “ancient” history?  Because it appears that another boom in this era (and area) of supposed “Peak Oil” and “non-renewable resources” and “environmental destruction” (especially global warming) is starting.  In an interview on The Blaze we are told that multiple billions of dollars of investment over the next decade will allow oil and gas to be produced in the Permian Basin for another four decades, retaining its dominance over American oil and gas production, and with the conversion to liquified natural gas (LNG), exporting American energy to the world.

How awful, you must be gasping!  No wonder God punished Texas with Harvey, these idiots want the sealevel to rise not by inches but by feet, and so soon that “differently-abled” Americans will not be able to outrun it.  And of course, because all these wealthy oil and gas people will of course continue to bribe all the politicians in Austin and Santa Fe and DC to support ever more fascism.

Except that I don’t hear a single word from the liberals and Tranzis, or from the government, about this horrible situation.  It is as if they are pretending that the danger (in their eyes, at least) doesn’t exist.  I don’t even hear a single call for nationalization of Texan (and New Mexican) oil and gas from Bernie Sanders, even.  I don’t even hear Rep. Hank Johnson worry about draining all that oil and gas out will cause a huge hole to appear in West Texas and New Mexico, as those vast caverns in which the oil and gas is stored empty out and the surface subsides – no doubt to be filled up with water draining from Houston after the next big hurricane.

And obviously the government isn’t fighting greenhouse gas emissions by banning further extraction of this “non-renewable” mineral energy.  It isn’t even creating bogus national monuments to prevent it. Falling down on the job.

But for millions of us who depend on energy that comes out of the ground, West Texas is again a blessing.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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6 Responses to Where’s government? Where Are the liberals?

  1. Nathan says:

    Dear Darkwing: I was just teasing you. Not going to block you or mark it as spam – and did not even dream of doing so. Just trying to joke. Sorry if it didn’t come across that way. I have family members that can’t stand West Texas, and other family members who prefer (sad as it is to admit it) East Texas. Still love them!
    Of curiosity’s sake, where exactly did you live in West Texas and New Mexico?


  2. Nathan says:

    Dear Darkwing: Tempted as I am to ask Mama Liberty to mark such a scurrilous remark against the Permian as “spam,” I shall attempt to be a gentleman and respond with polite kindness to your self-confessed admission of meanness. Having lived in the Permian (and other parts of West Texas and New Mexico) multiple times, I can forgive people who do not understand the evil of too much moisture and not enough dust (to say nothing of the wholesome smell of West Texas Intermediate and high quality untreated natural gas) in the air they breath, and who are uncultured enough not to appreciate the various exotic tastes which Permian water offers to the discerning connoisseur of potable water – and the tea made from it. I was taught at the knee of my sainted grandmother to love and forgive those who lack the capacity to love the wide open spaces and vegetation and critters of the sweet land of liberty and opportunity with its unique blend of cities like Odessa, Midland, Pecos, Crane, Sweetwater, Tatum, Eunice, and to say nothing of its many delightful small towns like Wink and Penwell and Seagraves and so many more. Believe me, salt water (at least the kind that is found in the sea, not the kind found in various formations deep under the Permian) is not compatible with the people, land, animals, vegetation, and culture of the region. Nice places to visit, to be sure, but definitely not MY glass of tea or flavor of coke.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      I understand. 🙂 I loved the desert of So. Calif. and tolerated the difficulties. Then I moved to NE Wyoming and love it here even more. Unfortunately, there are just as many difficulties, only different! 🙂 Darn good thing everyone doesn’t want to live in the same place!


    • Darkwing says:

      You have your opinion ans I have mine, Like other web sites, I have been blocked but it is their call.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        Nobody is going to block you here, Darkwing. I think if you’ll read Nathan’s comment again, you’ll see that he’s being a bit sarcastic – just joking. I realize it is often hard to tell, but I’ve known him for many years. 🙂


  3. Darkwing says:

    “will cause a huge hole to appear in West Texas and New Mexico” Got no problem with that. I know I am mean, I had to live there, I hated it.


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