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When the truth makes you angry…

By Nathan Barton It seems that the media is upset that the guy sitting there in the White House (or at least running around there) has upset some good American allies.  Last week, CNN and other media outlets complained that … Continue reading

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Dealing with government and our anger towards it

By Nathan Barton Okay, we are angry with government.  LOTS of people are angry with government. But what can we do about it?  The entire idea of self-government is that we don’t let, or need, others to control us.  We … Continue reading

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Angry with government? Welcome to the club

By Nathan Barton Today, we run into a lot of anger.  People are getting angry about every little slight and misunderstanding.  At the same time, it seems that misunderstandings, disagreements, and poor treatment of people are getting to be more … Continue reading

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How the Rules Mentality F’d-up Sex

By L. Reichard White ©May 4, 2018 Wondering why we’re all f’d-up about sex lately? Well, you can stop wondering. Take movie ratings for example. The original Robocop — where they literally shoot officer Alex J. Murphy to pieces right … Continue reading

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