The world’s (and history’s) biggest monopoly

By Nathan Barton

Just a short posting to share something neat!

Over at the Garrison Center, Tom Knapp has a winning commentary. Not only does he offer a contrarian view of Senator Elizabeth Warren (“Fauxahontas” to many people), but he also points out that the world’s biggest monopoly is one that he hopes Warren (and many others) will seek to bust.

The FedGov.

Tom’s arguments are well worth pondering, and presenting to others. Everything that Warren decries about Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon applies in spades to the United States Federal Government.

Including any evil attributed to those organizations. 

(An aside: why didn’t Warren include Microsoft in her list of evil monopolies?)

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think that there is anything inhert in large entities which are monopolies, that makes them evil.  But it is no surprise to find that such entities are indeed evil.  Evil in the sense of aggressing against anything and everything: customers, competitors, employees, neighbors, and (where ownership is separated from management) stockholders. Not just treating them like dirt, but taking actions against them that are morally, physically, emotionally, and economically abusive.

Government – not just the FedGov – falls into this mould. At the local level, all too often those most mistreated by local governments (villages, towns, cities, districts, homeowners associations, etc.) are their very own residents and property owners.  The federal government treats its erstwhile employers (the States) with contempt.  It dictates virtually every manner of action to them.  Ditto for the counties and cities and townships – and especially the people – that make up the Fifty States.

And worse, it steals power from them. Power it uses to dominate the States, the People, and increasingly, the world and space around it. Even worse, it presents itself as the best possible solution to virtually any problem. (Never mind the real results of government’s actions.) And government is the worst sort of monopoly, established and maintained by force. Especially the FedGov.

Way to go, Tom. Knowing that you are preaching to the choir, it still needed to be said.

If the Democrats, like Warren and her competitor, were truly in favor of freedom and democracy and the will of the people, they’d go after government itself, and not just the so-called corruption and abuses.  Government is institutionalized corruption at all levels, and virtually any exercise of its power is abusing people and their voluntary associations: businesses, churches, families, and more.

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