California revolt before or after Calexit, New California?

Picture Of Flag Burning - California

The insanity of California’s government and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has placed new strain on the California (People’s) Republic.

A FoxNews editorial asks if the “Third-world” style blackouts together with a new season of wildfires will lead to a voter revolt by the 40 million people of the state.

Crime – more and more unreported – is exploding across the State, especially in the big urban complexes. Fox News reports that theft is exploding. (As I discussed in another commentary here.)

Another, very “liberal” website, The Conversation, warns that California’s current, increasing woes are what all of the Fifty States can expect a steadily deteriorating dystopia. It paints an incredibly dismal portrait of the State.

California is working hard to avoid any chance of voter revolts, however. As (a very biased website) American Liberty Report claims (apparently accurately), California’s recent “improvements” to the voter registration process seem to be able to nearly guarantee that California voters will continue to vote very strongly for free bread, circuses, and socialism in general, and against anything reasonable.

Many people (including some readers of TPOL) trace much of California’s current woes to the voters, in fact. The approval of Prop 13 back in 1978 of “property tax reform,” and the Prop 47 passages in 2014 are examples. It is more and more likely that California, under current laws, will EVER have an election result that is opposed to more and more government control. No matter what party label is attached to the candidates and issues.

So forget “voter revolts” and worry about actual armed revolts. As I’ve pointed out before, California is increasingly a third-world country. I’m far from the only commentator to say so. It is more and more likely that actual revolt by many in California is not a matter of “if” but of “when.”

After all, you don’t need even a plurality to be successful at armed revolt. As we understand from history, both the American and French Revolutions were supported (at least initially) by only one in three people. If that. And those actively rebelling were much fewer: the famed three percent, in fact.

And the revolt could come from more than just people deeply angered by having homes and businesses burned, or having family and friends die because of power outages. Indeed, the potential rebels could come from virtually any part of the political spectrum: from Antifa and the various campus socialists and communists to white supremacists, black nationalists, hispanic gangs and cartels, and even various religious groups. To say nothing of people who have gone beyond “tea party” and “moral majority” and Trumpista philosophies.

However much a dystopia California is today, even a quickly-suppressed rebellion, by virtually ANY group fairly widespread across the State, would make it truly horrific. Already approaching the status of “failed state” similar to Greece or even Venezuela, it could fall quickly into the same status as Syria or Somalia. A place in which incidents like the recent ambush of a Mexican-American fundamentalist LDS family would be commonplace. In which attacks on CHP officers would be a daily event. In which IEDs would be used against police and fire departments, town halls, and state offices. In which stones and fireworks are fired at first responders. In which homeless encampments (and the homes and businesses of political opponents) are burned out by arsonists.

The situation is dire.

The folks working for CalExit (succession from the FedGov) and New California (the “51st State” project that would divide California into a massive urban and small urban-rural pair of states) have an increasingly short time to succeed. Maybe the success of one (or both) of these movements might be enough to further delay the collapse of California. But they may not be enough to PREVENT that collapse.

But I think that they have to try.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to California revolt before or after Calexit, New California?

  1. Rick says:

    If you’re saying that Prop. 13 was a bad idea then you are as wrong as wrong can be. This isn’t just my opinion. Prior to passage of Prop. 13 people by the score were losing their homes due to inability to keep pace with rising taxes. And it wasn’t just residences; business were losing and closing by the hundreds.

    To make the argument that Prop 13 is an example of more invasive government is still wrong. But it was government which instituted the tax and controlled the rapid rise of the tax. The rising tax rates were financing a larger government. Prop 13 was necessary to get control of swiftly rising property tax rates and to corral a bullying government. Prop 13 was the people taking that control away from government. Passage on Prop 13 into law worked to increase consumer spending and did increase revenue to the state.

    Since passage in 1978, various bodies in favor of expanded government have fought to repeal Pro 13. All attempts have failed although one attempt (I forget what year) came close. Currently, a renewed effort for repeal features a bifurcation which removes Prop 13 protections from commercial properties. Will residential properties be safe? Don’t bet on it.

    Declare economic war against the state. Make them ‘own’ their idiocy and make them feel the full impact of their bad governance.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Rick, I am sorry my discussion was misunderstood. I did not and DO NOT believe that Prop 13 or ANY measure to reduce taxation is wrong. The only thing bad about it (and every other tax measure I’ve seen) is that it did not ELIMINATE the tax – and did not prevent that tax from (a) being replaced by another tax or (b) being replaced by borrowing.
      As Mama Liberty and I have written repeatedly, and perhaps more extreme than most “libertarians,” we believe that taxes are theft: immoral and evil. That includes income taxes AND property taxes. One makes us slaves (even if part-time), and the other means that we “rent” land we supposedly own.


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