The Game of Thrones – Ami edition, 2019-2020

Let me start by sharing a few words from Simon Black, speaking of abuse of power in so many ways:

Presidents do it. Cabinet secretaries do it. Senators and Members of Congress do it. And it’s all abuse. Terrible, terrible abuse. But if people are so juiced up to see one person punished for abuse of power, then why not have a real purge and throw everyone out? I would humbly nominate my 5-week old kitten to take over.

At the end of the day, though, we know this is just more bread and circuses. There’s no chance of anything real happening other than a giant waste of time and money.

Government started allowing government rulers and officials to abuse their powers about as soon as Nimrod invented government. (Or reinvented it: it was surely one of the evils that condemned the Ante-deluvian world, before the Flood.) From emperors and kings down to dogcatchers and metermaids, abuse of power is far more common than faithful public service. Indeed, some have argued that to “properly” serve the public – their “sacred” duty – they must abuse the power granted to them. Just a little bit, of course.

But power granted by whom? In the past (and for some still, today) supposedly the power was granted to them by the gods. Or God – even if He taught that all human, involuntary government is rebellion against Him. Now, it is the “will of the people.” Which all sides claim to have – regardless of what polls and elections and surveys may say.

So, as Simon says, it is nothing but a waste of time and money. At least from our point of view, as lovers of liberty who want to live peaceful lives in relative prosperity.

And of course, be entertained by the bread and circuses. Now that Game of Thrones has ended, we need to do something with our time. (Sadly, as my wife pointed out, we probably can’t expect as happy an ending as GoT had…)

(Although apparently that idea of distractions has failed: the ratings on the impeachment hearings and debates and votes has dropped steadily. I reckon they needed some more pizzazz: some sword fighting maybe, or a real dragon and not a dragon lady like the esteemed (not) representative from Babylon-by-the-Bay. Still, the poorly-scripted reality show there in the Capitol building kept most people distracted from things like the British election and the Afghanistan Papers. And no doubt much else.)

(Yes, the British elections, where the hard-core socialists of the Labour Party were thrashed soundly by the soft-core socialists of the “Conservative” Party; perhaps leading directly to the secession of not just Scotland but Northern Ireland. And thumbing their nose (maybe even picking their teeth!) at Brussels and the egotistical and power-mad bureaucrats of the European Union.)

Anyway back to the charade of the impeachment. Yes, for the third time in history, in 233 years, a POTUS, “Massa” has been impeached. That is the indictment. Now the Senate gets to try him. On these two charges: The “abuse of powers” that Simon wrote about, and the even more ridiculous one of “obstructing Congress.”

If they want more drama and fun times to keep us glued to our screens, perhaps the House should go ahead and impeach the Nazgul, the Supreme Court, or at least the Chief Justice. After all, they do their share of obstructing Congress (even if not as much as we lovers of liberty wished they would). I always kind of figured that the Founding Fathers intended that to be the case, as that has certainly been what has happened for much of that 233 years.

Every one is speculating about the latest plot twist: why did Pelosi not immediately “transmit” the document to the Senate? She claims this is to get a commitment from McConnell that the Senate will be “just” – but that is clearly exactly what she does not want. I can speculate that she sees as a way to ultimately assert the power of the House of Representatives (and hence her own) over the Senate and well as the White House. That is part of her quest for “democracy” to finish dissolving the body of the Old Republic in its grave. But it could be just for the sake of reviving lagging viewer numbers. (Sort of what Disney keeps trying to do by introducing more and more perversity and bizzarro world ideas into the Star Wars franchise, and such.)

Or maybe, just like our current crop of socialist hatchlings, she thinks that she can do better. The baby socialists all say that they can do better than the Russians, the Cubans, the Germans and the Venezuelans at socialism. Maybe Pelosi thinks she can do better than Palpatine. No doubt she has learned from his mistakes in putting down the Rebel scum – and he did so well in transforming the Old Republic into the Empire.

Because, after all, she (and Congress) is all about power – and that includes money. Dreams of box office blockbusters with the billions rolling in can surely be applied to her and her fellow Tranzis dream of the trillions rolling in year after year. Once the true resistance is crushed, of course.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to The Game of Thrones – Ami edition, 2019-2020

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  2. “why did Pelosi not immediately ‘transmit’ the document to the Senate?”

    There is no special magical religious ceremony of “transmission.”

    What’s at stake is a Senate rule that sets the trigger of an impeachment trial as the naming of “House managers” to prosecute the case.

    It’s not a law, let alone a constitutional provision, just a Senate rule that can be changed by a simple majority (which the Republicans have).

    The claim some are making — that Trump hasn’t been impeached until Nancy Pelosi appears outside the Senate chamber door wearing sackcloth and ashes and accompanied by a choir chanting Gregorian hymns or something — is stupid.

    Once the House voted and the vote was committed to its official journal as required by the Constitution, Trump was impeached, period.

    And the Senate has sole power to try that impeachment, period. If Mitch McConnell wants to use the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta to prosecute instead of letting the House do it, all he needs to do is get the Republican Senate majority to vote to make it so. If he waits on Pelosi, it’s because he wants to.


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