Liberals of today… – reposting

This short discussion from Madd Medic’s “Freedom is Just Another Word…” webzine is worth pondering. together with the recent commentaries TPOL has published on Progressivism, Prohibition, and the Social Gospel.

I’ve used the term “neo-liberal” to describe today’s progressives, but more and more refer to the by their desired results: Regressivists. They want our society, our culture, our civilization to slide back into a state of tyranny and total government (totalitarianism). One significant “sect” of modern, neo-liberals are socialists, which come in several flavors: national socialists (Nazis and Fascists and Falangists and the like), international socialists (Communists or Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, etc.), and transnational socialists (which I call Tranzis) .
Whatever we call them, they are bad.
These people call themselves “Progressive Liberals” or “Liberal Progressives.” It is part of their many attempts to spin – or bluntly, lie, their way into power.
One term that Madd Medic does not discuss is a relatively uncommon one: “Paleo-Liberals.”
As a free-market anarchist, I (Nathan) cannot agree with much that is attributed to Classical Liberalism, or its related philosophy of minarchism, which most Libertarians in the US and the UK today are. I see no justification or necessity for government to have to provide many of the services and exercise many of the powers that classical liberalism recognized as appropriate for government. Certainly not mandatory government.

Still, this is worth reading and thinking about.

Originally published in 2012:

Liberals of Today…

Have corrupted and rendered meaningless the ‘true’ definition of liberal..

Classical liberalism is the philosophy committed to the ideal of limited governmentconstitutionalismrule of lawdue process, and liberty of individuals including freedom of religionspeechpressassembly, and free markets.[1][2]

Classical liberalism developed in the 19th century in Europe and the United States. Although classical liberalism built on ideas that had already developed by the end of the 18th century, it advocated a specific kind of society, government and public policy as a response to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization.[3] Notable individuals whose ideas have contributed to classical liberalism include John Locke[4]Jean-Baptiste SayThomas Malthus and David Ricardo. It drew on the economics of Adam Smith and on a belief in natural law[5]utilitarianism[6], and progress.[7]

There was a revival of interest in classical liberalism in the 20th century led by Ludwig von MisesFriedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman.[8] Some call the modern development of classical liberalism “neo-classical liberalism,” which argued for government to be as small as possible in order to allow the exercise of individual freedom, while some refer to all liberalism before the 20th century as classical liberalism.[9]

The term classical liberalism was applied in retrospect to distinguish earlier 19th-century liberalism from the newer social liberalism.[10]

Libertarianism has been used in modern times as a substitute for the phrase “neo-classical liberalism”, leading to some confusion. The identification of libertarianism with neo-classical liberalism primarily occurs in the United States,[11] where some conservatives and right-libertarians use the term classical liberalism to describe their belief in the primacy of economic freedom and minimal government.[12][13][14]

The proper term for today’s so called liberals is yet to be found.

Slackers, Gimme, I want, MINE, More Free Stuff, Whiny, Lazy, etc…

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