There are now just TWO “Plan B” alternatives

Yesterday, the not-so-Super Tuesday, supposedly Democrats had three possibilities to get rid of Trump: the three B’s: Bernie, Biden, or Bloomberg.

Today, “Mini Mike” (as Trump dismisses him) has thrown in the towel. Half-a-billion dollars down the drain (not even 1% of his net worth, apparently). He is giving up and throwing his support to Uncle Joe. Just like the last several people who dropped out have done.

Warren and Gabbard and some unknowns are still hanging in there, but short of a dark horse candidate in some bizarre brokered convention, they are just dirt to be washed off the face of the Democratic Party before November.

Losing Bloomberg is a loss for the Democrats, especially the few moderates and common-sense types left. He was, at least, someone with business experience, who had actually run a government as a chief executive, and who had made money that didn’t ultimately get stolen from taxpayers. Yes, he was arrogant, a statist of the first stripe, an elitist and just plain annoying. But at least he offered them a reasonably sane choice. And a whole lot of money.

So Biden and Bernie share the “victories” of Super Tuesday, with Uncle Joe once more the frontrunner. That seems to be making a lot of people happy – especially those who fear Sanders’ “socialism” (or virtually-unveiled Communism). I don’t think they are paying enough attention, however.

I see this as very similar to the fuss between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in the pre-Revolution Russian socialist movement. Uncle Joe is just as much a statist and just as likely to implement more socialism as Uncle Bernie. Joe Biden may be more a Fabian socialist: willing to proceed more slowly, but the results would be the same.

If either of them actually get elected in November and take office in January. Whether or not they made it through a four-year term. The main difference would be the bluntness, the speed, and the faces and names of the minions dismantling more of our remaining vestiges of liberty.

But that is increasingly unlikely.

As I think several folks over at Rational Review pointed out, Super Tuesday was basically a decision by Democrats to let Trump have four more years.

So we lose one more fleeting and tiny opportunity to defend freedom and restore liberty. Not that we expect, at this point, to be able to do so through the election process.

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