Apples and oranges – media spites the Fifty States

NOTE: I am not rejecting any idea that the COVID-19 is not a genuine emergency, but am discussing the ridiculous behavior of governments and the mainstream media around the world – and the panic which has gripped more and more of the people on this planet.

We are now seeing more and more people – not just libertarians – who are pushing back against the media and governments on the entire Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the panic and destruction caused by it.

Part of that backlash is because the media and healthcare propaganda is just getting ridiculous. Let us consider just one thing: how the media is claiming that the pandemic is disproportionately attacking the Fifty States. This is admittedly part of the continued media attack on Trump. But the ways this is used are deceptive.

The Fifty States have about 330 million people, now in 2020. As of about noon (Mountain Time) on 08 April 2020, there are 403,000 “confirmed cases” (per JHU) in the Fifty States. There are nearly 13,000 deaths attributed to Coronavirus (per USA Facts).

We are well ahead of every other “nation-state” in cases, and well behind Italy and Spain (though catching up) and of course China and Iran (IF we believe the data from China and Iran – which I don’t (along with not believing many other countries’.))


The European Union is a confederation, different but similar to the federation of Fifty States we’ve had here on this side of the Atlantic. Wikipedia states that the 27 member states of the EU have a population of about 445 million. According to Politico, the EU (NOT counting the UK, which has left) has 422,000 confirmed cases. But JUST the top 7 states of the EU have over 50,000 dead. Italy alone, which has less than 1/5 the population of the Fifty States, has nearly 18,000 dead – 50% more than the US. (And remember, we all started pretty much as the same time as China allowed the disease to escape from Wuhan and Hubei Province.)

The point? It does not seem that the Americans are doing that much worse than the EU in people getting the disease. But the Fifty States are doing much better, it appears, in keeping people who get Beer Flu from dying. How much of that is due to private efforts and government efforts is being argued: but despite increasing socialism in the Fifty States and health care, most American hospitals are privately-owned and operated, and private buinesses and organizations are pushing as much for controls as government agencies are.

And part of it is demographics. Consider these two population “pyramids” –

The Fifty States’ population is a lot younger than Italy’s – even if not a pyramid as it once was. Climate no doubt also play a major factor – northern Italy in particular is infamous for its bad conditions.

Moreover, when we look at the deaths in the Fifty States, more than HALF – 7,000 are in New York State (not just NYC) and New Jersey. Crowded, polluted, with regressive governments, and with stupid elected officials, media types, and celebrities. (The state with the third most dead is Michigan with less than a thousand, but two-thirds of those in the cesspool of Metro Detroit.) A look at the JHU map (showing breakout by counties in the Fifty States) shows that the death toll in the Fifty States is predominantly in the massive urban areas, although the cases seem to be more uniformly spread across the smaller cities and suburbs. Removing just a couple of States and the Fifty States are well below the situation in Europe, and almost certainly in China and Iran, and many other countries. The infection and death rates are very low even in states which are branded as evil because they don’t close every business and let people wander around without busting or threatening them.

There are many conclusions to be drawn from these facts – but let us wait until things are further along. The point here is that a quick review of the mainstream media – especially ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, CNN and FOX – yes, FOX – are almost uniform in condemning the American response to the pandemic. And NOT because of the short-term and long-term effects of the panicked reaction which is destroying society and economy – and the remnants of American liberty. Rather these media are trashing the Fifty States and the PEOPLE of the States because we have not panicked ENOUGH. We have not destroyed our economy, not weakened our society, not surrendered our freedoms ENOUGH.

But we are not doing it fast enough, not planning to keep doing it long enough, according to them. Their anger is hideous! Anger at many Americans (and even a fair number of politicians) for not going along with the plans they have to continue the destruction of these things. And the anger seems to grow by the hour.

I see more and more libertarians, and more and more people in general, across the country, responding to this anger with their own. But also taking action to retake their lives and their communities and their freedoms. The greatest danger we now face is the shocking dependence – growing and continuous – on government handouts, reinforced by a constant drumbeat of instructions to obey their orders.

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