Business as usual – Chinese communists

As with many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has NOT deterred the Communist mandarins in Beijing from behaving as usual.

Bloomberg reports that FedGov intelligence officials say that China concealed the extent of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and the rest of China. Since then, more and more information has come to light, including photo documentation and eyewitness accounts, crossing the Bamboo Curtain.

As world deaths approach an official 100,000 dead, it seems as though the total REAL number may be far, far more than that. Both total cases and deaths were “underreported” by China, the sources say. (Ditto for places like Iran, Equator, and various Arab countries.) This confirms previous articles from Bloomberg about the virus’ toll, and is backed up by photographs from Wuhan.

To put it bluntly, Beijing lied. China lied. Communists lied. That, of course, is NOT news – Communists starting lying when Marx started speaking and writing. Others, among them Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Castro, continued to do so, and got much better at it. They lie to their own people, they lie to the world, and they lie to themselves.

If that, of course, they are not much different than most politicians and government leaders. But communists (like the socials) are on the extreme end of the curve. They prefer to lie, even when the truth is just as good for their purposes.

By the way, Red China has (“temporarily”) sealed off all its borders, even while officially (and supposedly) opening up its internal borders. (Wuhan and Hubei Province supposedly is letting people in and out from the rest of Mainland China.) While they are far from the only nation to do that with the Beer Flu Panic, it is again a common Communist government action. Consider North Korea, Albania, and East Germany.

According to other sources, the “usual” actions of Chinese government at all levels have been and are continuing. The rounding up and reeducation of Uighur Muslims seems to be proceeding. The push against illegal churches has increased, with more arrests and seizures. The slave-labor factories are again producing goods. Chinese “charity” to other countries, often with shoddy goods, is expanding. And theoretically, exports are resuming.

A lot is apparently going on and not being reported, as the world concentrates on the Beer Flu Panic. But there is news – and it is clearly business as usual. Beijing is lashing out verbally against Taiwan, and threatening it in various ways. Vietnam and the Philippines claim that the Chinese rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat in the international waters that China claims have belonged to China since the waters of Noah’s Flood receded.

(Speaking of “business as usual,” mainstream media continues to report that deaths in the Fifty States surpass deaths in China. Even as the evidence mounts that China’s death toll may actually be in the millions.)

Worse in many ways is how the American (and international) mainstream media are (as usual) advocating for China and its Communist masters. Hiding the truth and spinning what gets out. And promoting the idea that the Western nations (former democracies and republics) ought to imitate China’s actions regarding the pandemic, public health, and public order. (One such example is WHO’s Health Emergencies Program’s “recommendation” that victims of COVID-19 be removed by force from their homes, as reported by Breitbart. I suppose that is somewhat better than welding the doors to apartments closed with the COVID-19 victim inside, as China has also done.)

The pandemic has NOT removed the Chinese threat to the rest of the world. Instead, it probably has increased the potential of China’s breakup (and the timeline). The crisis has allowed China to increase efforts to prevent the inevitable collapse. And mettle more and more in the rest of the world while being less visible.

Business as usual.

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