Before we have to monkeywrench to defend ourselves, Part 2

Okay. The tyrants are running around, stealing our freedom. Using the excuse of “saving lives” they are spying on us, ratting us out, forbidding us from buying and selling, learning, helping, traveling, working, and more.

So we’ve warned them. And more and more, we are disobeying them. Ignoring their claim to have power over us. Denying even, their right to be in power. But they are not giving up – rather, they are doubling down. So… is it time to start monkeywrenching? To start interfering with their ability to do these things to us – and anything else they want to do?

There are some things that we end up needing to do first. Call them a “level three response” (after level one: Warning, and level two: Disobeying).

Again, let us remember the task list. The performance measures for the task of regaining liberty and defeating (NOT just resisting) tyranny:

  1. Warning (private) (to the person who is threatening your freedom)
  2. Refusal to obey (private) (the person demanding you give up your freedom)
  3. Warning (public) to organizations, agencies, or individuals threatening you
  4. Refusal to obey (public) those entities’ attempts to take away your liberty
  5. Spreading the word and gaining allies to defend against those seeking control
  6. Encouraging aggressive actions (attacks) by the tyrants
  7. Responding to the tyrant’s actions by interfering with their ability to take action
  8. Responding to the tyrant’s actions by destroying their capability to take action
  9. Destroying the tyrant (and minions, as appropriate)

Although it may seem obvious, it is critical that we spread the word of what we and others are doing. What we have DONE: warned those who are threatening us and our liberty; and refusing to obey. (As far as the Lockdown Rebellion, we are seeing both private and public warnings and refusal to obey.) It is essential to convince others: to win their hearts and minds (and ultimately bodies and lives) to the effort. We must not only convince them that our cause is just and right, but that we CAN win.

Remember that, we CAN win. Liberty WILL win. Tyrants WILL lose. But we have to communicate that not just to ourselves but to the rest of our societies.

But we must also explain WHY we are doing it. That we are not simply trying to be the slaves becoming the masters (as in France and Haiti and South Africa). That we are striving (and willing to fight) for liberty – for the liberty of all. And explain WHY and HOW those EOL (enemies of liberty) are just that: seeking to steal their liberty as well as our own.

It is difficult, but we must teach people that “the consent of the governed” is NOT a one-time thing that cannot be revoked. That consent is NOT inherited from our ancestors, physical or political.

Following that – if not at the same time – we need to encourage acts of aggression – of reaction and retaliation – by the EOL and their servants; their minions.

Honestly, that usually isn’t difficult: they lust mightily to be able to strike back. Against those who do not obey them, do not recognize their “superiority” and “power,” and even those who do not PRAISE them for their actions and elite nature. We see this reaction by the powers that be on a daily basis, especially during the CCP Virus Panic.

This is one reason it is important to first spread the word: the majority (or perceived majority) of the people have given their consent to be governed. So unless we have (at least) planted the seeds of withdrawing that consent, the majority of the people will believe that the EOL are acting in a righteous manner – even in a way to protect the vast majority of the people against a few malcontents and rebels. That will, in the eyes of many people, JUSTIFY the authorities’ harsh actions – even the direct use (not just threat) of force.

The American colonists understood and did this. So did the Texians in 1835 and 1836. Sadly, the Americans in 1812 did NOT do this. Neither did the Confederacy in 1861. In 2020 and beyond, we dare not forget and apply this.

This is why it is so important to spread the word, to win people. When those striving for liberty are seen to be defending themselves against the aggressive actions – nonviolent AND violent – we are better able to gain their support.

If we do so, if we educate people and get the powers-that-be to over-react and come down harder, there is a chance that nothing further is necessary to regain our liberty. It HAS happened in the past.

IF they do not back down, it is indeed time to move against the tyrants, the dictators, the thugs – and their minions. It is appropriate to go out and monkeywrench.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Before we have to monkeywrench to defend ourselves, Part 2

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  2. pigpen51 says:

    I have been trying to explain this concept of liberty to my many friends, via social media. Perhaps 10% of them agree with me completely, and would stand shoulder to shoulder with me to fight off the tyranny that we are seeing. The rest are so cowed by the EOL in my state of Michigan that it makes me sad.
    I get things like, do you want to kill your grandkids, or don’t you care if you kill grandmothers everywhere? What makes you think that you are better than anyone else, that you don’t have to follow the rules? I have gotten a few private messages from friends that were not friendly at all.
    When I hear that only about 3% of the people in America at the time supported the revolution, I can believe it. I never thought that it would be so blatant as it has been, but the left is willing to destroy both our economy and many lives, in order to both get Trump out and to gain power in all three branches of government. What angers me the most, is that most people really don’t care, so long as they keep getting their free shit, and the occasional check from the government, printed on paper worth more than the value of the pretend money they are getting.
    I saw a quote the other day from Thomas Paine, and to paraphrase, it goes, ” I don’t want trouble, but if it must come, let it be in my time,that my children may know peace.”
    I think that is my new favorite saying, because while I take no joy in the thought of a second civil war, but if we must have one, let it come in time for me to help fight it, to try and help my children and grandchildren live free.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I understand, my friend, and weep with you. That is why I have given thought to that very thing, and my list of ten items contains what it does. We want to think the best of people, we want to believe more that they are “stupid” or “misinformed” or “confused” than to believe that there is real evil in this world. And that evil includes those who lust after power and control over others, and those who are their minions – for security, for wealth, for comfort, or even out of fear. Our neighbors, our friends, our family, our fellow worshipers on Sunday or Saturday, are not those evil people but have been duped and cozened into believing and following them. It takes real effort to show them the true colors of those who want to control everyone else – and in turn be controlled by someone else because, above all, they fear themselves.
      Your last sentiment echoes my own thoughts. My sons and daughter are old enough to fight – hopefully alongside their mother and me, because we did not do enough in the 70s and 80s to keep and regain freedom then. But my grandchildren still have a lot of growing up to do: and we have to teach them and defend them until we win, or prepare the battlefield for them to win. Which breaks my heart. Even though it is the price of liberty.

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      • pigpen51 says:

        We as a nation have allowed this to happen. I think that you can trace it back, at least as far as when things went south, to the Great Depression, and the election of FDR. It was his policies that created a welfare state, and ushered in the beginnings of socialism.
        I have a left wing cousin, who is absolutely crazy socialist, and I had to shut her down from my social media feed. I used to have discussions with her, but she has gotten so, I don’t know, angry I guess is the best word, that I cannot even try to engage with her in a discussion on anything, without her bringing up Bernie Sanders, and how he was supposed to be the current president, and such garbage.
        Reading through some of the constitution tonight, just for my own reminder, I was struck with just how elegant and accurate of a document that our founding fathers gave us. They even have a passage in it saying that nobody can be elected King. I imagine that if that was not in there, the left would have tried to enshrine some of the most left leaning presidents that they have had in recent memory, such as Barack Obama. He would have loved having the title of King, and no doubt would have sought to gain even more power than what he possessed.
        I used to have a lot of hope for America, because of the character and integrity of her people. Unless something changes dramatically, and soon, my hope will be pretty much gone. And the only way that things will change is if people force them to change. It won’t be pleasant, and it will come at a high cost. But with the stakes as high as they are, any sacrifice would be worth it, if it allows us to leave this nation in a better place than it has been.
        I know Claire Wolfe wrote a book talking about shooting the bastards, but I have not read it. But I suspect that knowing if the time is right won’t require a guess, but will be made abundantly clear. Just like the first shots fired in anger during the first civil war, there will be shots fired in anger that ushers in the second civil war. With modern weapons and tactics, a second civil war will be even worse than the first one was. Thomas Jefferson predicted that the tree of liberty needed to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time. He may have been ahead of his time,but I can feel it brewing.


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