States of Insurrection

It is time to call a spade a spade.  Major American cities are in a state of insurrection – indeed, based on the actions (and inaction) of several States, entire States are in insurrection.  Matters grow worse, day by day. Bad as our federal and state governments have been in the 20th and first two decades of the 21st Century, what we see in too many places is a far worse form of government: overt tyranny coupled with ever more chaos.

With the overrunning of the Federal Building and Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, and the refusal of the city and State officials to support federal agents attempting to establish order and protect property and lives, it appears that Oregon (the entire State, though the actions are limited to the Lower Willimette Valley) is in a state of insurrection, giving Trump and Barr even MORE reasons to send more federal agents – and even troops; to stablize Portland (and probably cities like Salem).  Since by the witness of the Portland Police Bureau, the city and State authorities are refusing to enforce the law against arson, looting, violence, destruction of public and private property, and are using weapons against buildings and people – NOT in self-defense or defense of others – the State government itself is in rebellion.

Look to New Mexico. Apparently, something similar is going on in Albuquerque (which is in Bernalillo County). Trump announced more federal agents are being deployed there to protect federal property and personnel against similar threats, and obviously has coordinated with (and is more, today) the Bernalillo County Sheriff, on restoring order overall. Albuquerque Police Department is one of the most violent and corrupt in the nation, infamous for killing people with absolutely no excuse, and torture and more.  The Sheriff is aware of this, and trying to help stop that.  But the Sheriff has been condemned as a fascist (along with Trump) for cooperating with Trump and Barr, by the Mayor, by the Governor, and by one of New Mexico’s US Senators.

As we know from the Lockdown over the Pandemic Panic, Luhan-Gresham thinks she is the dictator, the absolute ruler, of New Mexico.  She has already jailed and fined (apparently through “administrative” procedures and not judicial ones) people who resisted her lockdown and occupation of various cities. As well as punishing those who spoke truthfully in saying she was a “fascist” dictator and that the New Mexico State Police were a return of the Gestapo. She has already reinstituted most of the Lockdown, including reclosing restaurants and cafes to indoor dining, publicly admitting that more than 700 restaurants statewide could not survive with takeout and outdoor dining, and would “close for good.”

(One man, counter-protesting against destruction of a statue of a New Mexico Spanish pioneer, was attacked by the protesters, beating him up with skateboards.  After they continued to attack him when he retreated to his car, he shot one in self-defense, as recorded by video.  HE had already been condemned as attempting murder and the perpetrator by the dictator, her minion the State Attorney General, and the Mayor and Council of the City of Santa Fe (and the media) – no trial, no jury, just condemned.

Meanwhile, vandals, looters, and arsonists are given a pass. There are no doubt more examples, just as there are in Portland and Seattle and Chicago. Massive increases in violence, including homicides, are happening in a dozen cities.  Many politicians blame the federal Trump regime for all this, while excusing the inaction of local governments – or worse, their actions of (all too often LITERALLY) bending the knee to the protesters and rioters.  And releasing them on no-bail terms to go out and do more destruction and injury.

I strongly decry the use of federal agents to try to prevent crime and deal with those obviously bent on destruction and violence. I worry that such measures (however necessary they may seem now) will lead to an even worse police state, 

At the same time, I cannot do anything to support those who attack, seemingly at random, not just cops and government buildings, but private individuals and their businesses and property, and demand destruction of society.

For good or bad (mostly bad, I must point out) federal agencies have, from George Washington’s first administration on, used federal agents – or even troops – to restore order, deal with insurrection and rebellion, and enforce federal, state, and local law if the local agencies failed to do so (whether able to or not). 

From the Johnson County War in Wyoming in the 1880s, to numerous “Indian Uprisings” and Raids, to Little Rock desegregation and the 1968 Democratic Convention, federal agents, with and without state and local support, have done this.

State and local governments have trashed the Bills of Rights which are supposed to safeguard our liberties.  These same governments are often allowing evil (sometimes deluded but still evil) men and women to riot, destroy property, kill and injure people, and act as warlords, lording it over the people that they are supposedly protesting to support, and others. I have no problem pitting one government against another – if more liberty, more freedom, is preserved or gained (regained) by that.

Let us have done with pussyfooting around, and doing snatch and grab raids and simply breaking up riots (all done by “peaceful protesters” according to many).  Call it what it is – lawlessness, insurrection, and unprovoked violence against anyone who is offered as a target. And take action to restore peace and order and a republican form of government (in which rights are protected). Even if such form is just temporary until we can fully liberate ourselves from the evils of manmade, mandatory government.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to States of Insurrection

  1. Darkwing says:

    If the cops just shot on of the rioters in the leg, all will stop. But they are told not to, this is what THEY have wanting for years.


  2. The idea that the fedthugs are “attempting to establish order and protect property and lives” would be a heckuva laugh if what they were actually doing wasn’t kidnapping people off the streets anonymously, holding them without charge or trial, and releasing them without explanation (sometimes after e.g. sexually groping them).

    C’mon, Nathan, you know better than that happy horse****. It’s possible there aren’t any good guys in this story, but if there are, the good guys sure as hell aren’t the feds.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      The reports I am getting via back channels is that the feds ARE charging them, and holding them: the federal system has a totally different bale system than that of state courts; and as in many state courts, the actual charges may be delayed by weeks or even months. I do not believe the claims made by the kidnapped people any more than I do the claims of the local, state, and federal government goons. (I do have some, albeit limited, confidence in my sources that are telling me this.)

      I agree that (1) the property and lives they are trying to protect are the other fedgov types – not people and property in general, (2) the order that they are restoring is for the convenience (and safety) of th fedgov types (employees and contractors) and (3) that there are NO good guys in the story. Absolutely none. But for values of evil, I think that the rioters and looters and arsonists are worse than the feds (in this current situation). That is NOT saying the feds are good guys. But the so-called “anarchists” and the city and state governments are also evil. And it is the Black Lives Matter and AntiFa and their allies (and backers) that started this by attacking anyone and everyone and everything.

      A point to consider is that the fedgoons are NOT following their own rules – however stupid and counterproductive those rules are. There seem to be factions within the fedgov that are pulling and pushing each other. I suppose that should not be a surprise, because the evil is seeped into them: especially Barr and his highers-up.


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