Seriously? A critical shortage of lawyers in Florida?

Insanity, we often hear, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Maybe that is Florida’s problem.

A radio news story reports that 100 attorneys in the State have signed a petition asking the Supreme Court and the Bar to allow law school graduates to immediately start practicing law without passing the bar exam and the usual ritual.

Apparently, the State has a critical shortage of attorneys. Apparently, a hundred law school graduates can be immediately put to work if the petition is granted. They weren’t allowed to take their exams because of the Pandemic Panic.

This is, of course, insane. (Although maybe keeping that many baby lawyers from actually practicing might be a GOOD thing about the Panic. Heh.)

I heard this on the radio, and can’t find an article on-line yet to link to it.

Now, I don’t know if this has anything to do with another bizarre story out of Florida via The Blaze: Florida intends to release 750 million genetically-modified mosquitos into the air of the State. Apparently in the hope (“plan”) to reduce the threats of various diseases carried by mosquitos and cut down on the population. (What could POSSIBLY go wrong with THAT, I ask!)

(Also, I have to ask, what is the greater relative threat to public safety, health, properity and peace? 750 million mosquitos or 100 baby attorneys?)

But the real point is this: Lawyers are (99 out of 100 times) parasites on the body politic. On their community, and their nation. (Or am I not being harsh enough.) Increased numbers of lawyers are a result of increased government lawmaking, regulation, power, and intervention. AND RESULT IN MORE of all those things. Lawyers or attorneys may be “essential” in modern society in our Fifty States – but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something BETTER for society and sanity than continuously release more and more of them into the wild.

But there is more to this insanity than just increasing the population of lawyers. Although the entire reason for the elaborate and highly over-complicated system of training and certifying lawyers is based in large part on their desire to keep a tight rein on their competition and prevent other people from raking in the loot that most attorneys seem to believe is their God- (and Supreme-Court-) given right.

There are – and I realize this is a surprise – people out there that lust to be lawyers and make the big bucks – who are NOT qualified to be lawyers. Now, the testing and review doesn’t keep out the more serious moral defects (like inability to not lie, galloping greed, and incredible arrogance) but it DOES keep people who are too stupid to be able to read and understand the English language (and therefore the law) enough to at least pretend they are helping their client while sucking them dry. (Like I say, which are worse: mosquitos or attorneys?)

Now keep in mind, attorneys don’t HAVE to be smart – at least not very smart. But they do need to have good memories AND be able to read and write English very well. (Well, okay, THEIR version of English.) So letting these people out to “practice law” makes that more of a joke/pun than usual. (I understand that it is harder to cheat on the bar exam than in the regular course exams and finals in college and law school, but I may be wrong.

I am sure that there are many other downsides to Florida actually dong what these attorneys pray be done. (Yes, pray IS a legal expression.) But these two are enough to show – if Florida even seriously considers this petition – the inherent stupidity of governments.

Inherent AND growing constantly.

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