This and that – false “fact-checking” and a world spiraling out of control

A correspondent recently wrote about Pandemic claims made by “conspiracy theorists.”.  She checked much of this information on Snopes.


I am far from the only person warning readers NOT to trust anything on Snopes.  They have claimed much to be false over the years. – not by the facts but based on their “progressive” politics.  I am not saying that they are wrong on these specific claims (many governments knowing about COVID-19 in advance and that China invented COVID-19). Many such stories have clear internal inconsistencies which show them to be fake. But Snopes is NOT to be trusted. (Other debunking sites and sources also need to be examined with a jaundiced eye.)

A similar situation exists regarding stories about the many forest, brush, and grasslands fires scorching much of the West. In addition to the heavily-reported, sometimes deadly, and incredibly destructive fires in Washington, Oregon and California, Colorado is still fighting many fires. There are also major fires in Montana and 5 square miles and rapidly growing in Yellowstone Park (Wyoming). Among other states.

(Last week, I drove through the fire zone which closed I-70 in Glenwood Canyon for 10 days – requiring detours that added a MINIMUM of 200+ miles for truckers and travelers. We also were in Northern Colorado last weekend where the smoke from fires northwest of Fort Collins (100,000+ acres – the Cameron Pass Fire) made noontime look like sunset. We didn’t get out from under the smoke until nearly Alliance, halfway across the Nebraska Panhandle.) 

But wild claimsabout AntiFa or Black Lives Matter or other street-mob groups starting these or seeking to spread them further are just that.  Wild claims.  Snopes is wrong but so are many of the conspiracy cultists. Yes, I am sure that there are both AntiFa and BLM fanatics who are not too afraid to go into wild, or even wilderness areas.  But why?  Burning businesses and offices and houses in urban and suburban areas is much easier and more likely to panic those they view as enemies.

Regardless of who (if anyone) started these fires, the huge size is at least in large part a legacy of more than a century of mismanagement of forests and savannahs and even scrublands by governments – especially but not limited to the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management. Their stupid acts? (No, it is NOT Trump being a “climate arsonist.”)

  • Fire suppression of ecosystems which REQUIRE fires to maintain themselves,
  • Refusal to allow reasonable harvesting of trees,
  • Increasing to allow grazing (to in part replace millions of free-range buffalo), and
  • Poor response to pine beetle and other problems (often naturally contained by frequent fires).

All these actions and more have turned the land into dangerous regions.  It is tragic, and people who believe that humans know better than God how to manage the natural order He created and sustains by His almighty power are far more responsible than so-called “acts of God.” The areas recently and now burning are FAR from the only areas in great danger, especially in drought conditions. It is worse when false claims are made.

There are also claims about why Trump is bringing troops back from various places to “occupy” the Fifty States, and to suppress riots inspired by the election. Again, whatever Snopes or others may claim, that just does not hold water.

The current military leadership has failed in many ways to uphold their Constitutional oaths. They have let themselves become little but pawns for Congress (yes, and sometimes the Executive Branch, if not the White House itself). Too many are in league with both the permanent bureaucracy and the “military-industrial complex” of which Eisenhower warned us. And with the manipulators and controllers of the “street mob” – which claim to be Progressive, Populist, Anti-fascist, and Liberal now terrorizing many American cities. (But are none of those things in reality.)

As I have previously written, I have come to the conclusion that we are already IN a civil war here in the Fifty States. Not a war of massive armies and major, bloody battles, but a fourth-generation war. A type of war where social media, the mainstream media, educational institutions, and covert (clandestine and subversive) operations by deeply embedded enemies of the Constitution and the ideals of American liberty – and those enslaved to their emotions and lusts – are fighting to destroy society and the freedoms given to us by God. (Whom they are also at odds with (of course).)  And seem to be succeeding quite well, now. 

Not in every state, but in enough – and in the urban areas. 

Things are ramping up, and the violence IS gradually increasing.  Will we ever get to the point of use of American troops to occupy our own states?  Probably not, any more than the Reichswehr (later the Wehrmacht) ever really “occupied” Germany: it was the SA and the SS and the Gestapo that occupied the Third Reich. The Wehrmacht occupied the conquered lands outside Germany – and that is what these enemies of freedom, many of them resident here in the Fifty States, consider the rest of the world where US troops are stationed.  Everything – everywhere there are US troops, ships, and aircraft, is part of our “empire.” That’s right, not just what we “occupy” in Afghanistan and Mesopotamia.

Know what is interesting? Apparently that is what these groups WANT! Maybe not every gal or guy in the street, but those who back them.  Trump, a fascist according to them, is evil because (among other things) he wants to bring troops home.  He wants to end NATO, a key part of the “American Empire.”  Does this make sense?

In addition, as I pointed out to my correspondent, AntiFa and Black Lives Matter often seem like modern reincarnations of the Falange, the Red Guards, the Sturm Abteilung (SA), and other “pre-revolutionary” movements that ultimately became Spanish Fascists, Russian Communists (Bolshiveks), the Third Reich’s NSDAP, etc. So, where are Trump’s storm troopers?

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