Australian mass murders – and not just Australia

This was brought to my attention by J.Bk. over at the blog GunFreeZone. We have long pointed out that abortion – particularly late-term and “partial-birth” abortions – are nothing but a “polite” form of infanticide. Now, the Pandemic Panic has become an excuse to murder infants. Worse is coming, as long as we permit governments to tyrannize us.

All too often, officials and bureaucrats are taking counsel of their fears because they WANT to do so. The Pandemic has been and is their perfect excuse for not just the Lockdown but for a new age of tyranny, terror, and tearing-down of liberty.

From the Daily Mail UK: How Victoria’s lockdown killed four newborn babies: Distraught families told that their children were not permitted to enter Victoria for emergency heart surgery before they died

Four babies have died in Adelaide in the past four weeks after they could not be airlifted to Melbourne due to the city’s coronavirus lockdown.

South Australia does not have a cardiac unit for children meaning seriously ill newborns with heart issues are normally taken to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital – but this option has been ruled out due to the pandemic, an inquiry heard on Tuesday.

Victoria does not currently have any restrictions in place for travellers entering from another Australian state.

Associate Professor John Svigos told the South Australian parliament’s public health services committee that Melbourne’s lockdown meant transfer was not available.

There is no recorded instance of an infant transmitting COVID. These babies were dying of a heart defect. AND they actually died – were KILLED – in a premeditated manner by government HEALTH bureaucrats and the tyrannical despots that State governors and elected and appointed officials have become.

The bureacuracy was so intent on enforcing the lockdown against a hot spot that they callously let four babies die. The bureaucrats KILLED those children just as much as if they had stepped up and blown their brains out with a pistol (illegal in Australia, of course), or shoved a scapel into the back of their tiny heads. Which is how thousands (or tens of thousands) of children have been killed while still (partially) in their mother’s womb.

100% guaranteed death from heart defects to prevent transmission of a disease with 99.9% survivability among adults under 60. WITH treatment that has been available for decades.

That is the evil, murderous math that the bureaucracy did. WITH THE FULL APPROVAL AND COMPLIANCE OF ELECTED AND APPOINTED OFFICIALS – and therefore with the presumed approval of the electorate.

These are not the only cases of children dying because of the lockdown.

From the Guardian: Victorian child deaths spike during Covid lockdown after series of home accidents

Eight young children have died in the past two months across Victoria in a series of incidents experts say have spiked due to the state’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Each year an average of 17 children die from unintentional injuries across the state, according to the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit. But there have been eight deaths since the beginning of August, the coroner reported. They were all aged under five.

The director of trauma at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr Warwick Teague, said children were most commonly injured at home and coronavirus lockdown measures meant they were spending more time in that setting. “It is very concerning that the number of deaths of children has been so high in 2020,” Teague said.

The kids are home 24 hours a day, the parents are trying to work from home, accidents happen. While this does not reach the level of premeditated murder as the death of the infants with heart defects does, it still demonstrated an evil, immoral attitude leading to the needless deaths of young, innocent children. Children who do NOT need the lockdown to survive the Beer Flu pandemic.

It’s tragic and COULD have been prevented.  People weren’t meant to live this way. But the bureaucrats don’t want to be blamed for COVID deaths. The price they are willing to pay to avoid blame? The deaths of innocent children, and an increase of all sorts of non-COVID deaths. And it isn’t just in Australia, of course. Or just New York or New Jersey.

This isn’t about saving lives.  This is about politicians and bureaucrats. Thugs trying to cover their rears from blame for COVID deaths. Courtesy in very large part for the mainstream media nightly talking heads and their panic porn. And the shrieking of “fire” in a crowded theatre by too many politicians and activists. Not JUST liberal, so-called progressive/populist Democrats and socialists around the world and here in the Fifty States. The GOP has its own bloody-handed Chicken Littles.

And it is NOT just government. Even in American States which did not lock down by government edict, too many “health care” corporations running hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and doctor’s office are to blame as well. Taking counsel of their fears, they shut down “non-essential” health-care services and failed to provide basic non-emergency medical care. Which all too often resulted in premature deaths of people of all ages.

But to government thugs, to the mainstream media’s agenda-driven bosses, to corporate medical decisions makers, and to the murdering regressivist political activists? All other misery and death that goes unreported on is just the cost of doing business.

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