A Biden Regime: the Anti-Trump?

As the election continues to grind on, the media, all Democrats, many independents and more than a few Republicans (especially RINOs) are convinced that on 20 January 2021, Joseph Biden will be sworn in as Massa. Creepy Uncle Joe will no doubt either have a pre-recorded inauguration address, a very short one, or let Kammie (“the Commie”) give it instead. (That’s based on his rapidly-declining speaking skills the last two weeks.)

And apparently, either he already has a good working automatic signature-machine or is a wiz at signing documents. From what his “Office of the President-Elect” (apparently a 501c4 organization – NOT an official government agency – points for Biden) says, he will have hundreds of Executive Orders and appointments/nominations that he will sign and issue on that Wednesday afternoon. (After all, he is such an honest, transparent man, he wouldn’t dare sign anything in advance and postdated, would he?)

But the real exciting part is what will happen after that.

He is pushing the idea that the (First) Biden Administration will be the Anti-Trump Administration. First, reverse everything that Trump has done. Apparently everything. (Collect those Space Force insignia and uniform items for your collection fast.) Obviously, some of that will require Congress to act.

And that likely is a problem, even if the Senate is 50-50 and Kammi the Kommie gets to vote a lot. And even if a few more seats are won by GOP types in the House, and Pelosi (IF she is really the Speaker after the 4th of January, or the 5th at the latest) has an even skinnier majority. (Funny, how everyone assumes that an 80-year-old with the kind of stress she has these days is actually going to MAKE it to January, especially with all the people ticked off at here right now.) (At least she hasn’t ticked off the Clintons seriously, yet.)

The problem will be even worse: can he and Schumer and Pelosi get enough votes to pass all these Anti-Trump measures? What will they have to do to bribe the few Blue Dog Democrats left to go along with their “progressive” Extreme Democrat agenda? (Apparently, of the 26 Blue Dog Democrats in the 116th Congress, seven (maybe 8) got the axe in these last elections, leaving only 18 or 19 of them. (Fun question: what do you call a “conservative” Democrat in 2021? Answer: Nearly Extinct.)) Still that 18 or 19 COULD be enough to threaten the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi democratic majority on at least SOME legislation. (This may be happening sooner than later, according to this story about McCarthy trying to get 23 Dem votes on a relief package.)

Unless, of course, they have learned the lessons of the past. There are many, many ways to get a congresscrittur or a senator to vote the way you want – or even just NOT vote and conveniently be absent. How? Pressure, of course. Some tacky people might even call the technique blackmail. Or threats to family members or even directly to the politician. “Mighty nice family you have, Senator. How do your grandkids like living in Topeka? Heard about those peaceful protests there…”

But what will Biden’s imperial decrees and the legislation rammed through Congress, however it is, do? Not just undo everything that Trump did, but a good many things that he TRIED to do will be addressed. It is, indeed, to be an Extreme Democrat’s dream list. And the fervent wish of the Street Mob. We are already seeing hints: comments by Uncle Joe’s expected appointee to run the FedGov’s propaganda radio network (Voice of America, etc.) has told us that the First Amendment is flawed because it allows hate speech (read about it here). We already know Uncle Joe’s (and Kammie the Kommie’s) view on such matters as oil pipelines (kill’em), fracking (when did he lie?), wars and more wars (he’s voted for every one), coal (leave it in the ground here at home – except to export to China), mining rare earth elements (only in China), and more. At the same time, expect him to double-down on some – indeed, many – things that lovers of liberty were fully justified in condemning Trump for. Insane deficit spending, pushing mandatory vaccines (as Trump was rumored to want), money for Wall Street, use of federal agents to interfere in local affairs, running roughshod over federal agencies (like the FDA and EPA, just for different goals), and much more.

Indeed, I think it is easy to argue that Uncle Joe may very well Out-Donald The Donald. To put it another way, will Anti-Trump be to Trumpers what AntiFa (Anti-Fascists) to Fascism? While claiming to be against fascism, the 2020 AntiFa is the best example of a fascist movement (well, them and Black Lives Matter) that we’ve ever had in the Forty-eight or Fifty States. And the Democratic Party and its leadership will go along with them.

It’s called “projection” I think. The left, the “progressive” regressives, the Extreme Democrats and the Street Mob has accused Trump and his supporters of doing the very things that they themselves are and have been doing.

Be prepared. It is going to get fun.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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